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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota Wild

    I would never have thought that to be possible with this team.
  2. I see people expecting as much for Tanev. OEL is worlds better than Tanev. And it isn't like Chayka is pressured to move him.
  3. Just to better understand this post, you are saying good leaders just talk alot? Good leadership is no longer a follow by example art? This what I get from this.
  4. 99% of this is spot on. My only fix would be the Gudbranson name drop. There is no way Gudbranson gets any of this with his current situation. I think the only way he gets a return like this is a trade/sign. Without the receiving team having him locked down and his injury streak decent prospects and mid/late 1sts is all I can see him getting.
  5. Offside challenges. McJesus not happy

    IMO video replay is ruining hockey period. Why pay the refs if you're just going to go above them on everything anyway. What makes this game fun is emotion. Nothing sparks it like shotty calls whether close or not. Video and replay was meant for the audience not to patrol the live game. Keep it for suspensions, but get rid of it during the game. Recent example was the Doughty goal. I got super pissed and swore up and down at my tv. It was emotional and entetaining, but the refs are human and are going to blow calls in this game that is getting faster every year.
  6. Vegas Golden Knights Thread

    (Actual statement for better reading)
  7. While I agree, I also do not think we'd be able to get much more. A Gudbranson trade would no doubt be to a playoff team looking to stock up. No way Benning is getting an impact player for Gudbranson. Pretty sure if he isn't traded, Jim has decided to keep him.
  8. This can work ONLY of our prospects work out EXACTLY to plan. If there is any hiccup in Juolevi or any other D prospects development we are right back to the bottom with this route. Imo plan A should really be keep Tanev trade Gudbranson. I do not disagree that Tanev would get a much better return, I disagree that it is safe banking on our prospects' development before they've actually shown a solid reason to. There are tons of ways to prove they're are coming along according to plan, but there are tons of ways to prove otherwise. The safest path I feel to ensure this team remains even a sliver competitive is to hold onto Tanev and pray for the best. I just do not see Gudbranson becoming a top 2 and we cannot prove definitively yet that we have a top 2 sitting in our prospect depth.
  9. In alot of ways I completely agree. However with the shambles our defense is in I personally have a tough time thinking about losing him.
  10. I could stand losing just about any but Tanev. Still too many question marks with our D prospects. Edler while seems to be fading I wouldn't deal for just a couple picks. Those two we need to upgrade as well before we let them go.
  11. Imo Sutter. Our PK and overall defensive depth has been terrible since we lost him and DD. Unless we get an upgrade of Sutter I wouldn't trade him.