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  1. History, by its very definition, does not include the future.
  2. What we have in Boucher is a waver-wire prospect that has a big time shot, mediocre skating ability, marginal defensive awareness and questionable fitness. Where and when did Management advise Willie that Boucher's deployment was unacceptable?
  3. Anybody getting irritated by the auto scroll that started recently? About 1/2 way down each page it just starts moving down on its own. Is it just me?

    1. brilac


      Yes, it was preventing me some posts last night.

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Posted about this yesterday. Big pain. I find any page that has a twitter feed on it, all printed words underneath(twitter into), start running away!


      If there's no outside info(only regular posts)..it seems to be fine?

    3. brilac


      I meant it was preventing me from repping some posts last night. 

  4. Sbisa and Gaunce are both first rounders. So Buffalo paid 3; Kane's value drops with his shenanigans and we pay 2. Seems fair to me
  5. My wife and I run a theatre. After passing by the sign that says "TURN IT OFF, KEEP IT OFF" Thank-you, movie-goers are given one warning if they light up their device. They are then asked to leave. 99% of our audience strongly supports our policy. Tourists are surprised when we actually enforce the rules.
  6. Isn't Hartnell a good Saskatchewan boy? Who needs Lucic.
  7. Marc (Shake It Up) Crawford?
  8. Uh...Stones