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  1. Hmmmmm it hurts to loose hansen but im ok with this.... just ok though
  2. If there is any regular player that should be exposed I would vote for Edler, I cringe every time the guy touches the puck these days.
  3. 4-2 nucks, Bo keeps it rolling with a pair
  4. It was fun to watch Bo, but reading this write up has given me a warm feeling in my stomach. Love the kid and love watching future captain of the nucks right there!!!
  5. The thought of retiring Luongos number is just silly. He won nothing, whinned quite a bit and then made it so he ended up in Florida where we got not much back for him. I loved Luo when he first signed but if they retire his number I will personally show up to BOO and not LOOO. Retired numbers isn't something that should be done so lightly
  6. Stranger trades have been made out there, look at the Pronger trade. Im not saying it's the same thing but there is always a trade to be made somehow.
  7. Willy being insistent on Jake playing a sound two way game hurt Jake in my opinion. The NHL isn't a easy league to play in at that age let alone expected to learn the defensive game at. Jake has always been a naturally big offensive kid who has never really had to worry about D too much growing up. He could over power smaller players both offensively and defensively. Green and the AHL will be the best thing for Jake this year, less pressure and a better coach will do wonders. It'll still be a long season down in the AHL while he figures things out, but it'll happen and Jake will start turning heads.
  8. Anyone who thinks we are winning now is delusional, all we can do is wait for the next crop of talent to win.
  9. Thanks, it was my suggestion for our softball team name as well The Taints
  10. Im not sure here, I said they would want to change it. Is that what you got out of it? So you think it should stay the same and players should be allowed to be drafted by a team. Then said player is allowed to go nahhh, im going to go to school for four years and then sign with whoever I want. You think that's a good plan going forward for the league?
  11. Its a glaring hole in the NHL these days as it seems to be a constant thing these days, it's unfortunate as it taints rhe game a bit. I wouldn't see why the NHLPA wouldn't want it fixed as well. I know nothing of vessey, hadn't heard of him till everyone wanted him.
  12. Honour is honour no matter how you look at it, if you're a fan or a player.
  13. Im not personally offended, but it do find it ridiculous that these college players back out on the team that drafts them. It's a matter of honour, and they are showing zero of it.
  14. I have no interest in watching the russians compete, and get angry when I hear they won a medal. There are probably other cheaters out there but untill they are caught, its just a probability and not a fact.