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  1. stream the games from

    Worked out great for me the last season and i guess it wont be a problem this year either.

    (I saw that you asked about it in a reply on the "watching games in Europe thread"

    Cheers from Sweden!

  2. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    wow.....seems i've got some work to do. This list makes me greedy Kind of get an idea of how huge hockey is to Canadians I am really impressed by the list people put up here. I have 2 signed jerseys ( not game worn) and that feels pretty special ( I life in The Netherlands) but seeing the list of all of you folks, makes me humble again. Darned!!!!:D
  3. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    You are selling yours, arent you? Thought I spotted a gameworn Bieksa jersey on Ebay, similar to the one in your sig
  4. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    How do you get those jerseys? Do they give them away? Or do you buy them from the Canucks? I got 2 signed jerseys ( Naslund 04 jersey, Luongo team Canada olympic jersey) myself. Hope to get my hands on a gameworn Naslund jersey one day....or a signed Sedin jersey.. or both!