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  1. Jake needs to start playing more its ridiculous, poor guy not given chance..Would like to see his ice to go from 8:00 mins to at least 13:00 mins, he will make a difference..
  2. I agree poor jake only averaging just over 8 mins a game?? Jake adds something we don't have a power forward with size and speed... We are such a soft team with only really 3 guys that are aggressive, Gudbranson 6'5, 220lbs, Jake 6'1 212lbs and middle weight Dorsett 6'0, 195 lbs ... We need to be playing Jake more he could force others teams defence to panic with his speed and big hits... WE are have toughness coming up but these players are at least 3 yrs away..
  3. I agree why we would even think of trading are only real big tough guy that can play top 4 defence.. Guddy 6'5, 220, 25 yrs old lots of upside, just remember how good he played in his last season in Florida 2015 when he was healthy..WE LACK TOUGHNESS CAN'T TRADE GUDBRANSON NO TRADING GUDDY FOR MORE SOFT FORARDS ? WE LACK TOUGHNESS ON DEFENCE AND GUDDY WILL BE A BIG KEY PART OF THIS TEAMS FUTURE..ALSO A GREAT LEADER.. WILL SIGNED GUDDY TO A 4YR DEAL IN EARLY FEBRUARY AFTER HE SHOWS EVERYONE HE IS THE REAL DEAL.. 4YRS -- 16 MILLION DOALLARS
  4. I really like this stat, Green is coaching the team his way!!!!! Hockey night and Canada cast were also talking about this also.. Last year was terrible, Willie would play Sedins 18 mins even if they were playing bad?? Would always give them main pp time.. Really like the way Green has taken full control of this team..Its the way it should be.. I can see Sedins ( avg 12 - 14 TOI ) and I can see them retiring after the season.. Even if we finish with between 74 - 78 points we will be entertaining with Green keeping players accountable for there play..Fast pace, puck control, hard working team.. Excited for this seasons and following all the good prospects in system that Benning and Linden have drafted and traded for.. Go CANUCKS GO !
  5. Experts on radio said Colorado would of picked up pouliot if he went on waivers? So Benning added a 4th round pick to make the deal.... Fans are dwelling on 4th round pick?? COLORADO IS WEAK ON DEFENCE AND WOULD OF TAKEN POULIOT OFF WAIVERS BEFORE VANCOUVER...
  6. Yes I am so disappointed to find out Pedan was sent down...I hope he clears waivers as I really liked the exhibition games he played in..He add so much toughness and he can skate and make quick pass out of zone.. We really lack toughness only Gudbranson that is tough on defence..We will continue to be pushed around and only Dorsett on forward line..Dorsette is only 6'0 190lbs so we will have soft forwards again...I think Virtanen can add toughness and very gritty and fast on forecheck..
  7. Yes this young man, he should be 3rd line centre in Vancouver next year, really like this pick. He plays tough and has good skill, steel of draft in 5th round.. Awesome drafting Jim Benning and scouts.
  8. I hope we keep Pedan on the big club, We need his toughness, he looked good tonight made quick transition pas out of the D zone several times... Go Pedan Go...Like his skating for big guy..
  9. I would never trade Tanev, Baertchi and 2nd round pick would be 36th overall next year for -- Landeskog 24 yrs old is too high..like what we are developing so lets see what we have in a few years.. We have 6 good forward prospects that will be NHL ready in 3 years
  10. Vancouver hot prospected Cole Lind of Kelowna started WHL season with 8points after 2games. Will be very exciting to follow some of the Canucks very good prospects..
  11. Sorry I was wrong thinking McEneny had to clear waivers... This is his third pro season so I thought he had to clear waivers.. That is so awesome as I am a fan of McEneny, He will be top 2 guy on defence with Utica..
  12. Really need to move Sutter, Edler would be a good player for a contender as #3 D man on most teams..Trade Sutter for young prospect as we can replace him...
  13. yes he has to clear waivers as does Pedan, both guys would be claimed.....Pedan is interesting as he has paid 750,000 salary in minors or NHL.. Might stop teams that are close to cap from claiming him..Benning did same style of contract with Boucher..
  14. I agree with you.. Boser is the best RW right now, So much talent... Very exciting with him and Virtanen..
  15. Yes Sutter on 4th line would be fine and Burmi and 3rd .. 3. Erickson Burmi, Gagne 4. Vanek Sutter Virtanen.. Grandlund to play with Sedins most night, Grandlund will get 25G not about money its he deserves to play on 2nd line... Erickson needs to earn 2nd line time again... Green will not hand players top 6 spots because there getting more pay then another player.. Boser for example will be 1st line with Bo...... Boser is Vancouvers best RW ight now..4G 9GP last year and he's playing very well again after 3 pre season games this year..