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  1. Like your team...I am a big fan of Severson, would make team even more mobile and hard to play against..
  2. Think you should look into type of player Severson is ? DO you think NJ would make this trade? I say no as he is that valuable..
  3. Way better player then Bieksa was... I have to say don't know if NJ Devis would make this trade... Changes there D core.. They can sign Free agent winger.. We don't have cap room to Sign top # 2 D man without unloading a big contract.. We have players to sign.. Markstrom 5.8 million Taffoli - 4 yrs x 4.9 million.. 30 goal scorer , 60-65 points.. Virtanen 3.2 million x 3 years after this season Leivo 1.8 x 2 yrs... Motte - 900 x 2 yrs ? MacEwen 900,000 x 2 yrs one way deal Stetcher -RFA - will want 3 yrs x 2.5 million -- trade for 3rd rounder = Replace Stetcher with Rafferty 750,000 Tanev - UFA -- Need to move away from 31 yrs old very injury prone, will want 4.6 million x 4 yrs...
  4. You are so so so wrong Severson is a top 2 D man ?? He plays 21-23 mins a game solid # 2 D guy?? He is not a number 4 man... To get a top end D man that plays 200 foot game very solid only 25 the price is Boser? New Jersey might not even trade a Severson that is how valuable he is to there team.... Canucks have to fill void of Tanev injury prone and nobody to fill this big hole... To get a top D man the price is not cheap.... Some Canuck fans are not realistic....Don't get top D man for Virtanen.... Think some fans feel Virtanen and Motte will get them a top 3 D guy..So so so unrealistic... The Miller trade is a prime example.... Fans hated Miller trade Benning knew..... A top D man example Severson makes Vancouver a much better team... Not sure NJ makes this trade...
  5. You forgot Leivo who can also play in top 6 or on 3rd line..Leivo could score 20-24 goals on top 6..
  6. I really like Severson 6'2, 25 yrs old, 2 way D man.. This is the type of guy Jim Benning must trade for.. I think Vancouver should move away from Tanev 31 next season, very injury prone and UFA that will want at least 4 yrs x 4.7 million.. I say sign Taffoli around 4 yrs x 4.9 million - Taffoli plays a complete 200 foot game and will score 30 goals --60-65 points Van - Severson, 25, 6'2 - top #2 D man only 25 will fill big void with Tanev gone... Severson is the type of D man Vancouver needs.. NJ - Boser - 23 -- Seems injury prone 25-30 goal scorer.. Good trade for both teams..Have to give up a good player to get a top end D man to fill big hole left from Tanev Never get Severson or another top D man for Virtanen.. We must be realistic.... Severson - Van ------ NJ Boser Severson - 3rd rounder Van ------NJ Virtanen, Demko This is type of trades it will take to get a top D man -- Have to do it Tanev is injury prone and must move away from him... Strong D man like Severson changes the back end, big big upgrade all around..
  7. I agree with the poor drafting for sure under Gillis and Nonis... Yes Severson is very very good....They need a top winger since Hall is gone in New Jersey.... It will be a interesting off season..
  8. Well if Benning doesn't trade for a #2 D man Vancouver will be out of wildcard early..Big hole in D when they move away from Tanev? Any team will wan't a Boser for there # 2 D man???? Who are you trading to get a Severson type D man???? Just like Miller trade 1st and 3rd rounder to get you a Miller.. Good trade.. Same will happen for # 2 D man..... Jake and Demko might get you that # 2 D man Boser - will get top D man back.. Just reality ... Can't wait for this trade.... Team will have big hole nobody ready to fill #2 spot on this roster... Joulevi maybe by 2021...
  9. I do understand about Boser being a 35 goal scorer....I think he will be injury prone...I see Boser 26-32 goals plays soft, I would trade him, we have Podkolzin, 6'1, 200 lbs, talented, big power forward, gritty, March 2021 NHL ready, Hoglander, 5'10 gritty , speedy ..Both of these young wingers will be very good... Miller - Pettersson - Taffoli Pearson - Bo - Virtanen --( Leivo) - Ferland ? Roussel - Gaudette - Leivo -( Virtanen) MacEwen - Sutter - Motte We must fill big hole with Tanev gone? Who are you trading to another team for a #2 D man? Bottom line have to give up a top 4 forward for a #2 D man... Have to fill big hole with no tanev ? Most important spot to fill, Need top #2 D man without this we will be in trouble...
  10. I sure hope Jim Benning signs Mr, Taffoli to a new 4 year x 4.9 million dollar contract. Really like the way Taffoli plays and on Pettersson line he will scor 30 goals, 65-70 point for next 4 years. He plays a complete game..Once we have Taffoli signed we can make some other important moves.. Tanev - Excellent D man 30 yrs old now and very injury prone----Must not sign again at 4.8 million x 4 yrs ... Trade for 4th rounder or let him walk.. Stetcher 25 yrs old - Must trade RFAv, he will demand at least 2.8 million x 4 yrs -- I feel Rafferty can fill Stetchers spot at $700.000... Must trade for a #2 D man to take Tanev's spot... I am okay with trading Boser..Have to trade something good to get this type of D man back.. Example = Severson 25, 6'2, solid 2 way D man plays PP, PK and plays 20-22 mins, N.J Devils Dumba, 26 , plays a solid game 20 -22 mins either player would fit in very well I prefer Severson.... I feel Juolevi will still be a #3 D man very soon, injuries have slowed him down, still only 21, 6'3, great skater and great hockey IQ..
  11. A healthy Ferland 6'1, 215 ibs, heavy on forecheck, big hits, smart plays, always around net for rebounds, makes more room for players on his line, will drop the gloves, very gritty a player every team needs when healthy..Vancouver would be that must better with Ferland playing in top 9 every night 14 - 17 mins would make Vancouver harder to play against.. Very excited with big MacEwen 6'4, very gritty, speed, decent hands, will be a affective 3rd or 4th line guy only 23 and improving every year...Really feel he will take another step and RFA this summer i see Benning signing him to 2 yr deal one way, $900,000 per yr...
  12. Ever playoff teams need Big Jakes in there line up..His natural skill 220lbs excellent speed driving to the next causes havoc and many scoring chance.. I really fell Jake will turn into the big power forward like 22-25 G - 44-52 points making room for skilled players he plays with when he plays his solid 200 foot game...Very exciting and only 23 years old...Top 7 forward, play up and down line up depending on team there playing..
  13. Yeah I watch Woo 4 times I thought he was solid on puck , made smart plays, was physical but not over aggressive.. I would say Woo is at least 2 yrs away from NHL so Maybe 2022 season....Listed height is 6'0, 200 lbs .....He looks 6'0 maybe 185.....
  14. Erickson-- 2 yrs x 6 Luongo - 3 x 3 million Ferland would long term insurance so not against cap.