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  1. Yeah i built that mini ramp like fort knox. nail gunned the frame together the nail gunned 2 layers of ply and finally screwed masonite down for the top sheet. it was 4 ft tall with a 5ft extension with pool coping. we also had lots of granite ledges but those were not left behind

  2. No man, I haven't gotten to it much. I've been in carpentry school as of lately, and here rains so much I don't get a chance too.

    I'm hoping to get a new board soon. And really? That sounds amazing but what did you do when they evicted you? Left everything there?

  3. Hey Dude, Been skating much lately? I opened up a skatepark here in NY with an awesome 40ft wide mini but the landlord evicted us :(

  4. you know it bud. best skate company out there.

  5. In your sig you have Roger skateboards. Same art work from Bueno? same owners?

  6. nice, cask beers are the cadillac of all beer on tap! had a nice porter the other day, london meantime porter (import in a bottle) pretty pricey but it was very good! going to the pub to watch the game tonight and hopefully they've got some good beers on tap.. GO CANUCKS!

  7. Had a Tugboat Brewing Chernobyl Imperial Stout. %13.5, in a cask. Smooth, strong, flavourful, deadly.

  8. New York brewery's eh? Haven't had the fortune yet. And I prefer beers on tap, duh, they are way smoother. The Pipeline was damn good.

    Here's the funny thing: I used to think Guiness was the best stout on the market. Now I realize it's only the best commercial stout on the market.

    Craft beers are where it's at; Oregon and Washington have it going on. Walking Man ...

  9. Yeah that was probably kick arse on tap. lately I've been on an oatmeal stout kick, Sam smiths in the bottle or Browns oatmeal from my local brewery, whiskey barrel porter is pretty great at browns too.

  10. Cheers man, Kona is boss. Had the luxury of drinking the porter on tap at Henry Weinhards in Portland.

    I can't stand swill beers.

  11. That pipeline brew in your avatar is one mighty fine beer

  12. if you have any snapback 90's canucks hats you want to sell let me know!

  13. actually local beer league "berserkers", was originally from the raiders yes. great logo eh?

  14. Thread is locked but I agree whole heartedly.. lou didn't have the greatest year but it wasn't all that bad either. trading him would be a huge mistake