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  1. Well if you know how to actually do math it's probably all wrong.... Hahaha
  2. This is the biggest downfall im seeing by the regime, for some reason it seems like if your associated with the tigers you are getting a job with the canucks. Im not sure what effect Linden is having other than being a soothing face to a overly disgruntled fanbase. If anyone has any insight into Lindens doings I'd love to know. As as for benning, I'm understanding his moves. Some have taken me by surprise, OJ being a major one for me. At first shocked to hear a name I hadn't heard before when all these big names still out there. Then I started my research and I found this to be be probably the safest pick outside of Laine and Mathews. Sexy he does not seem to be, but the level of praise he gets and the strength of composure being his ticket to the big show. I couldn't be happier with this pick, and I also see his other picks being solid to good with a couple possible surprises. While I can see why people are complaining with benning trading away 2nd rounders since it is his strongest attribute. The players we have got though, are young and proven at at least bottom 6 nhl talent. For me im happy with trading 2nd+ round picks for NHL talent.
  3. Very true, it's hard to gauge talent when you spend most the time lolygagging around all day! I actually played some fairly competitive baseball and it's some intense training and hard workouts. Unless you absolutely shine at a minimum one thing in baseball, its rough.
  4. Hockey was established in 43 MLB was 36 NFL was 62 NBA looks like it was 59 yes its true that a high number of the players in the hall of fame weren't even drafted, gretzky himself included. It's funny that baseball has had the HOF for the longest and just had their first number one overall make it in.
  5. Hmmm when I read into it I didnt read that correctly then, I thought the builders where included into the total number. Thanks for clearing that up.
  6. I agree, when your bottom 6 can win night in and night out it make it much easier on your top six. Where do you see ours linning up against other teams bottom half? Etem - Horvat - Baer Burrows - Granlund- Gaunce/dorsette its not bad looking, I see the Horvat line playing well against all they face. The burrows line could be a third so im happy going up against other fourth lines with them.
  7. No but if you really think about it, maybe the total number of people mentioned in the HOF for their respected sports is the total number of people in the HOF and not just first over all picks? Always think, then hit reply to clarify, people in each HOF doesnt just include players. There are coaches, managers, and even announcers/broadcasters in the HOF
  8. Im not saying draft like detroit, I specifically said that it's not possible to copy someones drafting as each prospect has their own path. To say that detroit hasn't done one of the very best at developing their prospects, taught the league the importance of drafting, then I dont know what to tell you Yes detroit got very lucky with drafting and grabbed players late that no other GM had seen let alone scouted. That being said, they where able to continue to bring players onto their team out of their farm system rather then having to make big name trades. which other teams struggled to do up untill the last 10-15 years where everyteam started getting as serious as detroit in drafting. Yes we have had one player since either Linden or Bure that was ready as a teenager in Horvat. I believe that we hurt McCanns development by having him up here to early. Virtanan is a different story as I dont think he would of learnt much more in Jr, but wasn't ready for the NHL. Wouldn't be surprised to see him start with the comets. What GM have we had that has done better at drafting then benning in our organization then?
  9. How do you get an elephant into a safeway bag? you take the S out of safe, and the F out of way....
  10. Just heard a very interesting baseball stat that is not only amazing but indicant on what a first over all pick could get you in a draft. Ken griffy jr was just elected to the hall of fame, he is the first ever first overall pick in MLB history to be elected into the hall of fame. MLB has 1 out of 310 = .3% NFL/AFL has 14 out of 303 = 4% NBA has 11 out of 160 members = 6% NHL has 7 out of 268 = 2% While the first overall these days seems like a sure fire, it shows that in all major sports, only a total of 33 players have been elected to their respected halls of fame. Are you guaranteed a good player with the first over all, in this day and age? As history is bound to repeat itself, is this a trend that we will continue to see or will first over alls start being locks for the HOF?
  11. It's a great example, they are easily the best drafting team in the nhl over the last 25 years. Drafting is pretty much impossible to copy as each prospect has a different path, so even if a team wants to its not possible. Where we want to emulate Detroit in my opinion is how they brought their prospects into the NHL. They would let them sit in jr and the AHL till they where fully prepared, and then could come in swining. This on top of drafting leaders and character players helped them set a precedent for the rest if the league. Who would you rather copy? A bottom dwelling tanking team who prays their top picks aren't busts?
  12. Im very happy with the new set up, makes it much less appealing to show a ugly face to the league and your fans by tanking just to potentially fall outside of the top few still.
  13. Im pretty sure Pittsburgh litterally won the lottery when they drafter crosby first over all. The previous year was a lock out season and every team was given the same odds at number one. I dont think Malkin was a first over all, as Ovechkin was in 2005. That means no tank for him either. Maybe Pittsburgh has tanked in the past to get the first over all, but you can't say they did it to win the crosby sweep stakes. All im saying is tanking doesnt always get you some of the best players. Sometimes luck... Hell its always luck, just wait and see if we get any with the prospects we have.
  14. Not sure what the big freak out is here, no trades are really suggested, no players are marked for certain demise. Its true, we don't have anything to trade that will get us back anything other then Tanev and possibly Edler if someone takes a flyer. Personaly im happy with trading tanev if someone wants him bad enough, when a player is sought after a overpayment is needed. Tanev is our best D man, and as pointed out in the article is tops shut down D man in the league and is mentioned with some of the best for a reason. If another GM is willing to trade us a young scoring 2nd linger winger, and blue chip prospect and a first over all would you say no? If anyone thinks that no one will pay that much for tanev, there are a few things to consider. Taylor hall, top 5 LW in the league. Traded for larsson, a top 4-6 D man on a contending team. Tanevs age is still young enough he might still improve for a couple years. Tanev has one of the best contracts in the league. Top shutdown, play against opposing top line players every night. Yes it would hurt loosing Tanev in a trade but Tanev might just fetch us a kings ransom, and even though I wont abide tanking, its not like we are going to win the cup with out without Tanev right now
  15. for me it's not about the expectation to win the cup but the want. I think benning is making positive moves for this team to be a contender in the near future. It's highly doubtfull we will be a favourite again for a long time unless all our rookies blossom into their full potential. The fact is our team will always be pushing for the playoffs, this is what the owners want so this is what the fans will get. I love this philosiphy personally, it means that we will be playing competitive hockey and never looking for the bottom. Teams that try for the first over all spoil what the nature of sport is, and that is to win. Im the type of fan who believes if we can get into the playoffs, then there is a chance we can win the cup. We are bigger, tougher, much younger, have the best looking rookies coming up we have had since the sedins where drafted.... Think about it, they are about to retire. Nothing is going to be done over night, lets all just relax and see where this goes. Remember, no amount of whinning or crying is going to change any decision this team makes. +1 to the OP