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  1. Still very sad Burrows is gone but glad he's had a great start for Ottawa. The fans will quickly learn to love him.
  2. First burrows, now hansen. Heart is heavy. It was inevitable but still hurts losing them.
  3. Yeah but you're saying this is worst then the forsberg trade.
  4. Relax a little lol. Dahlen hasn't even played an NHL game yet.
  5. If sens fans are pissed, this is great!!!
  6. Sad sad day. I want to cry but I'm happy burrows gets a chance in the playoffs. Will never forget " They've slayed the dragon!!!". Good luck Burr. This Dahlen guy sounds interesting.
  7. Win or lose Horvat and Hansen please get me some draftkingz points.
  8. Going to be sad to lose the honey badger but it's for the best if we can get a decent return. Honey badgers don't give a sh*t!
  9. Miller was too deep on that goal. Time winding down, you know they are going to throw it on net.
  10. Rogers Arena looks like a giant birthday cake from the overhead view haha.
  11. You can just see a goal coming. Can't just sit on a 1 goal lead.
  12. I believe abuse of official is automatic 10 game suspension.