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  1. Kane is a fantastic player but 10 million and he is 30 yrs old.. We need to keep on path we are on and can't give up another 1st round pick as Tampa have Canucks 1st rounder in either 2020 or 2021 draft. This Canuck team is going to be power house lets be patient and not trade away high picks and prospect. We are not a cup contented just yet but we are getting closer.. Future is very bright and exciting..
  2. Big no to this ridiculous trade. Weber 34, 7.6 million x 6 more yes big big no Price even taking half salary he is no better then Markstrom and Price is signed for 8 more years...Big no Markstrom top 12 NHL goalie right now..Will sign 5.5 million x 5 yrs with trade clause for expansion year.. Need to keep 2nd round pick and Brisebois future # 4 D man Madden future top 8 forward. Meyers solid D man for us and teach younger prospect Sutter i am okay with trading but don't think you will get much in return as he is always hurt... Maybe 4th Rd pick
  3. Weber is 34 years old making 7.8 million x 6 more years???? Big no and be realistic Vancouver is not interested in trading for guys over 29 along with 6 more years at 7.8 million... Vancouver would never want him cap hit way to much..Big no to any Weber talks.. Up against cap now and we have young players to sign so any extra cap space will be to sign stars here.. Players to sign soon.. Markstrom 29-- 4 yrs x 5.5 million --will have to have clause in new deal for expansion draft with Seattle as we have Demko to decide on.. Big Jake 22 -- 4 yrs x 3.2 million ? Team will have big decision, Jake should hit 20 goal mark so money comes with this.. Pettersson - soon will be in 9 million range summer 2021 lockup this star Hughes - Soon will be signing for 5.5 range 2021 Tanev 30, might trade has to be resigned? 4.8 x 5 years.. Stetcher -- I can see Stetcher being traded in package... Will demand at least 3.5 x 5 yrs... Jim has big decisions to make as we can't resign all the players... We need cap space but we do have prospect close to taking NHL jobs soon... Players NHL ready soon, Rafferty,D Juolevi,D MacEwen, Brisebois,, Podkolzin 19,( March 21), Hoglander, Madden, Lind, Woo The future is bright and very exciting.. Lets stay on path and not make any stupid trades giving up young prospect.. Liked the Miller trade, guys been top 2 forward and still young 26 years old..
  4. I honestly feel Juolevi will be a top 4 D man in Vancouver sooner then later.. I Feel we will see Rafferty in Vancouver for 10 games by March and then full time next season.. Juolevi will also see some games and should be ready for NHL next season.. Like we have all heard we will have to trade a few good players before next season.. I can see Vancouver trading Stetcher who will want between 3.3 - 3.6 million this summer-- Replace with Rafferty Marky will want 5.4 million x 5 yrs.. Will have to trade either Markstrom or Demko before Seattle arrives ..So Marky will need no trade clause in after 20-21 season so we have option to deal him if needed..Either goalie should bring in a good prospect or high draft pick. We will also need to trade a forward to dump salary.. Jake will be after 3.5 - 3.8 this summer he might be a guy..I would hate to move jake but we have to clean up cap space... Other players that could be traded to make cap space are Pearson, Leivo .. Will be a very interesting trade deadline.. Sure like all the prospects we have and team is so so exciting to watch.. Thanks Jim Benning and staff for good drafting and last summers additions..Very excited with Utica prospect also, follow the farm team close.. Future is very bright and exciting,,, Go Canucks GO
  5. I honestly feel Juolevi 21, 6'3, would of played 30-40 games for Vancouver last season if he never had major knee injury. Juolevi had 13 points in 17 games before he season ending knee injury last season... Still feel Juolevi will turn out to be a #3 D man still only 21 years old with every season has been injuries since 19 years old.. Rafferty 24, 6'2, 195 lbs having best season of his hockey career, point a game he never even did this in college...
  6. We should of Kept Neely, at time think owners wanted a big name----- Pederson Bos - had had a few good seasons. Derlago and Vaive----- Very very bad trade both future super star under 23 at time..----( Butler -- Williams ) awful trade That is why trading a guy like Virtanen can be scary? I see Big Jake 6'1, 218 lbs, 23 age power forward with great speed future 21-23 goal guy 45-50 points per season guy... Every team that makes playoffs need a few Big Jakes on there team.. Only would trade if player in return is young with bright upside...Don't want anymore trades for old veterans
  7. Ferland has no trade clause in contract first 2 years of his 4 yrs contract so this will never happen.. Why would Toronto want him with his injuries over last 2 yrs.. Big will never happen..
  8. Taylor Hall was taken out of lineup tonight, Sportsnet suggesting things heating up between NJ and Colorado...
  9. No trade with LA and we don't want to trade either Markstrom or Demko at this time... I say we sigh Markstrom before June to a fair deal with no clause to allow us to trade hime before expansion in 2021.. Sign Markstrom for 5 year - 5.0 -- 5.5 Million range and trade Markstrom next season before January at this point Demko will be ready to take the #1 position and future is bright he will only be 25 years old.. We should get decent # 3 D man and 2nd rounder..
  10. I am not surprised with Woo and his point total this year... Team he was on last year had 2 forwards with over 105 point that finished in top 5 in league scoring and the 3rd forward had over 90 points..... They had one of the top 5 D man in league Josh Brook... So Woo picked up lots of points with these guys... He is still a very good prospect but he will not be the big offensive D guy.. I see a solid aggressive style # 4 guy in 2-3 years... He is 6'0, 200 lbs, seen him play 7 games last year...
  11. No Pageau as he would be a bottom 6 guy in Vancouver and he is to small and inconsistent .. Because he is having a god year some team will take chance.. Look at last year point 39 GP - 12 PTS --2017-18 78 GP - 29 PTS -2016 -17 BIG BIG NO - Jim will never trade for guy like this....
  12. OMG I would never make this trade for Jean Pageau 27, 5'10 -175 lbs small forward having his 2nd good pro season after 6 year in league... 2014-15 50GP 19PTS 2115-16 82GP - 43 PTS 2016-17 82GP - 33PTS 2017-18 78GP - 29PTS 2018-19 39GP -12 PTS 2019 -20 GP 24 - 19PTS Would never give up Jake for this player small 27yrs old...We don't need this player and look at his stats? Last year 39GP only 12 points .. We don't need small player like this..Already have 6 player higher on depth chart then him..Jean would be a bottom 6 guy in Vancouver.. If you want to trade Jake get a young prospect back....Some team will make a offer for him but inconsistent, so big pass...
  13. Like lines but Motte and Roussel will be back soon enough so some big changes coming.. I can see Erickson, Schaller being sent down in next week along with MacEwen, Beartchi..
  14. Green and staff are doing fine rate Green and staff = grade ( Ct ) at this point. I never thought Babcock was this great coach. Babcock took over a very very talented team in Detroit and won a cup? Almost anyone coach could should of won a cup with that talent..Same could be said in Colorado in days when they had Sakic,Foresberg and company.. Babcock showed how good he was in Toronto..lol..lol..Do not want any coach like Babcock, he is another Keenan.. No class and reports about what he did with young rookie Marner makes him a complete ass... Old school coach like Babcock and Keenan are long gone, new styles and way better motivation styles today.. Green is just fine.. Jim Benning = grade ( B ) Jim has also done a very good job, people forget we had 1-2 prospects 6 yrs ago.. Now we have so so many exciting talented players in organization and future is bright and exciting.. Go Canucks Go