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  1. It would have been racist to call them gangstaz.
  2. Finally, some one gets it.
  3. If you were actually a doctor you'd see the obvious part is that even in the prospect pool there are no stars. Can't grow a star if you don't have the seeds.
  4. This is a terrible thread. The Canucks got their asses handed to them. Oh please, can we emulate that over and over! Stop alcoholism!
  5. You are blinded by his best stats on a crappy team illusion. Don't feel bad.
  6. Top 10 draft pick who looks like he'll barely make 3rd line? Ok bud.
  7. Bustanen
  8. That's my dream car as well. One day when I have access to a shop I plan to rebuild one.
  9. No need for apologies. There is no such thing as "Too much Kesler"
  10. I'm more worried about the million tripping calls this will lead to.
  11. Is there certain hours or anytime? Knowing this I'll def be booting my ps3 back up.
  12. Getting @Armbar to tos nudez
  13. If this was the new all star format I'd actually watch it for once.