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  1. stream the games from

    Worked out great for me the last season and i guess it wont be a problem this year either.

    (I saw that you asked about it in a reply on the "watching games in Europe thread"

    Cheers from Sweden!

  2. wow.....seems i've got some work to do. This list makes me greedy Kind of get an idea of how huge hockey is to Canadians I am really impressed by the list people put up here. I have 2 signed jerseys ( not game worn) and that feels pretty special ( I life in The Netherlands) but seeing the list of all of you folks, makes me humble again. Darned!!!!:D
  3. You are selling yours, arent you? Thought I spotted a gameworn Bieksa jersey on Ebay, similar to the one in your sig
  4. How do you get those jerseys? Do they give them away? Or do you buy them from the Canucks? I got 2 signed jerseys ( Naslund 04 jersey, Luongo team Canada olympic jersey) myself. Hope to get my hands on a gameworn Naslund jersey one day....or a signed Sedin jersey.. or both!