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  1. Rey

    Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    I mean Max Lappiere. Tanner Glass. all the same sort of player. Everyone emphasis on small insignificant moment. Jovo will always be remembered for being in the penalty box when Naslund or whoever it was scored shorthanded against Calgary that meant nothing.
  2. Rey

    Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    Utica. Once a college player leaves college, they are no longer aloud to go back. This is why you never see college players at training camp or playing pre season games. That said, Hutton is playing like the Canucks best defense man and has huge upside. No way hes ever going back unless it's a conditional stint if he ever gets injured.
  3. Rey

    Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    Dale Weiss helped the Canucks go to the finals. So did Raffe Torres. Who cares?
  4. Rey

    Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    Anyone could have had a good season with the way he played. Protected by Mitchell and Hamhuis throughout his whole career. Even Brent Sopel put up similar up 40 points in a Canuck uniform. One of the most overrated defense man in Canuck's history because he fights and his character. If the Canucks choose Ehrhoff instead that year when they were both UFA, we probably would have been in the finals back to back. Instead, the whole thing that made the canucks successful, the transition game, was lost. You could tell Bieksa had limited potential when he was at his peak. I ask literally begging the Canucks to trade him 2-3 years in because he had high value.
  5. Rey

    Ben Hutton | #27 | D

    He's nothing like that idiot defense man from bowling green. God, that guy sucked. Never seen a dman been protected like that throughout his career and still was crap awful when he was done.
  6. The Kids Made it! The season went from boring as hell to entertaining as f pretty fast..

    1. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      then the Canucks played a game lol

    2. stawns


      the kids have made it so far. Virt and McCann still have 9 games of tryout left.

    3. Gstank29


      Then we lose the first 3 games and everyone is calling for Bennings head again

  7. Heyo, Bo knows this and Bo knows that But bo don't know jack, cause Bo can't rap.

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    2. Rey


      you're probably right

    3. TimberWolf


      At least our Bo knows Hockey, unlike that last one.

    4. the last outlaw

      the last outlaw

      You've got to Bolieve.

  8. Everyone always talks about the prospects but no one seems to bring up Brendan Gaunce. Dude was very close to Horvat in training camp and he's exceeded all expectations in Utica.

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    2. Rey


      Cal O'Reilly is 28, and looked better than both Horvat and Gaunce but he's 28, he's more prepared and physically matured. Horvat and Gaunce didn't have the best training camp/pre-season. Horvat even said, that he was just making sure he didn't make any mistakes. Neither of them blew anyone away with their pre-season performances.

    3. Piggy Bank

      Piggy Bank

      Rey is right, I remember that discussion.

    4. Piggy Bank

      Piggy Bank

      About Gaunce being able to go to Utica, and Horvat not being able too.

  9. Benning wants more meat and bones? uh oh, watch him go sign Bolland and trade for Marchand.

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    2. LeanBeef


      Might as well sign Ott, trade for Lapierre, Carcillo, and Nolan while were at it

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      we have our 4th line. this impending nhl 15 roster is coming along good for me LOL

    4. viking mama

      viking mama

      How about no...with extended bear paws!

  10. Screw all of those projected 6th overall picks. Go and draft Robby Fabbri

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    2. Rey


      is he a nutjob?

    3. *VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS*


      You just remind me of Cody Hodgson's dad

    4. Rey


      good. more discplinez

  11. Brandon Sutter has been fantastic in these playoffs, you guys sure you still don't want him in a package for Kesler?

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    2. c00kies


      He's doing well in the role he's been put in, which is the 3rd line. Vancouver has enough 3rd liners; Sutter is not a need.

    3. BanTSN


      No. We need somebody better.

    4. Pears


      If we got him in a package with Pouliot and Bennett absolutely

  12. Rey

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Remember, the level of skating in junior compared to the NHL is like comparing apple to oranges. People, on here for the thought Hodgson developed elite skating ability in his last year in junior.
  13. Lebrun says Lars Eller is involved in trade talks. Gogogo Gillis. Danish line of Jensen, Eller, Hansen would be unbeatable.

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    2. Trebreh


      Our Danish need.

    3. Please Call 911

      Please Call 911

      Right, the next thing Montreal needs is another stud goalie. Riiigghhtt.....

    4. Rey


      Lars Eller is a big two-way center, with upside. Think Gillis wants a bigger guy than Schroeder on that line long term.