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  1. Im very happy with the new set up, makes it much less appealing to show a ugly face to the league and your fans by tanking just to potentially fall outside of the top few still.
  2. Im pretty sure Pittsburgh litterally won the lottery when they drafter crosby first over all. The previous year was a lock out season and every team was given the same odds at number one. I dont think Malkin was a first over all, as Ovechkin was in 2005. That means no tank for him either. Maybe Pittsburgh has tanked in the past to get the first over all, but you can't say they did it to win the crosby sweep stakes. All im saying is tanking doesnt always get you some of the best players. Sometimes luck... Hell its always luck, just wait and see if we get any with the prospects we have.
  3. Not sure what the big freak out is here, no trades are really suggested, no players are marked for certain demise. Its true, we don't have anything to trade that will get us back anything other then Tanev and possibly Edler if someone takes a flyer. Personaly im happy with trading tanev if someone wants him bad enough, when a player is sought after a overpayment is needed. Tanev is our best D man, and as pointed out in the article is tops shut down D man in the league and is mentioned with some of the best for a reason. If another GM is willing to trade us a young scoring 2nd linger winger, and blue chip prospect and a first over all would you say no? If anyone thinks that no one will pay that much for tanev, there are a few things to consider. Taylor hall, top 5 LW in the league. Traded for larsson, a top 4-6 D man on a contending team. Tanevs age is still young enough he might still improve for a couple years. Tanev has one of the best contracts in the league. Top shutdown, play against opposing top line players every night. Yes it would hurt loosing Tanev in a trade but Tanev might just fetch us a kings ransom, and even though I wont abide tanking, its not like we are going to win the cup with out without Tanev right now
  4. for me it's not about the expectation to win the cup but the want. I think benning is making positive moves for this team to be a contender in the near future. It's highly doubtfull we will be a favourite again for a long time unless all our rookies blossom into their full potential. The fact is our team will always be pushing for the playoffs, this is what the owners want so this is what the fans will get. I love this philosiphy personally, it means that we will be playing competitive hockey and never looking for the bottom. Teams that try for the first over all spoil what the nature of sport is, and that is to win. Im the type of fan who believes if we can get into the playoffs, then there is a chance we can win the cup. We are bigger, tougher, much younger, have the best looking rookies coming up we have had since the sedins where drafted.... Think about it, they are about to retire. Nothing is going to be done over night, lets all just relax and see where this goes. Remember, no amount of whinning or crying is going to change any decision this team makes. +1 to the OP
  5. I dunno, this is starting to sound a little made up...
  6. You dont know how this jesus fellow would do on skates, also would be getting crushed along the boards I'd imagine
  7. Yeah and thats not going to happen, i expect ND to be in the frozen four again with Boeser leading the way. Next year we will get to see what we have as a pro in BB as he makes the step to the canucks
  8. Pretty sure he can sign right after the ncaa season has ended, he just has to leave school as well, it has been done in the past. He could leave school at any at any time and sign a nhl contract if he so chooses.
  9. I usually just like to read from the shadows but every now and then I gotta weigh in. Im not sure what some canucks fans expect, for benning to trade for a stanly cup team today? To draft the number one pick regardless of where he is picked every year? trading is hard in this day and age, to trade for first line players you have to give up more. We don't have more to give. Gudbranson is going to be looked back as the trade of the decade for the canucks, and half of you are still complaining about it. Drafting takes time and patience, benning has only had two years with us and already our prospects are better then ever. As to not having a connection, 3/4 of the team haven't yet been on the team for more then two years. These players still have to show their personality fully, in time we will have the bieksa attitude, and the kesler video bombs, and the luongo tweets, and the lack love of life. Just with different faces behind the antics. The direction im seeing is we are building up a hard, big, fast defensive team. FA and bennings drafting ability could get us scoring when we are ready to push for a cup. By then we will have pieces to trade for that first liner everyone wants now. We have some very intriguing prospects outside of the 1st rounders we've drafted that are trending up. Briesbios, Jasek, Olson, Mceneny, Zhukenov, Lockwood are all decent looking prospects. In time our current players will have their own stories to share with us, just be patient and enjoy what you can in our team now.
  10. just stop please....
  11. this is what happens when a GM makes trades just to make trades. If Benning listened to most our fanbase and started making trades all over we would be doing what boston is doing now. Hope this wakes a few people up and lets them see what a GM who doesn't really know what he is doing trades for and drafts for. the bruins are falling hard right now, much happier relaxing with our players and taking better deals when they come
  12. I'm giving him a B over all, some of the picks where a little questionable but I'm happy with our first, third, and sixth rounds. everyone needs to calm down and realise this is what benning does, he scouts and makes good choices in the draft, something we will see com to fruition in another 2 years I'm guessing. Maybe trades aren't his thing, but remember most of the players have NTC on this team and there is still lots of time before the FA frenzy starts let alone training camp starts to make more changes. I still see bieksa going before the season starts if not then it will be at the deadline to a team looking for help on D to make the playoffs. Everyone needs to also relax on the lack trade, it had to happen so markstrom wasn't lost on waivers at the start of the season. It may of been a little less then most wanted but I'm just happy we didn't lose a goalie for nothing. Here we go, getting excited for another season of canucks hockey!!
  13. how did this kid fall to us in the 6th? looks like a very solid pick up, other than a couple of strange picks I'm liking this draft
  14. It's amazing our 6th rounder is one of the most relieving picks we've had. Looks like a solid prospect for the 6th round, hoping to wath him grow into a canucks uni one day
  15. I see what you're saying but I see to much left to chance for him. A lot of american players who are playing in the american college scene end up finishing school, thats possibly four years. I'd take one year of CHL and then him in utica plsying with his future linemates over four years in college.