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  1. I know right, the reason he's been talking about the Canucks again and he's sad at how things ended blah blah blah.. is simply because he realizes now that how big of a fan base remembers you fondly can further your career past hockey.
  2. Hell no, he played pretty good but was a constant bitch
  3. Seeing a lot of it's no big deal and who cares. This team cheated for crying out loud, does no one cares for integrity anymore? The fact that they cheated is bad enough, but taking away someone's dreams and a lifetime of work is beyond $&!#ty. Think about the players who have been struggling their whole life's to make it in the big leagues, finally make it to the MLB finals and loose because the other team cheated. This isn't nearly stiff enough of a fine in my opinion, the GM, coaches and any player known to be directly involved should be banned from baseball, HOF gone, and cancellation of contracts moving forward. Cheating ruins sports.. something extreme has to be done to maybe deter other people from doing it in the future. A slap on the wrist for millionaire's and billionaires won't stop cheating.
  4. Ask for a trade to another team? Maybe retire off the millions they've made and have a happy life. There are other jobs out there, not making millions, but stress free. Money isn't everything, specially when it comes to ones happiness and peace of mind. I agree career and job are different, but neither are as important as who you are.
  5. I don't really understand how people can sit there and have people tear into them, who is stopping them from walking away? If someone is causing you to be terrified of coming to work, or breaks you down to tears, then quit, ask for a trade, do something rather then sit there. I've left jobs that have paid me very well because I didn't agree with what they where doing, or how they where doing it. If anyone spoke down to me, I Told them they where $&!# and then happily walked away... A job is a job, don't give someone the power to ruin your life by allowing them to ruin your life.
  6. finished Jedi fallen order, and it was a fantastic game. If there are any star wars fans here then it's well worth the play! I couldn't stop playing it, and for the first time in a decade I restarted it the same hour I finished it
  7. I don't think anyone, or any pick can be safe if the right trade comes around....
  8. The title says that you are DONE with Jake... The article in a roundabout way says put him on the top line I think. Even though Miller, boeser, and Peterson are playing really good together. Same with horvat and Jake, well maybe not really good but decent and getting better from what I've seen. Totally need another solid winger for that second line though, maybe Bartschi should of stayed up and been playing there?? Maybe don't drink and post and you won't get so much confusion about your message?
  9. So frustrating watching edler do drop pass after drop pass and then shooting it into the opposing player... It's also crazy that Tyler Myers makes both edler and tanev look so ungifted in the offensive zone...
  10. Denman island, nice and quiet.
  11. Hope he shows well and can see some decent minutes, good opportunity for our fringe young D prospects.
  12. Thanks for being so diligent towards keeping us updated on the going ons with out prospects. I’d be lost without you hahhaa
  13. Wow is that ever a sad place to visit, nothing but negativity and crying
  14. You could say that for any player in the nhl veteran or rookie. When a 230 guy hits you at full speed it won’t matter who you are, you can get injured. Is it a risk, sure why not but more players aren’t getting career ending injuries then are... what im trying to say is at 175-180 he should be ok and if not then it was only a matter of time