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  1. I think he will end up signing 6yr x 6.8 million before end of August..
  2. Bottom line we have to trade someone..We are okay cap wise until Roussel gets back in Dec ? 5 million left...Boser= 6.8 --- Goldy 900,000 = 7.7 ------- Schaller = Utica save 1.0 mil now 6 million We will have to trade Sutter whenever we get a chance he is hurt more then he is healthy... If some team takes his contract and gives back a 3rd you take it fast... Some teams will want Vancouver to retain some of his 4.3 million.....
  3. Keep big Jake with his speed and size and better focus watching Ferland run around hitting everything might rub off on Jake 6'1, 217lbs...23 yrs old. If he uses his speed more on forecheck he will cause havoc on D men...See jake as a top 8 guy-- 18-20 goals-- 35-45 points type of player every team needs in playoffs.....
  4. This I a very very good signing for Vancouver, Ferland 27, 6'1, 215 lbs --( 4 x 3.5 million )-- 18-22 G -- 39 --45 Points plays a complete game and adds lots of grit and toughness to the forward line...He with play with Bo or Pettersson and add a great affect to this team..Imagine Roussel and Ferland running around.. We have been missing a guy like Ferland, toughness and grit and will make more room for the talented guys he will play with.. Great signing Jim....
  5. Just wrote Juolevi would of played 40 games for Vancouver last year..Last season knee caused him a breakout year.. Juolevi, 21, 6'3 will show he was a good pick at #5-- Future top 3 D man---- Utica 18GP -- Pts 13 -- over 20 mins ice time...Then knee injury
  6. Juolevi 21,6'3 will be a top 2-3 D man very very soon..If not for knee injury last year he would of played in Vancouver for last 40 games.. In 18GP in Utica 13 points and over 20 mins of ice time...Just bad luck with injuries hope he has a healthy season 2019-20... The young man is a great skater and good vision and will be in top 4 D in Vancouver very soon..Might be biggest surprise for this season.. Hope we don't trade Juolevi before he shows Vancouver fans he was the right pick at #5.... Exciting times and lets be patient we have some great block in place under 24. Pettersson- Boser - Horvat - Hughes - Demko - Podkolzin------ Close to core Virtanen, Juolevi, Good support players, J.T Miller 26, Leivo,26, Stetcher 24, Pearson 26----- Older player Myers, Edler, Markstrom very good vets.. Very excited about this season, break out seasons, Hughes, Lievo, Virtanen, Juolevi and Demko will give fans lots to get excited about.. Exciting season...
  7. yes even retain half his salary would give us 2.2 Million saving? I want to move Sutter.. Trade Tanev if he can stay healthy after 15-20 games -- trade for younger D prospect take back 2.5 million we save another 2 million.. Schaller will not make the team so off to Utica..Save 1 million.. When we are down to 23 man roster there will also be a savings.. I really believe Juolevi will be on Canuck team before Xmas and making a difference...Poor Juolevi has had injury issues last 2 yrs.. Knee last year after 18 Utica games.. Gp 18-- Pts 13-- over 20 mins a game.. We forget he just turned 21, 6'3 lots of talent, bright future.. Woo is another year away, This young man just 19 will make world U 20 team this yr and we will also have one of the best Russian players in U20 team as well.. Go Canucks Go... Excited with new additions and young prospects to develop.
  8. Bailey is Utica player along with Schaller 1 million dollar savings send Schaller to Utica.. No room for Schaller, Erickson could also be in Utica..
  9. I know he is valuable but he is always hurt? If we can get young prospect back with upside i would make trade...Tanev is UFA on last yr of contract. We are lucky to get 55 games from Tanev..
  10. Not that easy to make that many big trades in 3 years never mind a few months.. Trade like this only happen on NHL 2019 games.. You have 30 other teams competing to make cap room and thats what makes it tough... I can see Schaller Utica - save 1 million Tanev trade 4.5 million-- take back young D prospect under 2.5 million -- 2 million savings Sutter 4.5 million - trade and retain half his salary== save 2 million We save 5 million doing these moves...
  11. Need to trade Sutter 4.3 x 2 yrs and retain ( 1.4 x 2 ) this would give us 3 million extra
  12. Great signing Jim Benning and staff.. Really like grit and size Leivo brings and he will drop gloves if needed, Has a big shot and has decent talent.. He is a top 7 forward...I can see his point totals going up..Gp 80 - 15-20 G -- 40-45 Pts Could see him hit 45 pts if playing in top 6 role .. 1.5 x 1 yr is a very good deal.. Average salary in NHL is 3.3 million..
  13. Colorado are so set up with young talent and cap room 27 million...Sign Rantanen for 8.5 - 9 million so 18 million to sign Zadorav, Kamenev, other super star on team are signed for 4 yrs ..Colorado are a scary team now with a 2nd line centre. They will be a top 8 team for many years..They will miss Barries offence ..
  14. I sure like the J.T Miller signing 5.3 million solid top 6 forward potential 55-60 points 21-25 G, playing with Bo or Pettersson Hayes signed 7million Dollar contract he averages 55 points.. I think Jake will have a solid season 22 G - 45 points using speed and playing more aggressive only 22yrs old... SO gritty players, Roussel, Jake, Beagle, Horvat, Meyers, Leivo, Miller...Leivo ,can handle himself in fighting department.. Big MacEwen 6'3, 215
  15. lol lol Of course you take best asset??? Marner would never get offered for Boser???? Marner is a 88-95 point guy...11 million Boser 27-35 goals maybe 68 points==7 million range We would have to offer yound prospect besides Boser... Boser and Juolevi at least... No thanks stay on course Boser is very good and Juolevi will be a #2 D man soon..