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  1. And use of a sweet website
  2. OTIS
  3. This is another one of those extremely rare times I care when a celebrity bites it. Dunsworth played Lahey like no one ever could. Without him TPB will never be the same. RIP Johnny!
  4. Inn
  5. Tuch also with a goal. I am excited that Vegas is doing well.
  6. Ovechkin is on pace for 50 goals in 28 games
  7. 4-2 Jets 20 shots 31 shots into players' skates and the back boards.
  8. I believe they can be compared. Willie a lot like AV and even Torts ride with main lines. The Sedins might not have had the most ice time but I'll bet they would have been out against connor more often than not. The only wash at this point is the fact that it's early. But even early I enjoyed watching Green and his match making. This will be interesting to see if it's sustainable.
  9. Retired: Raymond Bourque, Cam Neely, Todd Bertuzzi, Rob Blake , Luc Robatille Current: Luongo, Kesler, Bieksa, Horvat, McDavid, Neal