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  1. I've gone too many 40-2, 40-3 competitive matches and lost to know that's not true >.<. Continuously getting 4-5 gold medals and still lose cause randoms suck. It's hopeless. There was one match where i had a gold medal in a reaper.
  2. Everyone is getting soft. On Dec 3, if Matt Martin dresses. He better be dead. Heck, Morgan Reilly and Nazem Kadri should be dead too. Back in the good old days, teams would bond in these type of scenarios. Fight for each other, and every year we see our top guys get hit and nobody does anything. Hansen gets destroyed and he goes and fights the guy that destroys the Sedins? What a joke. Team is soft like butter. What happened to chivalry? This team is a mess and everyone, including the team knows it. All the good teams with core guys have guys protecting each other. It sad that we have to see Burrows be the guy to retaliate. We have lots of guys that think they are tough guys. Do something. We acquired Gudbranson to do this sort of thing but he alone isn't enough. Ryan Miller had to be guy protecting Stretcher? What a joke. Team is a mess.
  3. The most underrated thing is that Barkov is already one of the best defensive players in the game.
  4. Jeez, some of you have the most terrible memories. Every year, we rave about a player being jacked up because he worked out during summer. Kassian was one of those players, where every year we hear about him being jacked up yet He's still hasn't done anything. So, whats the difference this time?
  5. Many people projected Crouse to bust and not live up to the 11th overall pick anyways. His body matured early, which was why he was able to play at the WJR as such a early age but had questionable offensive game that hasn't developed yet. He'll still be good enough for a 3rd/4th line grinder though, but don't just look at him as the 11th overall pick. Look, Florida has done very well in the scouting and development in the past few years with Dale Tallon. If they thought they had something in Crouse, It's simple, they wouldn't have traded him.
  6. People are crazy. If Jarmo Kekäläinen isn't sold on Puljujarvi. Then you shouldn't too. Jarmo was brought up as a scout YEARS ago and moved his way up. This guy is known for his scouting. This guy ALWAYS pays attention to his country men and always checks up on how they are doing.(The Fins). He's been covering Laine and Puljujarvi since they were babies. People who think they are talking about on this board haven't even seen the kid play, they just hear and read whatever media tells them to. Jarmo Keklalainen knows his $&!#. Infact, he was hyping the two prospects just last year. Point. If Columbus's Finish born Jarmo GM does not want to draft a fellow country men that he has coveted for YEARS despite hyping both LAINE and Puljujarvi. That tells you something. Puljujarvi has always been a question mark. While, he's always been in the top 3 in ranking. He is still very raw and if you draft him, you are banking on his potential and upside. This is why, scouts have said before that they aren't fully sold on Puljujarvi because you simply don't know if he lives up to potential or translates well while there are safer picks out there. If Jarmo trades down, then clearly he favors someone else and the rumor is Logan Brown.
  7. Decided to remove my post. Anyways, To simplify. Not every 30 year old can afford a house to begin with. Reddit poster seems self entitled and is just looking for people to blame because he can't get it together.
  8. Every Prospect has question marks. There were some worry about Austin Matthews going into the Swiss league. That, to me is a big question mark. Not because he wouldn't be successful. It's because you wonder how it'll affect his development as a player. While, the best American prospects generally develop with their peers and develop proper habits and skills in College.(Eichel tore it up with Boston last year and since Matthews choose another route. No one knows how Matthews compares to the other college players) Matthews might have gone to the Swiss league to learn the wrong ones. Heck, Zurich didn't win a single playoff game with Matthews. While, Marc Crawford is a top notch coach, the competition in the Swiss league is questionable. There's many former NHL-ers that have found success there. PM Bourchard was a solid NHL-er until he blew out his knees and couldn't skate anymore, yet he managed to lead the Swiss A League with Points. There's plenty of guys there at the top of the scoring list, who are just there because they couldn't crack the NHL. Guys including Cory Conacher, Robert Nilsson, Linus Klassen, Josh Holden, Tommi Santala, Dick Axelsson. While, Austin Matthews gets full recognition(Too much credit) for doing good against these men but it's tough to judge whether he made the right decision long term. Everyone knew Matthews would find success in the Swiss league. The question is if he got anything from it. I've personally had Laine ahead of Matthews for a while now, but there are small points that are keeping Matthews number one. Like the fact that He's a Center and that he's playing in the Swiss League but many are starting to change their opinions based on their play against games that matter. Laine simply has performed better in key games. There's still a one tournament left to watch for Matthews to redeem himself but this is in the WJC and Laine has outperformed Matthews in every WJC game so far. He'll still probably be the number one pick, but Laine has been for a while now, been the best finish scorer since Teemu Selanne(Note Best Scorer. Barkov was something else as a Finish prospect), which would be fitting for Laine to go to the Jets. A possible bright spot for the Leafs Drafting Number 1 is the fact they might not pick Laine and choose Matthews. That said the key for a players success is if he surrounded with the right players and how he develops. As of right now, every prospect is still a project. Patrick Laine doesn't have top notch speed, which separates him from Ovie and Puljujarvi is still very raw, so you don't even know if he'll maximize his potential but both have better track records than Austin Matthews when it comes down to games that matter. Every player has weaknesses, but the top 3 have less but the real key is here is banking on their potential. That being said. I do not hope ill will against any prospect. It's all fair game. I'm a hockey fan first and a Canuck fan second, so i could care less about ill will for the sake of the Canucks. Austin Matthews and the Leafs have a group of talent prospects that could compliment each other and i hope he reaches his potential. It's better for the sport. What's bad for the sport, is having several of potential franchise 1st overall guys go into a team like Edmonton and fail to develop properly and never live up to expectation while those type of guys could have been key pieces on other teams. I want the NHL to grow and be more entertaining and that requires more skill and talent and less bad management.
