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  1. Magikal

    NFL thread

    The one time I need to see the Chargers win.... Rivers is absolute butt cheeks
  2. God Phillip Rivers is bad

    1. Alflives


      I've always thought the Giants, and their two Super bowls, got the better of that deal.  

  3. Maxx Crosby is an absolute BEAST.


    One team with DROY and OROY a real possibility....

  4. Magikal

    NFL thread

    If the Chargers can beat KC again the Raiders will be top of the AFCW.
  5. Magikal

    NFL thread

    You're gonna have twice as many tears in those eyes on Sunday when Jacobs feasts on that "defense"
  6. Magikal

    NFL thread

    You quoted my comment about the Burfict hit......
  7. Magikal

    NFL thread

    That many games for the so-called vicious hit to the head was ridiculous. Incognito is working out pretty damn fine. No one has been decapitated yet
  8.  Myles Garrett can somehow come to the Silver and Black I would be a happy man. He just seems to fit the culture....especially after last night :metal:

    1. HI5


      We could use him on the Canucks too

  9. Magikal

    NFL thread

    Myles Garrett needs to be a Raider. That was Lyle 2.0 last night and I loved every minute of it. Rudolph is a coward who played with fire and then got burnt.
  10. Magikal

    NFL thread

    I know everyone hates this guy but I love having him on my team
  11. Magikal

    NFL thread

    Im hoping Raiders draft Simmons with 1 of their picks in the first round. That kid would've gone round 1 last year had he entered the draft. Best LB in the draft and he used to play safety too.
  12. Magikal

    NFL thread