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  1. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  2. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    If this passes then anything DC can come up with is a free ride. Lmao
  3. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  4. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    That metro division
  5. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Islanders would like to welcome a real bona fide starting goaltender. Hi Ben!
  6. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  7. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Did DC get a concussion?
  8. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Either Sami Vaatanen or Matt Dumba available
  9. Wouldn't want to be known as a hypocrite.
  10. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Sim machine broke
  11. Lol, we tried to do this within Canada but Quebec scrapped the EE pipeline.
  12. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    New York Islanders place Alex Burrows on the block.
  13. Um. Where's the stats for this?
  14. Alot of you use the term BC alot. I'm starting to wonder if you all actually mean Vancouver. Because only Vancouver is BC right?
  15. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    True. I am also saying he is still constantly putting in work. Learning as he goes. I love baer and want him to be comfortable with his product before he releases it!