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  1. If I started a song parody thread with Covid-based parodies who would participate? 

  2. Once Miss Vickies Salt & malt Vinegar lost it became the lame chip poll
  3. Finals time! Very controversial final choices but it is what it is.
  4. Just swipe and it shows all three rounds. Round 1 with a defeat of Miss Vickies Salt n vinegar is the biggest farce in this history of all things
  5. The fact ketchup and Miss Vickies S&V lost is an absolute travesty and we should riot due to this
  6. Round 2 voting has begun!
  7. Round 1 over. Big shock on a couple brackets!!!
  8. Still have some time to get your votes in! Round 1 ends at 10:15am tomorrow!
  9. You honestly going to put this dog food on the same level as ketchup chips??!?!
  10. The top the reason houses got egged on Halloween
  11. Starting a petition to remove your Canadian citizenship