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  1. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    No such thing as too many :D Just picked this up, 93-94 Captain Kirk
  2. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    and up again
  3. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    Why not dig this up a year and a half later, anyone have any updates? Can't believe it's been over 3 years since I got my Gelinas! I have a decent Christmas bonus coming, would love to spend that on a white, black or Orca Gelinas jersey. Why are these so damn hard to find??
  4. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    Digging this out of the basement After searching 8 years, l picked up my grail last week Also own: Gelinas 91-92 Oilers blue 92-93 Oilers GI white 01-02 Hurricanes red 03-04 Flames white 05-06 Panthers blue (with Katrina patch, worn 1st period of 1st home game) 05-06 Panthers white 06-07 Panthers red 07-08 Predators white 07-08 Predators blue (last ever NHL game, after injury vs Canucks) 08-09 SC Bern black (swiss league) 2x Florida practice, one with name/number, one blank Nashville practice Non-Gelinas 03-04 Yelle Flames red Finals (Game 3&4) 05-06 Ference white 05-06 Warrener black horse 3rd 06-07 Moss Flames white - First NHL game, first goal 07-08 Nystrom Flames red - first NHL goal 07-08 Nystrom Flames white 08-09 Cammalleri Flames red 09-10 McGrattan Flames vintage red 09-10 Kiprusoff Flames white (my co- #1 before Gelinas Canucks came in) 10-11 Backlund Heritage Classic jersey, worn in 1st period 2012 Iginla Olympic white (from red v white scrimmage, could never afford the tournament jersey, shared #1 with Kipper) 99-00 Nystrom US NTDP white Had but sold 89-90 Tim Hunter Flames white 99-00 Regehr Flames white rookie 05-06 Donovan Flames red 89-90 Gelinas Oilers blue 91-92 Gelinas Oilers white 02-03 Gelinas Flames white 98-99 Gelinas Hurricanes red 05-06 Gelinas Panthers red 06-07 Gelinas Panthers white 95-96 Walker Canucks white 96-97 Walker Canucks salmon 3rd 05-06 Chris Simon Flames white 02-03 Smyth Oilers oildrop Alt 03-04 Kobasew Flames red 07-08 Moss Flames white 06-07 Cammalleri Kings white 05-06 Shea Weber Predators blue and God forgive me for selling this, I won it as a prize with Meigray, $50 entry fee 09/10 Stamkos Tampa 3rd jersey Love jerseys..
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