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  1. Juolevi turned 20 yrs old in May and will have a very good career as a solid #2 D man for many years.. He should be called up in New year and will turn out fine....No worries..
  2. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Gaudette would be called up to take Beagles spot. This will give Gaudette a good look maybe 10-12 games. Nobody has said if pattersson will be out?
  3. Markstrom had a poor game but is defiantly a NHL goalie..I would say he can be inconsistent but team in front of him is also weak.. Tonights game he let in 3 soft goals... Vancouver will finish 25th so we will have some painful games to watch..I thought we played good except for those 3 weak goals against Markstrom..
  4. We should of won that game 2 bad goals on Markstrom and the 5th goal he also should of stopped... Like the way Canucks played other then 3 weak goals..
  5. New Line Combinations

    I see Juolevi playing in Vancouver after Xmas.. Give the young 20yr old time to get in great shape and learn systems..Juolevi will have a good career being a # 2 D guy.. So many people forget he just turned 20 in May....
  6. New Line Combinations

    I agree that Jake with his speed and size would make more room for Bo and Boeser,, I don't mind Leipsic as he adds grit and he is talented..He played really well on this line when he joined the Canucks 9 pts - 14 games..
  7. I agree why even think about trading Bo? We trade Bo for a top D man we are still not making the playoffs. We have to remember only 2 yrs away and we have D help coming, Juolevi should be a # 5 guy after Xmas and we have Hughes next season...Would trade Sutter before trade deadline and get a young D man in return.. Have to keep on rebuild path and we will have a very good team in 2 yrs...Exciting but no stupid trades to try and make playoffs it will hurt rebuild..
  8. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    Gaudette will be there #1 centre in Utica never #3 guy..He will play over 19 mins a game PP, PK and reg shifts.. He will be playing in NHL by Xmas..
  9. Yes start fresh, I could see Hank passing a new jersey on opening night to the new captain before puck drop.. I hope new captain is Bo or Gudbranson... If Bo is Captain...A- Guddy A - Sutter Guddy - Captain - A-- Bo -- A -Sutter No Edler or Tanev that was Sedin Era..
  10. We could trade Gaunce for him.. That would be a upgrade to this years defence for sure..Only 24 years old....
  11. [Waivers] 16 players - Sept. 28, 2018

    I like both goalies but how much better are these guys? Look at the defence starting again this season? We will have a long year but in 2 years we will be a playoff team.. We should be drafting in the top 5 with any luck..Very good draft year in 2019..
  12. [Waivers] 16 players - Sept. 28, 2018

    I like the move..Benning and group said they would waive guess if they can't make the team... Only a matter of time for guys like Gagner, Grandlund,( Leipsic like his energy and skill) Goldobin on bubble. Erickson has done nothing, he better have a good year? They might have to sit on his contract because young guns will for sure take his job next year....
  13. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I don't think Vancouver can trade Erickson until 2020-21 season, last 2 yrs of contract and he would have a 15 team list of team he chooses, go to capfriendly
  14. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Leipsic - Bo - Boser Beartchi Pettersson Erickson Grandlund Sutter Virtanen Schaller Beagle Roussel Extra 4 - Goldobin, Motte, Gagner, Gaunce--- Gaudette will be up after 30 games..Management have to make at least 3 cuts..
  15. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Leipsic is playing better then Gagner...Gagner should be placed on waivers, maybe Columbus would be interested? He had chemistry there on there PP....