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  1. Very excited about Bo next season. I can see him reach 20 goals and 30 assists playing on a second line with Baer. Sutter will center the third line and take a bit of the defensive pressure off of Bo. I can see Eriksson eventually be put on the 2nd line to balance out the scoring.
  2. It's ok, rather have Erikkson. 5 years 6mil.
  3. I blame the media for provoking him. Hopefully its just a fine.
  4. They probably promised him a roster spot and the the idea of playing in the new arena sold him.
  5. Was so glad to see the blues finally take down the hawks. I had my doubts when the hawks came back to tie the series. This series and the sharks/kings was most entertaining but this one takes it because it went 7 games. Looking forward to see a possible SJ STL WCF. 2 big heavy teams.
  6. Burrr. Will be so sad to see him go. The Luc Bourdon tribute after the goal brought back some memories. The feeeels.
  7. Friedman - it's hilarious how canucks fans are getting angry at the wins...they're going nooooooo. Priceless haha.
  8. Its OK....we can still get a guy like Chyrchun. It's not impossible to get a great player outside of top 3. Look at where Erik Karlsson was drafted.
  9. Fair suspension. Keith is lucky Coyle wasn't more hurt. Eat it and move on Duncan.
  10. Too bad. Wouldve been nice for them to get some playoff hockey this year.
  11. Bo Horvat is mature beyond his years. He's already my favorite player.
  12. I agree, it should be said in the room. And like someone said, they are probably just showing their frustration. Even throughout this season, they've showed a lot more emotion and now it's just boiling over. I blame the media for asking those type of questions. And you don't know if he's calling out his brother or not in the dressing room.
  13. Maybe Hank is just being honest. It was probably because the reporter asked him about the hit otherwise we wouldn't hear about it. The young players need to be accountable man. I understand supporting your teammates but they still need to know when they are doing something wrong.
  14. La gets a free pass on goalie interference. Leads to goal. Bs