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  1. I would rather have a ex general manager will more hockey experience then Kruger, there are guys out there... Someone with lots of hockey knowledge and some kind of law degree dealing with the business side as president.. No we want better then Kruger...
  2. You will never get Foote in that deal.Look at age of there D men? they need youth and cap space and Foote will be on entry level contract 950,000.. For taking Callahan they will give the 31st pick and thats it... Foote is out of any deal as this gives them cap space.. Hutton and Gradlund don't get you a big return..I know we would help Tampa taking Callahan but other teams can also get in on deal...
  3. This would be the same D as last year, only new face is Hughes for full year.. We need to trade or sign at least a # 3 D man! Hughes 19 -- Future is so exciting, see him play 19-- 22 mins per game 32-36 points next season 1st PP Juolevi 20 -- Still has bright future 13 Pts in 17 games in Utica 22 mins -Was having a very good season before injury..Will be NHL player soon.. Hutton has shown big improvement playing big mins-- Has to be signed RFA 3.6--4 million will be interesting to see what happens.. Stetcher - Had a good year 18-22 min guy solid D guy. Edler _ plays big mins think he will be signed 2yrs X 5.5 mil with 3rd yr trade option so we don't have to protect him for Seattle.. Schenn - 1 yr x 1.1 million adds toughness and depth for injuries Hutton_ Need to move if Edler is signed? Guy plays 50-60 games solid D guy but stock is not high.. Sautner # 6 D man plays solid depth guy Briesbois 21-- see him still improving Rafferty 23 - played good in his 2 games Biega - might have to package as there so many guys around that are younger? Woo 18 -- Solid future see him make team 20-21 season
  4. NO ??? Explain yourself?? Ceci 25, 6'2 plays on a very bad time plays 22:34mins per game .. GP 74 - G 7 PTS 26 Playing against other teams top line?? My friend is a season ticket holder in Ottawa and he likes Ceci.. I don't think you have watched him play.... Don't no why I am replying back to a guy that can't explain himself and has never watched Ceci play.........lol lol lol
  5. Gardnier was having back issues.. I would try and sign Meyers over Gardnier.. Might have to trade for # 3 or 4 guy? A guy like Ceci 25, 6'2 in Ottawa.
  6. Utica playing fantastic tonight 8-1, lots of fights...I guess Benning is seeing a very good game....Lind and Gadjovich have both scored....
  7. Stay on rebuild and please don't trade Demko and other prospects to move up ... Look at last 2 drafts Pettersson and Hughes... Have to say Pettersson looks like best player so far in his daft year..I know its still early... Hughes for sure should of gone higher also... Some teams will go off the board like Montreal and Arizona did last year....This can happen again this year? Lets not trade away young talent like Demko so we can move up 5 spots...Demko will be a #1 goalie for a long time..His trade value will also go up. We need to be patient, Jim and group will draft well again this year.. Go Canucks Go !
  8. Would never never trade any of the core 4, Pettersson, Boser, Horvat, Quinn to acquire the top pick ....I think Juolevi only 20 will be a #3 D man in a few years. Juolevi had 13 points in 17 game in Utica playing 22 mins before knee injury-- Excited about Juolevi, will see him play for Vancouver next season... Jim and company will pick a very good player at #10..Keep on rebuild path no crazy trades that would set us back... Some very good chips that could be trade are Demko or Virtanen?? I really want to hold onto both of these guys because i think there both going to have bright futures...Demk #1 goalie soon...Jake 19-25 goal guy 35-45 point guy.. Future is exciting, Go Canucks Go..... If we do trade a Virtanen we have to make sure D man is young, example Ceci 25, 6'2 very good D man
  9. lol lol Have you gone to capfriendly ? You will never sign Boser for 5 million... Boser between 6.5 -- 7.0 million for 6 yrs Leivo 2 yrs x 1.7 per yr Goldy will want at least same as Virtanen 1.2 million per yr Hutton - will want between 3.7 - 4.0 million Edler - will demand for short 2 yr contract 5.6 million.. Grandlund try and package he is a very good depth guy.. Rest of players I agree with..
  10. You forgot Juolevi who will be a # 4 D man very soon...If he never got hurt he would of played last 35 games in Vancouver... Everyone forgets Juolevi is only 20years old ??? This kids is going to be a very very good Canuck for many years.... He will be a # 2 D man by age 23.... He had 13 points in 17 GP that is very good and playing 22 mins per game IN UTICA LETS NOT FORGET JUOLEVI !!!!!!!! ONLY 20 YEARS OLD, HAD A GREAT 17 GAMES IN UTICA BEFORE INJURY......
  11. Florida you pay very little taxes so alone would be a big attraction...
  12. lol lol lol You forgot the most important stat ice time??????? This is Gaudettes 1st season getting to know the league and learning systems.. Sutter 30 yrs old - 26GP -- 6 Pts -- 17:28 mins per game ---This guy has no upside, good face-off guy....Trade him to a contender for depth and help in playoffs..Happy to get 3rd rounder for him.... Gaudette 22 yrs old - 56 GP - 12 Pts --- 10:57 mins per game -- The future is bright -- For the good stat of mins played go to CBS Sports.com--- Will help rather then using pt percentage, more time on ice would help Gaudette produce points..
  13. Jim Benning must find a way to trade Sutter GP 26 -- Pt 6 ----- Gaudette does not get the ice time sutter gets... Gaudette has way more offence then Sutter.. We have Beagle and Horvat to take key face-offs .....Can't keep soft Sutter and his 4.2 million dollar salary.. Don't tell me we need to keep him for his face-offs or defensive skills...We never missed him this season... We are still 2 yrs away from playoffs... Sutter contract has a 15 team list of team he will not play for...Some playoff team might take him for depth if Vancouver retain some of his 4.2 million dollar salary..
  14. Big Zack MacEwen is ready for the NHL and can take Schallers spot...Zack will play with grit and add toughness...He needs to be playing on 4th line 8 - 12 mins next year.