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  1. Thanks, it was my suggestion for our softball team name as well The Taints
  2. Im not sure here, I said they would want to change it. Is that what you got out of it? So you think it should stay the same and players should be allowed to be drafted by a team. Then said player is allowed to go nahhh, im going to go to school for four years and then sign with whoever I want. You think that's a good plan going forward for the league?
  3. Its a glaring hole in the NHL these days as it seems to be a constant thing these days, it's unfortunate as it taints rhe game a bit. I wouldn't see why the NHLPA wouldn't want it fixed as well. I know nothing of vessey, hadn't heard of him till everyone wanted him.
  4. Honour is honour no matter how you look at it, if you're a fan or a player.
  5. Im not personally offended, but it do find it ridiculous that these college players back out on the team that drafts them. It's a matter of honour, and they are showing zero of it.
  6. I have no interest in watching the russians compete, and get angry when I hear they won a medal. There are probably other cheaters out there but untill they are caught, its just a probability and not a fact.
  7. Well thought out. It is true that some countries have a leg up simply because of technology and funding. While I dont see it as cheating it certainly is a unfair advantage. This day and age though if you show a lot of promise, most people move to a well funded country and end up representing said country. It would be great to have a everyday athelete type of olympics but it would be so sad to see how far off the records we truely are hahaha. I'd love to try hammer toss
  8. No I dont think they are the only cheaters, they where caught red handed though, where they not? I do think they are the the country with the highest amount on steroids simply because it was allowed encouraged in Russia. It's unfortunate that it happened but it did, they shouldn't be allowed to compete. you dont know what atheletes got here on skill and what ones got here on drugs.
  9. Im I the only one who watches the russians enter a competition and thinks that it's disgusting that they are still involved? While im sure not every athelete was doping, I can guarantee you out of those 270 allowed there's a decent amount that used. To me these games are tainted, allowing these atheletes to compete also will cause problems in the future. This was the olypics oppertunity to come down hard on steroid use, now why would any one really care. Sure you get a scolding but that doesn't mean you can't still come and knock out a bunch of honest atheletes. If one country is allowed to enter the olympics all doped up on steroids, why not just let all atheletes use?
  10. Being a canucks board, how about that subban ehh? Looking solid, I can see him being a solid call up and maybe a full time D man next season with the canucks. He may get a lot of jabs a out his height but that's the only knock on this kid. I'll take a smaller player over one who cant skate or shoot the puck.
  11. I do hope so, and can see it being a possibility too. Subban is going to be a solid 5'5 flying boulder for his career where the nylanders are going to be softer Europeans who colapse under pressure. Not gonna lie, I'd still like either of those two in our organization though.
  12. But...but toronto says he is the next great one....
  13. I agree, I would choose ohlund over naslund too. Sure Naslund had some great seasons in a canucks uniform but his heart just never seemed fully there. Morrison had more drive and heart than naslund, just not the talent.
  14. And if kane is a major flop in the organization one way or the other, it could cost him his job. That would be pending on how much he gave up for said Kane of course pirri sounds interesting on a two or a two or three year deal
  15. Very well thought out of way to set up the Canadian military/reliefe troops spending. If we do have to double our spending on military, this is the direction I would like to see it go. It's also a viable commodity for our country moving forward, while we might not be the strongest we could be one of the best educated and or prepared for a major war or surviving a catastrophe.