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  1. Cody Hodgson On Waivers; Will Be Bought Out

    just stop please....
  2. [Trade] Zac Rinaldo to Bruins

    this is what happens when a GM makes trades just to make trades. If Benning listened to most our fanbase and started making trades all over we would be doing what boston is doing now. Hope this wakes a few people up and lets them see what a GM who doesn't really know what he is doing trades for and drafts for. the bruins are falling hard right now, much happier relaxing with our players and taking better deals when they come
  3. Benning Draft Performance Poll

    I'm giving him a B over all, some of the picks where a little questionable but I'm happy with our first, third, and sixth rounds. everyone needs to calm down and realise this is what benning does, he scouts and makes good choices in the draft, something we will see com to fruition in another 2 years I'm guessing. Maybe trades aren't his thing, but remember most of the players have NTC on this team and there is still lots of time before the FA frenzy starts let alone training camp starts to make more changes. I still see bieksa going before the season starts if not then it will be at the deadline to a team looking for help on D to make the playoffs. Everyone needs to also relax on the lack trade, it had to happen so markstrom wasn't lost on waivers at the start of the season. It may of been a little less then most wanted but I'm just happy we didn't lose a goalie for nothing. Here we go, getting excited for another season of canucks hockey!!
  4. Lukas Jasek Talk

    how did this kid fall to us in the 6th? looks like a very solid pick up, other than a couple of strange picks I'm liking this draft
  5. Lukas Jasek Talk

    It's amazing our 6th rounder is one of the most relieving picks we've had. Looks like a solid prospect for the 6th round, hoping to wath him grow into a canucks uni one day
  6. Brock Boeser Talk

    I see what you're saying but I see to much left to chance for him. A lot of american players who are playing in the american college scene end up finishing school, thats possibly four years. I'd take one year of CHL and then him in utica plsying with his future linemates over four years in college.
  7. Brock Boeser Talk

    Not having our prospect being developed by our organization means we have no control or real influence on the direction he goes moving forward. If he was being developed in utica he could be pushed in a direction that might better suit his needs to make the NHL. Not to mention he possibility that he can stay in college for his 4 years and then decide to sign anywhere he wants as has been done by a number of prospect in the last few years. Demko is a goalie so his development is his alone, much different when you're a forward or a D man. Would you honestly rather not have him in our house sooner rather then waiting till he is 22 before being able to shape is development?
  8. Brock Boeser Talk

    is no one else concerned that he is a college player? it could be years before we see him in the canucks organization. I like the talent of the kid but if he is dedicated to college which he is for next year then I'm not all that happy. does anyone know his intentions moving forward?
  9. Cole Cassels Talk

    Cassels is looking great, up against the top end talent of the tournament every other shift and coming out victorious against the next coming in Mcdavid, and MVP Draisaitl. For anyone who have doubts he will have a long career in the nhl, think again. He most likely wont reach second let alone first line on the canucks, though stranger things have happend. I see him as a strong third line candidate in 2-3 years time. Like the way a few of our prospects are making names for themselves at a young age with great play, future is looking bright indeed.
  10. This guy looks massive in the net, and putting up great numbers. If he is willing to sign here it would be pretty huge. Might not make the nhl but makes one of our other goalies expendable for other pieces. Just see this as a win win with the canucks on our behalf
  11. Conspiracy ?

    There is no conspiracy here, canucks are a good team that are ageing. The sedins are a great line that can and will put up points but are slowing down. Our D is hurting without hammy, think of it as a chance to ser what we have in the system though. I think corrado and even pedan will get some games soon and will suprise. Benning, and linden will be making some trades this season which will impact our top nine. This off season is when changes will come to our D i think Everyone needs to relax, we are playing better then most dreamed. I for one am still happy watching the canucks night in and night out, win or lose.
  12. Kesler Hurt By Canuck's Fans Booing

    Im happy he is gone, from what i saw i thought he had a bad attitude before the whole trade demands. After he demanded a trade to Anaheim i was done with kesler. I would of boo'd him if i was there and he would of deserved it. To everyone talking about him being ten years and how he gave his all to his organization go start your own "I love Kesler" thread and let the people who see him in a different light vent. Happy with with our new players over the old:)
  13. [Signing] Sabres sign Sam Reinhart

    Good for sam, he has a bright future in the NHL!! Would of been nice to see him putting the canucks blue on on draft day but understandable why buffalo wanted to keep him. Atleast he knows how bad our organization and fan base wanted him. Possibly it could bear on his future decision come the day he becomes a UFA.. Until then good luck, hope he lights it up.
  14. Gaunce, 100%... I have noticed he has been almost forgotten by management. Whenever prospects names come up by management, his name is left out. I hear horvat for third line center all the time but gaunce has just as much of a chance. I would t be at all surprised if he is centering the third or fourth line a month or so into the season. This kid has size, a decent to good shot and has picked up his skating from last year. Dont be surprised when horvat is sent down and gaunce takes his spot this year.
  15. [Signing] Linden Vey accepts qualifying offer

    Looks good, got high hopes for this kid. See him Making a good impact on the canucks this season.