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  1. Im loving this trade so far, pouliot is showing more moves on the blue line then we have seen in a while and being sound enough defensive that he doesn't stand out at all. Pedan may make the NHL one day, but I don't suggest holding your breath as guys don't make the bigs with toughness alone anymore.
  2. NHL 18 Thread

    I hear ya there, i still have one team I sim way up there to see who can be draftedand how they develop. That's my victoria expansion team, they're up to year 2021 i believe. Though they don't develop properly i find. Also looking at what the canucks held for players at this point was rather sad, they where definitely a bottom dwelling team with no draft picks on the actual team. Never has made sense how players are ranked and develop to me on another note, i hate breakaways on nhl18
  3. NHL 18 Thread

    Exactly, i prefer to carry two teams. One is the canucks where i take it seriously and play every game. Then I have my other team which is an expansion team this yeaf and I sim the $&!# out of that. The players take a very different development path
  4. NHL 18 Thread

    I played one full season, nearly all 82 games and then lost in the finals. My players jumoed up to higher then everyone you have listed bo went up to 88 with high top six potential boeser jumped to 82 virtanan hit 80 demko reached 82 bennet went to 86 reinhart blew me away and sat at 89 thats just what I can remember I also grabbed carolinas pick at the beginning of the season and landed 2nd overall where I drafted Dahlin and he started at 79 for me. the more games you actually play and complete then the better your players progress
  5. [Game] CDC Gambling - Rodin edition

    I dont think he clears, he had a stand out season a couple ago now over in europe and has never been given a proper shot at the NHL. He is the perfect pick up for a team with no offence, and who are willing to take a chance
  6. Jacob Markstrom's new mask

    I like it, can't wait to see this out on the ice
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Im on board with avoiding the russian dash
  8. Name me some cult classic movies to watch

    "Dale and tucker vs. Evil" hasn't been mentioned yet and it's one of the funniest movies I've seen. "Blazing saddles" again very funny and a great watch "Hobo with a shotgun" not sure if mentioned yet but a fun and gory movie to watch with the kids. "Jeremiah Johnson" amazing older movie staring rebert redford about survival "The Edge" a bit of a mainstream movie in the 90's but one of the best survival movies made in my opinion. "Alive" still in the survival train here, this one tops them all because it's also a true story. If you like king fu stuff then I suggest "fist of the north star" the anime version is better then the live movie but both are good!!
  9. Hmmmmm it hurts to loose hansen but im ok with this.... just ok though
  10. Should the Canucks expose Sutter for the expansion draft?

    If there is any regular player that should be exposed I would vote for Edler, I cringe every time the guy touches the puck these days.
  11. 4-2 nucks, Bo keeps it rolling with a pair
  12. Horvat Blog - "Dad, They knew my name.."

    It was fun to watch Bo, but reading this write up has given me a warm feeling in my stomach. Love the kid and love watching future captain of the nucks right there!!!
  13. Should the Canucks Retire Luongo's #1?

    The thought of retiring Luongos number is just silly. He won nothing, whinned quite a bit and then made it so he ended up in Florida where we got not much back for him. I loved Luo when he first signed but if they retire his number I will personally show up to BOO and not LOOO. Retired numbers isn't something that should be done so lightly
  14. Stranger trades have been made out there, look at the Pronger trade. Im not saying it's the same thing but there is always a trade to be made somehow.