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  1. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Islanders looking to deal their 1st for a top 4 dman
  2. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Islanders are looking for top 4 dmen.
  3. New Ram

    After all Ford is just a f#@#ed over rebuilt dodge
  4. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Islanders are in the market for a top 6 lw and a top 4 D
  5. Battles at camp

    This is the most realistic line up. Well done.
  6. If anyone is a fan of Jack Black ir heavy metal Brutal Legend was a great game
  7. The NHL needs to implement a uniform tax policy

    Yes please
  8. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    Let's hope lower for just one more year...
  9. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    If I only had a goalie.....
  10. Kinder Morgan Pipeline is too risky for BC Coastline

    I agree there. Would definitely try.
  11. Kinder Morgan Pipeline is too risky for BC Coastline

    What a bunch of morons.
  12. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Islanders looking for some bottom 6 and bottom pairing players. OTB Gudbranson Forsling Boyle Gaunce Picks