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  1. It's not a hard decision. The kids want to be in the NHL. The organization thinks highly enough for the kids to be playing in the NHL right now. There's no way they are going to play in the WJR.  Like i said again, it's the media that makes it seem like a tough decision so team canada looks good. It really isn't a hard decision. Virt and Mccaan aren't going anywhere. 
  2. Absolutely not. If the Kids belong in the NHL, keep them there. You just don't throw players off you're NHL teams just to go to a JR tournament. They are better off developing facing NHL competition than kids. Virtanen played in the WJR last year and was a non factor. McCann, if i recall correctly wasn't even invited to the camp. The only reason why they are making news, is that they're in the NHL and the Canadian media is going to do every little thing to make themselves sound better. If they don't win gold, oh well we had a few kids playing in the NHL so we were shorthanded. If they win gold, we did all this despite having our top kids playing in the NHL. It's all bull. McCann and Virtanen won't be front of center of team Canada, like some seem to believe. 
  3. Anyone else find that 54 year old more attractive than the 30 year old? >.<
  4. People also have to remember that everyone knew that Mccann wasn't physically ready to be in the NHL. This was the worry the whole time. Any other NHL regular player would have taken that hit with no problems. 
  5. If everyone keeps complaining and bitching about every single hit and calling for suspensions. It's truly going to turn into a no hit league, which is what the league is becoming. Shame on everyone. 
  6. The Sedins and 3 on 3

    While he's at it. Plug in those ears and he'll be a perfect Canucks homer. Ignore reason and do whatever you think makes sense according to your logic. 
  7. The Sedins and 3 on 3

    The same Hansen that people wanted traded and waived in the off season? All of a sudden you want him to be your go to guy in overtime? Use your head. 
  8. The Sedins and 3 on 3

    Let's be real here. Most of the players on the team are very slow. The ones who are fast, are the kids. WD is a terrible coach, but you need to play your best players on 3 on 3. Yes, the Twins are too slow and bad defensively but they can create a lot with that space. It's too much of a wide open game and is more of a skills competition for team's superstars. I hate it, but those players you list probably aren't going to fair any better. 
  9. Ben Hutton Talk

    I mean Max Lappiere. Tanner Glass. all the same sort of player. Everyone emphasis on small insignificant moment. Jovo will always be remembered for being in the penalty box when Naslund or whoever it was scored shorthanded against Calgary that meant nothing.     
  10. Ben Hutton Talk

    Utica. Once a college player leaves college, they are no longer aloud to go back. This is why you never see college players at training camp or playing pre season games. That said, Hutton is playing like the Canucks best defense man and has huge upside. No way hes ever going back unless it's a conditional stint if he ever gets injured.
  11. Ben Hutton Talk

    Dale Weiss helped the Canucks go to the finals. So did Raffe Torres. Who cares?
  12. Ben Hutton Talk

    Anyone could have had a good season with the way he played. Protected by Mitchell and Hamhuis throughout his whole career. Even Brent Sopel put up similar up 40 points in a Canuck uniform. One of the most overrated defense man in Canuck's history because he fights and his character. If the Canucks choose Ehrhoff instead that year when they were both UFA, we probably would have been in the finals back to back. Instead, the whole thing that made the canucks successful, the transition game, was lost.   You could tell Bieksa had limited potential when he was at his peak. I ask literally begging the Canucks to trade him 2-3 years in because he had high value. 
  13. Ben Hutton Talk

    He's nothing like that idiot defense man from bowling green. God, that guy sucked. Never seen a dman been protected like that throughout his career and still was crap awful when he was done. 
  14. Anyone who knows anything about Hockey probably knows the Patrick O'Sullivan story. Would not be surprised if Burrows crossed the line.