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  1. Got my vote in today for the federal election. Hope those of you that are legally able to do so get your vote in as well!

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    2. Magikal


      What issues are you torn on? What 2 parties are the strongest in your riding?

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Hmm.. Well Conservatives and Liberals were close last time.

      Probably housing and jobs.

    4. Magikal


      At the end of the day Harper's conservatives have created a bigger national debt and sold off more of Canada than any other regime in Canadian history. If housing affordability and jobs are the biggest issues for you ask yourself how is Canada affordable when we have no money to pay our debt and everything we have to create jobs is being sold to companies outside of Canada. Harper coasted through the recession off of an economy built by the last Liberal government and he hasn't been a...

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