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  1. Do you seriously think refineries are only for gas? Probably want to google petroleum byproducts
  2. @Nail looking like he's hanging on. Has at least a point from every one of his Caps players. Doesn't help that Buff got him 3 points already for game 6. Unless Aho dreams up some magic we are looking to go deep on this one.
  3. Kind of like the Gretzky/ Lemieux debate.
  4. The difference being Jim's actually allowed to spend money. Ottawa are the exception to the rule.
  5. This thread is kind of irrelevant. I don't even remember what it was about. Time to get over it and move on.
  6. All I can say is it would be nice if Freedom started fighting harder. We'll see where they stand by next go.
  7. I'd be able to have a pina colada!
  8. Nail toughest comp so far. Every other team other than Toronto (who I would've tied game 3) I'd be up 3-0.
  9. That spreadsheet looks sick. Keep up the great work boys!
  10. McCann has been virtually invisible this series. I mean not Sidney invisible, but close.
  11. Thanks so much @Art Vandelay !