  9. Jamie Benn was a skinny boned kid who was playing two sports at the time. Baseball being the other sport. He committed to hockey after the draft, and got big. So yeah, it takes a lot of luck too.
  10. Let's be real here. 99% of the guys that are posting and freaking out have never watched any of the prospects play. Their opinions are based on what the media thinks. That's why they are freaking out. This draft is very much like the 2013 NHL draft, where the top 3 are considered high end guys, while there is a second tier. Well, in 2013, there are guys who went in that second tier, who are on par with the guys that are suppose to be the top guys. Remember, The Canucks drafted Bo Horvat 9th that year. You know who was 5th? Monahan. While, the Top 3 - MacKinnon, Drouin, and Barkov all look great. There's plenty of guys that are equally important to their teams in Horvat, Monahan, Ristolainen, Jones, Domi, and others who are on their way to become core guys. Horvat looked boring throughout his junior and WJR career too, but you guys love him now and everyone knows he's a big piece moving forward. People need to remember that these guys are still kids and nothing is guaranteed. For the longest while, this organization has been scrutinized for not having enough North American players. Why are all of a sudden, people freaking out over losing a Fin? I love Laine too, but he has the potential to bust like anyone else in the draft. Players success is based on their development and who they play with unless they are Sidney Crosby, Conor McDavid level. Just look at the first overalls from Edmonton who aren't panning out. Relax, The Canucks are still going to pick a very good player. Remember, Last year Brock Boeser played lights out to raise his stock. There's no reason to think the number 5 pick in a deep draft won't. If its Dubois or Tkachuk, they compliment the core group. The team is stacking up on heavy, gritty, not afraid type of kids. This is what everyone wanted years ago. At the end of the day. You look at the team with Malkin and Crosby and they've only been able to win One Stanley cup so far. Ovechkin has Zero. Stamkos has zero. You don't need the best players in the game to be successful. You need a group of guys that can compliment each other and contribute to the be successful.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised. I've seen several of 30-40 year old guys that still live in their parents basements. I would still call them kids since they act that way. I'm in my mid 20's and already bought my own million dollar home. Your post actually proves my point. All your post have been just judging. Anyways. None of this is important. Bash me all you want, if that's what makes you happy, i could care less. This thread isn't about me. It's an forum, you can say anything you want but the legend just passed away. Those who sit on their computers that just rip on the guy in a thread that is suppose to show the guy some respect, should be ashamed of themselves. If you think otherwise, than there is something completely wrong with you.
  12. Unfortunately, You kids don't even know what Irony is. Glassjaw's summary is completely wrong but that's just how society is now. It's actually very fitting that he has Dota as his avatar.
