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  1. I am all for this. I believe Demko is going three times the goalie Markstrom could hope to be. Markstrom could get us a half decent asset or two under Jim.
  2. The direction you seem to want to go means there won't be a meaningful minute to play for a good decade. Benning has to do his best to be competitive so that any minute the rookies get is meaningful. Look I am all for the tank, but I'd rather they died trying than trying to die.
  3. I am 100% behind Jim here. Keeping Miller, Edler and Tanev instills confidence in the kids and will help them develop much better. He hit the nail on the head when he said you can't throw them to the wolves.
  4. This series will such a thrill to watch. The skill of the penguins against the grit of nashville.
  5. Sweet little hunger games feel. Most definitely getting this when it hits consoles.
  6. Whoever had Calgary last left me with basically no contract room. I tried to package prospects to get something but no one was interested. So I went the garage sale route. Now I have contract room.
  7. All those I have said yes to, thank you all very much for the help. I am done and waiting for the last bit to go through. @Patrick Kane @Nail may I have the rest of my prospects from the draft?
  8. For the next couple hours prospects 7.0 and below are free. First come first serve.
  9. @RGMG will someone please put Frederic Webb back to 3 years on elc. K thx bi.
  10. Seguin isn't a UFA pick-up. I also see nothing about some 9 game mark. It is to my understanding there is no issue here. Armbar 1 RGMG 0
  11. FTFY
  12. Calgary looking to trade Gaudreau for a more physical top line winger
  13. @Armbar tos Picard