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  1. Expressing great pleasure with team
  2. I disagree here. Sbisa can be replaced easily through trade/fa. I am still OK with trading Tanev for 3rd overall and up. Knights taking Luca didn't disrupt anything.
  3. The main thing I want is to be able to pass to the player I want to pass to and have my teammates go to the net.
  4. Cody Tierney available for nothing
  5. @-Vintage Canuck- is it possible to update Vegas list in Op?
  6. "30. Come on New Jersey. If the Boston Celtics can trade the No. 1 pick, you can too." You tell em Elliotte!
  7. Speak for yourself.
  8. First of all Second, I would actually like to meet you and watch how you go through your day to day routines. Judging by this post it would be a million times more hilarious than any reality show out there.
  9. Calgary Flames 2027-2028 The Ascension Mattsson - Crosby - Lindholm Tkatchuk - Wenneberg - Dal Colle Marier - Sheahan - Popugayev Westin - Bergstrom - Ahlstrom Baldris - Letang Addison - Andersson Backlin - Spacek Buongo Hellebuyck
  10. Dal Colle avaible for those looking for top 6 Popugayev available for those still looking for middle 6 Tierney available for nothing
  11. Probably learned his lesson with Virtanen.
  12. Yes and it will be here. I will guess that they put in at least two more years. I will also guess it's 5.5-6mil contracts.