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  1. Goldobin v.s. Virtanen

    Sorry. I made some edits in my last post. Please read, regards to Virtanen. Plus, won't be long. Gaunce will be sent to Utica no matter what. Forget Goldobin. Gaunce, a guy who could be a potential 3rd/4th line guy will make Virtanen look like a nobody. Both Goldibin and Gaunce can hold their own in the AHL. Virtanen is still a work in the AHL. You can't teach hockey IQ. just look at Zack Kassian. Hope Virtanen proves me and everyone wrong. At least the emergence of our college kids and D prospects, have made Virtanen an easier pill to swallow. Legit, Gaudette looks like the guy, we expected Virtanen to be. They find a guy like Tryamkin..there's a lot of positive in the farm right now, plus that 1st round pick this year. It's just the top picks are questionable. Tkachuk is having a hell of a season as a 18 year old, and we passed him over for Juolevi who's looking like an average top 4 defender but then you have a kid like Brisebois, who is older than Juolevi but he's a 3rd rounder from 2 years ago that looks just as good, if not better than Juolevi. Anything can change at any point..but still, you question these things. These picks would have changed the look of the whole franchise for the better. Now, instead, team is gonna have to go through years of drafting to find the guys they passed up on. We all wanted Nylander/Ehlers over Virtanen. Many of us wanted Tkachuk over Juolevi. These picks could have changed the whole look of the Canucks franchise. We'll give a pass to Juolevi for now, but we drafted a guy, who can't even handle himself in the AHL over guys that are well on their way to becoming stars in the league. How can you not be upset about that? A line of Ehlers Horvat Tkachuk would have been killer, easily would take over the top line from the Twins. Instead we have to figure out what to do with Virtanen in the AHL, and what to do with the logjam on D.
  2. Goldobin v.s. Virtanen

    Buddy, watching and listening to Utica games for the past couple weeks doesn't mean you're an expert. Virtanen is making improvements over the start of the season? No $&!# buddy. He came into the season overweight.. The problem is this, bud. I'm sorry if I'm being mean, but i know what you are doing. As a Canuck fan, i absolutely want Virtanen to succeed but you are zoning into the prospect so your perspective of him is bias because you want him to be successful. You watch and listen to Utica games just for Virtanen. If you zone into any player ever, like that, you will see an improvement to every single player in the world. Not, just Virtanen. You will understand what i mean, if Goldibin or even Gaunce get sent down. Then, you'll have an idea the difference between their skill level. Then, you have a player to compare with Virtanen. He isn't close to Guance, he isn't close to Goldibin. We don't even know if Gaunce and Goldibin are players yet. That's how bad Virtanen is, right now. Dude will have to spend the entire year in Utica next year, and hope something comes up. Plus, Benning already mentioned signing college kids(Most notably Boeser and Gaudette), and perhaps Dahlen so if I'm Virtanen, I'm $&!#ting my pants if these guys jump over him in the depth chart and it's a good chance they will. If Virtanen cannot improve next year in the AHL, you absolutely have to write him off as a bust. Even Hunter Shinkaruk is producing in the AHL.. Sven Beartschi absolutely dominated the AHL in every way imaginable but does he look like he's doing to be a two way monster in the NHL? No. It's easy to give up on Virtanen. He hasn't done anything since his draft year. If you have followed his career. You would know. He got kicked off top line and top PP unit in his draft +1 year because he showed chemistry with no one. He was terrible in the WJR, He season last year was alright because everyone who followed him throughout his career knew he had no business being in the NHL. I've never seen a NHL player like Virtanen, where he has never progressed since his draft year but has the tools to make it to where he is today. The problem isn't his tools. It's his hockey IQ, it's always has been. There's a rumor that Burrows and Virtanen had a fight earlier the season because of how stupid Virtanen is.
  3. Goldobin v.s. Virtanen

    This is absolutely hilarious. You have a guy, who is telling people to watch the game yet you have absolutely no idea. Improving in other parts of his game? What other parts? It's actually getting worse. He's not even playing the way he did in junior. In Junior, he was able to dominate physically, now he's not even being aggressive. He legitimately has to completely change his whole game. Right now, Canuck fans can only hope that his shoulder is bothering him because there is no indication that Virtanen is a NHL player at this point. You can hope for the best because he still has his speed, but it means absolutely nothing when he can produce in the AHL level. Virtanen is going to stay a loong long time with Utica. The fact that the whole Canuck squad had mumps and the Canucks decided to call up a bunch of nobodies over Virtanen speaks volumes. Put your homer goggles away. Virtanen needs a drastic change for him to work out, and already on the verge of being the biggest bust in Canuck's history.
  4. Goldobin v.s. Virtanen