  13. Let's be honest. This generation of people are just the scum of people. Look, we're here because one of the greatest just passed away. Yet, rather than respect the guy, those gutless kids are here to criticize the guy and become all negative. If you don't have anything nice to say, than don't say it all. Why do people act like, everyone in the world cares about their opinions and thoughts? If you have nothing to bring to the conversation, just GTFO out. Why are people so self entitled? Who in the blue hell are you? I'm in my mid 20's and I'm lucky to have been surrounded by music people to be able to enjoy all sorts of music. It's just a shame, many of people my age don't feel the same. I understand, it's typical. Social media now tells you what to like, or whats cool or not cool and those people with the most insecurities are stuck into that group. Anything media makes fun of, is too much for the kids. Just look at the kids today, 8/10 are just afraid to do anything or say anything. Just maintain in their own circle of judging things and lack any sort of social skills. Scared about being judged. Talk big when they are behind a computer but in real life, are completely outcasts. Prince was awesome. You just have to listen to him and see the charisma. He was in the same level as MJ, but even MJ was scrutinized. That's social media for you. People always complain about modern music but everyone is too scared to get out of the box. That's why everything is generic and it'll continue to get that way. RIP Prince.
  14. Johnny Gaudreau, along with the other smaller players are fortunate and are coming out right when the game is changing. Hitting and physicality doesn't matter anymore/isn't aloud. It's a speed and skill game, there's no doubt there is going to be smaller players that are going to make an impact in the near future. Patrick Kane and Tyler Johnson are guys, that have put up better numbers than both guys you list. Tyler Johnson is having an off year, but he looked like a one man wrecking machine when he lead his team to the Finals while Stamkos was a no show. Don't forget his teammate, Nikita Kucherov who is also the real deal. Max Domi is looking great for the Yotes as well. Same with Ehlers with the Jets. Jonathan Drouin is expected to make a impact eventually too. Mitch Marner is expected to be a huge piece of the Leafs future as well. Brad Marchand, Mike Cammellleri, Jiri Hudler, and Brendan Gallaghar are a few more that are putting up solid seasons. While Tyson Barrie and Jared Spurgeon are having success as undersized defense man.
  15. People are over exaggerating. Drouin has every right to do what he's done. I won't hold it against him. The guy has elite skill. He knows it, and everyone who watches him knows it. You have to look at it, in the kids perspective. He was NHL ready in his first year and dominated during camp but was sent back. There was probably already an issue there. Then, he never got the ice time that he thought he deserved. You look at, his old teammate Nathan MacKinnon and it's a polar opposite. MacKinnon has gotten every chance to show off his skill, and is already a well known commodity in the NHL. Drouin, as a high rated prospect expects the same. He was expected to be as good as it comes. When, you watch the boys in that 2013 draft all get a sniff - MacKinnon, Barkov, Jones, Lindholm, Monahan, Nurse, Ristolainen, Horvat, Nischushkin, Domi, Burakovsky, etc. There's a lot more that are making a name for themselves, and Drouin hasn't gotten that opportunity. The problem is, before Drouin's injury. Tampa Bay fans themselves, said that Drouin has elite talent and whenever he's on the ice. He creates offense. Every time he's with Stamkos, he puts up points. Tampa can't put him on the Johnson line for obvious reasons so he's either on the Stammer line or on the bottom six. That Tampa bottom six was god awful during the Cup Finals and still is. It's not a good spot to put a offensive player. Bo Horvat is a completely different player. Horvat, throughout his career will never be praised for his offense. It's for his intangibles. Being a leader, playing defensive roles, winning faceoffs, etc. That's what keeps him in the league. Drouin is different. He's a top end talent, and still has the potential to be one of the best point producers in the game. You need to be selfish and confident to play that role. Call it arrogant or character issues all you want. There isn't a legit top scorer in the league, who doesn't have that attitude. Drouin is, no question, has higher end potential than Horvat will ever have. People, especially canuck fans are overrating Horvat to begin with. Up until 2 weeks ago, Horvat wasn't doing anything. He's gotten into a streak and now everyone is back on the hype train. Drouins been touted as a franchise player throughout his whole career, until these last few weeks where people are all of a sudden questioning his character. All the pressure is on Stevie Yzerman, who has to get value for potential. You can't afford to lose a guy like Drouin for nothing, so there's nothing wrong with him asking for anything he will get. He won't get what he want, but he doesn't have a choice now. This has potentially, to be a Tyler Seguin situation all over again. As for the Canucks. Sure, they can send a prospect for Drouin, but I'd imagine the prospects they drafted and developed have more to do with, how they want the team to be build in the future. This is all dependent on what you think Drouin will become. From what I've watched, I'm not convinced that he will be a good goal scorer but he is a very very elite play maker. I think that is the biggest concern. You generally want your wingers to be scorers, and your center to be good passers imo. Don't think Drouin would play well with Horvat, but Drouin with McCann and Virtanen would be very interesting. Sorry if this is messy. I'm typing all of this while I'm half asleep.