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  1. Hopes and dreams man, hopes and dreams......
  2. Wow are you going be like this everytime we meet?
  3. There is a teeny chance I may let Ovechkin head to a contending team. Two conditions must be met. Overwhelming price and you should be a legit contender. I do doubt anyone has space for him and I am A-OK with that. I honestly do not expect to see him go.
  4. Yes the country was so against the Canucks run, Boston Pizza named itself Vancouver Pizza just to spite them.
  5. Umm... NHL is entertainment. Also what self respecting company wouldn't want to make money however they can?
  6. I don't really see any good or bad in this. Anyone who's decently knowledge about the nhl and it's players could most likely guess the lists anyway. Anyone trying to make anything out of this news I think is looking way too far into it.
  7. But that's comparable to people that don't vote then bitch about current government. You pay your dues so at least you cover your ass when you do intend to voice your opinion. I don't live in bc so canucks home games are not an option for me. But I buy the merch, watch the games etc, basically anything I can that can give me the tiniest bit of legitness when I decide to talk about my team.
  8. But did they stop showing up is the real question.
  9. You realize that those teams actually had future star players playing during those times? It isn't until the last week or two that it's been worth watching a Canucks game.
  10. What's that playoffs? Oh you say I'm only 4 pts out? Well I'll be right over!
  11. Anything eh?
  12. If he eats pancakes on a Tuesday, I don't want that trash on my team. Tuesdays are breakfast burrito day.
  13. Yeah you're right. Like I said I don't understand the full story but I just heard there was lots of favoritism going on because of Lowe's involvement of the purchase.