    You guys are being too kind on Virtanen. Yes, he was rushed but he hasn't done anything to prove that he belongs in the NHL. Aside from his draft year where he scored 45 goals in junior, he hasn't done anything. That's a huge red flag right there. This isn't a consistency problem, there is much more to it. He isn't producing in the AHL at all. This guy is suppose to be a scoring winger and not scoring in the AHL is a huge problem. For example; Brendan Gaunce is almost a PPG in the AHL. Virtanen on the other hand, is scoring at a 1 goal per 10 game pace, which is ridiculous. We can all hope that he turns out because he's a BC kid and a 6th overall pick, but this guy is heading towards bust territory. He isn't even close to Goldibin right now. Nikolay Goldobin is already a top player in the AHL. He's already had two very good seasons, and has proven that he can produce at that level. His defensive game is overblown. Could it be better? Yes, but using advance stats, he actually led the SJ team in takeaway per ice time. Obviously, it's a small sample size but defensive can be taught. Offense..not so much. Bring this up again, when Virtanen shows that he's worth something. Virtanen has all the skill in the world, and we've seen it. Just his hockey IQ is absolutely terrible. He can't read a play to save his life and that's a HUGE problem. Not only that, his defensive game isn't good either. He's a -10 in the AHL right now. It's difficult to find anything positive about Virtanen, so I don't even know how people are thinking. Virtanen is doing as bad as Curtis Lazar. Perhaps, if Virtanen stayed in the AHL, there was a chance to get a 2nd for him. Now, unless Virt makes a drastic improvement next year, he'll be worthless. You really can't say the same with Goldobin.
  5. Well we've all heard the stories. Johnsons, Hodgsons, O'Sullivans, etc. but maybe not all of them are that bad. Seems like it worked out for Bo Horvat, no?
  6. Hockey players are human too. It's nice to see Wellwood being honest. I'm pretty sure there are several players like him, that don't enjoy the game anymore. It's a punishing and physical job. There's a reason there is so much floating going around in regular season. People who are serious about making fun of the guy are delusional. You don't know how and what it takes. Sometimes, people take things for granted. They truly don't understand the levels of hockey, which is why it's nice to see shows where people get a chance to showcase their skills and compete against pro. It's a different stratosphere level of hockey. People, who claim that they wish they had his talents, need to look at themselves real hard and ask yourself if you can even do your own job. Forget hockey players, who really gives it their all at work? Talk about effort, a lot of guys would rather be homeless than work at Mcdonalds. That's just society is. It's not about, getting the "God" given talent. It's putting in the work and too many young people can't seem to figure it out. And, who doesn't like food?
  7. The Hockey Card Thread - Brag / Ask / Connect

    Every year i want to buy cards but i don't know where to begin. My collection is a mess, i have the beckett magazine but have no idea what to do with it. Too many to collect and I don't even know what to do with it. Isn't it always better to just buy the card you want? I only like opening boxes for the surprise hits but never get anything good except for hero and prospects, which i don't think exist anymore. Though, my top players aren't exactly living up to expectation and i don't think the cards are worth much anyways. Have a lot of Tim Horton cards, but they won't be worth anything? It's like the McDonalds cards back in the day, its only worth something if its like a super rare autograph/jersey thing which you have less odds than winning the lottery. When i was in middle school, back like 10-15 years ago. I bought a random hockey pack at a dollar store and picked up a Mario Lemieux All-star jersey card, i think that really got me into all that. I got a few Pavel Bure autos but i don't think they're worth anything.
  8. The Overwatch Thread.

    I've gone too many 40-2, 40-3 competitive matches and lost to know that's not true >.<. Continuously getting 4-5 gold medals and still lose cause randoms suck. It's hopeless. There was one match where i had a gold medal in a reaper.
  9. Gudbranson utters threats; fine/suspension worthy?

    Everyone is getting soft. On Dec 3, if Matt Martin dresses. He better be dead. Heck, Morgan Reilly and Nazem Kadri should be dead too. Back in the good old days, teams would bond in these type of scenarios. Fight for each other, and every year we see our top guys get hit and nobody does anything. Hansen gets destroyed and he goes and fights the guy that destroys the Sedins? What a joke. Team is soft like butter. What happened to chivalry? This team is a mess and everyone, including the team knows it. All the good teams with core guys have guys protecting each other. It sad that we have to see Burrows be the guy to retaliate. We have lots of guys that think they are tough guys. Do something. We acquired Gudbranson to do this sort of thing but he alone isn't enough. Ryan Miller had to be guy protecting Stretcher? What a joke. Team is a mess.
  10. [Discussion] Did Florida Win 2013 Draft?

    The most underrated thing is that Barkov is already one of the best defensive players in the game.
  11. Guys Kassian Got Ripped....

