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  1. I don't think anyone, or any pick can be safe if the right trade comes around....
  2. The title says that you are DONE with Jake... The article in a roundabout way says put him on the top line I think. Even though Miller, boeser, and Peterson are playing really good together. Same with horvat and Jake, well maybe not really good but decent and getting better from what I've seen. Totally need another solid winger for that second line though, maybe Bartschi should of stayed up and been playing there?? Maybe don't drink and post and you won't get so much confusion about your message?
  3. So frustrating watching edler do drop pass after drop pass and then shooting it into the opposing player... It's also crazy that Tyler Myers makes both edler and tanev look so ungifted in the offensive zone...
  4. Denman island, nice and quiet.
  5. Hope he shows well and can see some decent minutes, good opportunity for our fringe young D prospects.
  6. Thanks for being so diligent towards keeping us updated on the going ons with out prospects. I’d be lost without you hahhaa
  7. Wow is that ever a sad place to visit, nothing but negativity and crying
  8. You could say that for any player in the nhl veteran or rookie. When a 230 guy hits you at full speed it won’t matter who you are, you can get injured. Is it a risk, sure why not but more players aren’t getting career ending injuries then are... what im trying to say is at 175-180 he should be ok and if not then it was only a matter of time
  9. To everyone doubting Bo and comparing him to all these top flight centres in the league. Why not compare him to arguably the best centre in the world... Jonathan Toews best season is 76 points, thats with the highest scoring team in the league for how ever many years. Bo horvat already has a 52 point season and was going yo eclipse that this year if it wasnt for his injury. Both these players play a very simular game with horvat having a size edge where Toews has the assistant captain canada (and Kane) edge. I see them having very simular careers by the end and who on here wouldn’t want Toews on our team?
  10. I dont thinm 35 is out of reach for him next year at all next year, I've been following hutton oretty close since we drafted him. When he was in for the hobey baker award a few years ago it spiked my interest further. This kid has has huge upside, I remember watching him play a couple game online and he looked like a forward the way he attacked. He was always in a good spot defensively, and made smart passes. Im a homor so my expectations are inflated but I can see Hutton topping out at 45-50 points at his peak. I don't see why he can't become a number 2 d man in todays NHL
  11. I hear what you're saying and I agree that it would leave a hole. Im just saying if we aren't going to make the playoffs next year it might be viable. Ya it'll hurt but how many years do you think Tanev has left at his current pace? He is 26 now, so at or entering his peak. He isn't the fastest skater, he can't shoot, and he doesnt excite. Lose a step in the faster pace nhl and he might drop down the chart. Hutton - Gudbranson OJ - tryamkin i see this is our future top four, yes im putting a lot of faith in The big tree but with bis size and skating ability he is a lock in the NHL in my opinion. Top four maybe a stretch but it might not be that big of a stretch by the following season? Maybe? For or me its a no on trading big Bo as well, would rather have his 60 points plus D. An extra 20 points isn't worth what we would be loosing out on.
  12. I like to give base predictions for players so there is less freaking out about the numbers. If Horvat manages 60 plus points then I have to direct him to the player I want yo compare him to most. Toews has only hit 70 points once in his career and is arguably the best Canadian player in hockey for a number of years. This is because he can do everything, he leads, he has tremendous character and is still reserved and quiet. Sounds like what Bo is shaping up for no?
  13. Bo is currently our best shot at a number 1, and it isn't imposible at all in my opinion. If horvat taps out at 50 points, He is Tapping out at number 1 for is career. High number two on a cup team? Taking a quick look at the top two teams from each division, taking the top three point producers on each team you will get between 170 and about 215 points. Question is could could this line gel? Boeser - 75 points Horvat - 50 points Virtanan - 60 points 185 points currently this top line would be enough to get your team into the playoffs. Lots of ifs and what nots but that would be a big, fast, heavy and skilled line in four years.
  14. Do love Draisatl, and would give a lot to get him. I don't know if I'd want to have Tanev on Edmonton to be honest, even for Draisatl. I like him heading towards Buffalo for Reinhart in a digger deal. Im also a fan of the Canadian number one centerman so im biased Love Henrik but damn do we need more pushback and fire from a number one C.
  15. Well looking at the bigger picture, why not? Tanev is the best commodity we have as a trade chip. We don't have a projected number one right now which is something sorely missing in this organization. the rumour is its a weaker draft this coming year, and even if we hit a homerun that'll still be three years before even a sniff. With OJ, Tanev is expendable after this year I think. You may be seeing Tanev put into a couple more offensive roles and then Traded at the deadline if we are looking in at the playoff bubble. The question at that point is how much can we get from a team seeing a shot at the cup?