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  1. Vrbata will come back from last season. He will sign with the right team, maybe tampa will take him on for cheap
  2. Thank you, Unfortunately I never met him but his legacy lives on ! All the players in that era (30s - 40) also kudos to Vintage for the sig !
  3. Thanks man ! The guy hes with is actually my great uncle. Only found that out this year ! Really cool Lester got to coach him.
  4. Funny enough I'd buy that t shirt haha
  5. Been a a few years since I've posted a topic on here. And me being an insomniac I can't help but browse eBay at 2:30 am looking at all sorts of sports memorobillia. I'd like to see what the CDC has accumulated over the years. Lets start with hockey but any other sports would be cool too ! I'll start ! I was rummaging through a used sporting goods store and came across a Sean Monahan #20 game used Ottawa 67s Bauer Total One NXG. Payed 80 and got it appraised at 3 to 400 bucks ! I can't upload a picture as I can't size it down to format. I will try later. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the thread ! Go Canucks Go !
  6. Go Canucks go ?
  7. Hutton with the two stars
  8. Corporate buys
  9. Did you win those on the radio yesterday ? Lol
  10. Canucks are going to find their way, coaching and management this year has been questionable at times but as a lifelong Canucks fan, I've learned to be patient no matter how shi**y they play. I have faith in this club. Remember, we could be Toronto fans....
  11. Sooooo were in 6th now, as of tonight
  12. Sign shaw trade Campbell waive Richardson brookbank, druken, buils
  13. I just quoted myself.....
  14. Might just have to...
  15. Had it since 09 figure I might give it a change, might keep it haha.