    Jeez, some of you have the most terrible memories. Every year, we rave about a player being jacked up because he worked out during summer. Kassian was one of those players, where every year we hear about him being jacked up yet He's still hasn't done anything. So, whats the difference this time?
  12. Many people projected Crouse to bust and not live up to the 11th overall pick anyways. His body matured early, which was why he was able to play at the WJR as such a early age but had questionable offensive game that hasn't developed yet. He'll still be good enough for a 3rd/4th line grinder though, but don't just look at him as the 11th overall pick. Look, Florida has done very well in the scouting and development in the past few years with Dale Tallon. If they thought they had something in Crouse, It's simple, they wouldn't have traded him.
  13. People are crazy. If Jarmo Kekäläinen isn't sold on Puljujarvi. Then you shouldn't too. Jarmo was brought up as a scout YEARS ago and moved his way up. This guy is known for his scouting. This guy ALWAYS pays attention to his country men and always checks up on how they are doing.(The Fins). He's been covering Laine and Puljujarvi since they were babies. People who think they are talking about on this board haven't even seen the kid play, they just hear and read whatever media tells them to. Jarmo Keklalainen knows his $&!#. Infact, he was hyping the two prospects just last year. Point. If Columbus's Finish born Jarmo GM does not want to draft a fellow country men that he has coveted for YEARS despite hyping both LAINE and Puljujarvi. That tells you something. Puljujarvi has always been a question mark. While, he's always been in the top 3 in ranking. He is still very raw and if you draft him, you are banking on his potential and upside. This is why, scouts have said before that they aren't fully sold on Puljujarvi because you simply don't know if he lives up to potential or translates well while there are safer picks out there. If Jarmo trades down, then clearly he favors someone else and the rumor is Logan Brown.
  14. Decided to remove my post. Anyways, To simplify. Not every 30 year old can afford a house to begin with. Reddit poster seems self entitled and is just looking for people to blame because he can't get it together.
  15. Every Prospect has question marks. There were some worry about Austin Matthews going into the Swiss league. That, to me is a big question mark. Not because he wouldn't be successful. It's because you wonder how it'll affect his development as a player. While, the best American prospects generally develop with their peers and develop proper habits and skills in College.(Eichel tore it up with Boston last year and since Matthews choose another route. No one knows how Matthews compares to the other college players) Matthews might have gone to the Swiss league to learn the wrong ones. Heck, Zurich didn't win a single playoff game with Matthews. While, Marc Crawford is a top notch coach, the competition in the Swiss league is questionable. There's many former NHL-ers that have found success there. PM Bourchard was a solid NHL-er until he blew out his knees and couldn't skate anymore, yet he managed to lead the Swiss A League with Points. There's plenty of guys there at the top of the scoring list, who are just there because they couldn't crack the NHL. Guys including Cory Conacher, Robert Nilsson, Linus Klassen, Josh Holden, Tommi Santala, Dick Axelsson. While, Austin Matthews gets full recognition(Too much credit) for doing good against these men but it's tough to judge whether he made the right decision long term. Everyone knew Matthews would find success in the Swiss league. The question is if he got anything from it. I've personally had Laine ahead of Matthews for a while now, but there are small points that are keeping Matthews number one. Like the fact that He's a Center and that he's playing in the Swiss League but many are starting to change their opinions based on their play against games that matter. Laine simply has performed better in key games. There's still a one tournament left to watch for Matthews to redeem himself but this is in the WJC and Laine has outperformed Matthews in every WJC game so far. He'll still probably be the number one pick, but Laine has been for a while now, been the best finish scorer since Teemu Selanne(Note Best Scorer. Barkov was something else as a Finish prospect), which would be fitting for Laine to go to the Jets. A possible bright spot for the Leafs Drafting Number 1 is the fact they might not pick Laine and choose Matthews. That said the key for a players success is if he surrounded with the right players and how he develops. As of right now, every prospect is still a project. Patrick Laine doesn't have top notch speed, which separates him from Ovie and Puljujarvi is still very raw, so you don't even know if he'll maximize his potential but both have better track records than Austin Matthews when it comes down to games that matter. Every player has weaknesses, but the top 3 have less but the real key is here is banking on their potential. That being said. I do not hope ill will against any prospect. It's all fair game. I'm a hockey fan first and a Canuck fan second, so i could care less about ill will for the sake of the Canucks. Austin Matthews and the Leafs have a group of talent prospects that could compliment each other and i hope he reaches his potential. It's better for the sport. What's bad for the sport, is having several of potential franchise 1st overall guys go into a team like Edmonton and fail to develop properly and never live up to expectation while those type of guys could have been key pieces on other teams. I want the NHL to grow and be more entertaining and that requires more skill and talent and less bad management.