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  1. Been on the blue line waitlist for years... Have had the chance to buy season tickets for 2 years and have rejected and decided to stay on the waitlist. Now Canucks are telling me waitlist is gone (no shocker) so i have either buy a pack or i will get my deposit back to spend on single game tickets. Now, they e-mail A LOT. They even offered me 2 free tickets to a suite (ended up being the 4-0 STL game). Their adds for a "transitioning" team are now also showing up on Facebook advertising tickets for "only" $55 per month. They seem extremely desparate this year. Renewals and new season ticket sales must be BAD, like really BAD. I will take my deposit and spend it on single game tickets. I thought about ice packs or half seasons but it just doesn't make sense anymore. This horrid end to the season makes it even worse. I see no value in these tickets anymore, they are way too expensive. The Canucks need to get off their high horse and drop season ticket prices... Hell, all ticket prices. Then I will consider it.