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  1. Yup. Ppl are always baffled that I'm always wearing a different one haha but I don't wear the game worn or auto'd ones.

  2. i hear ya, sounds sweet. if i had the money would definitely have more.

  3. Yea man. 24 and counting lol. Gonna be getting my salmon colored skate jersey customized soon too. It's a pricey hobby but I like it lol

  4. hey man, for real 24 jerseys?

  5. McLean 93/94 home white playoff jersey Gretzky 98 Olympic red jersey
  6. Burrows!
  7. wellwood = extremely underrated....I am glad to see him playing well.

  8. Wellwood's secret identity: The Hamburglar.

  9. ay !

    go Nucks GO !!

  10. Wellwood is secretly the hulk. Tho he smokes many doobs to keep himself calm, otherwise he would WellwoodSMASH!

  11. Your username

    made me laugh out loud

    ah ha ha ha