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  1. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Winnipeg Jets JAN 31st 5:30

    I believe this will be our first time playing in Winnipeg since they came back? A lot of our players went through the Manitoba System. Kesler, Bieksa, Shroeder.. etc.. I believe our players will be pumped for this game and come out firing! I say 5-3 Canucks
  2. Northern Gateway Pipeline KILLED

    People are dying left and right standing up for the rights of our people. It is the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT killing them. Yes we are at war- but not with guns. It is the RCMP showing up to the fight with guns.
  3. Northern Gateway Pipeline KILLED

    If your telling me your British.. Makes sense.
  4. Northern Gateway Pipeline KILLED

    My people, first off have always lived in this land. We have archaeological evidence to prove us as far back as 15 000 - 18 000 years. Wow. Secondly- There are far more First Nations communities out there that heavily depend on the natural environment for food sources then you might realize. Salmon, Prawns, Crabs, Bottom Fish.. etc.. The water base between Vancouver- Victoria and Seattle have already been determind to be too poisoned to eat the food from it.. So why pollute the part of BC that actually hasn't been polluted. I have been dealing with all the racist people through my small town all day. Let me hear more.
  5. Northern Gateway Pipeline KILLED

    As a First Nations person.. I am officially at war with the Canadian, British Columbia AND Alberta governments. Bunch of crooks they are.
  6. Victoria Royals Thread

    I love the atmosphere at the SOFA ( Save On Foods Arena) I have been to a few Royals games and they sure do get intense.. and sometimes very loud. Logan Nelson, Gogolev. I compare Logan Nelson to Scott Hartnell (His Hair) and Gogolev to Alex Galchenyuk they seemed to play very similar to me. Love the Royals. Love their Jerseys. Im a proud supporter of Blue!
  7. "Howlin for you" by The Black Keys would be a great song to get under the skin of other teams.