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  1. Great name Gunner, glad mom is healthy and birth was good..So glad baby Bo was born before July 10th and training camp..
  2. Yes Hughes and Pettersson are in quarantine as they came from another country??? So 14 days.. Petey and Hughes cannot go to grocery store... Jake is from Vancouver and is safe to have beer in pub and go to grocery store .. Petey and Hughes have to wait another 6 days and trust me they will be going to pub for good meals and safe contact socializing.... Its okay no crime....
  3. The world can not stop for COVID 19 -- Please if everything shuts down this will be way worse then Covid 19? No food, nobody working, no money,people steeling from others it would be the worse thing in history. Worse then the depression in 1930...
  4. Awesome post, just ridiculous how people are still going on about Jake out for a few beers???? Do you people go to grocery store? Did someone see Jake do anything wrong besides go have few drinks with his good friends?? What 3 guys and 3 girls, there all healthy and aware of covid 19? The decks and pubs are full of people having a few drinks and snacks, its not a crime...Its okay these people are aware of covid..I feel Dr. Bonnie has done a great job. Dr. Bonnie has said its okay to have drinks in pubs just be smart and aware...Is phase 3 not started???Okay enough... Big Jake is a smart guy so you ridiculous people leave this young talented man alone..Very rude assuming he is unsafe because he went for drinks? Do we not learn that gossip and assuming things are worse then Jake having a few Beers? Most of these people posting have kids? What do you say to your kids when there gossiping or assuming things??? Yes thats right, please stop assuming and gossip...Go read a book or go for a long walk..Get a life.. If Jake shows up to camp July 10t out of shape? start your gossip but until then Jake Virtanen has done nothing wrong!!!!! Go Jake Go -- Talk about positive things...See Jake's future - 75 GP -- 19 -24 G -- 42-46 PTS -- 23 yrs old - 6'1, 220, speedy power forward ! second - third line guy...Sure hope we keep Jake around...
  5. Great post buddy, I seen video of Quinn Hughes saying he will go out to eat as he does not cook much at home?? Oh no Quinn Hughes is going out for dinner and drinks at a restaurant ?? Oh I see it's different because its not a night club???? Come on people lots of people are going out and having dinner and drinks? Just have to use caution and keep distance.. This Jake Virtanen gossip is awful, poor young man is just going out sitting in corner with buddies having a few laughs ? Cannot believe the silly posts on this site.. Please stop if Jake Virtanen comes to camp out of shape then we can talk about issues that are not right.. But posting silly things that Jake is out at some night club is not being a criminal...
  6. I see Gaudette being a 45-52 point guy playing 3rd line Centre 2nd PP unit. Would like to see Gaudette playing on wing in close games more ice time.. So average 14-17 mins a game -- 75GP-- G 19=23 -- 46-52 PTS -- He is ready for 2nd line duty.. 1. Petey AVG 19--22 mins ---- 2. Horvat AVG 19 -- 22 mins. --- 3. Gaudette AVG 14-16 mins --- 4. Sutter or Beagle.. We are so lucky with our top 3 centre ice men... Future is bright... Gaudette could fill #2 spot..
  7. Jake goes for Beer at night club with his buddies?? Honestly what is so wrong with this? People are in restaurant eat and having drinks inside and on patio's its okay...Jake is not doing drugs or being a drunk.. Come on people.. I have no problem Jake having a few beers with his friends at 23 years old..As long as Jake is not doing drugs or being a drunk?? Its fine fine fine... He better be in hockey shape I will have a different opinion on this topic? If Jake is out of shape I will be very negative and it might be time to package him in a trade for that # 2 D man.... Lets not jump to conclusions on Jake out having a few drinks..
  8. Omg, yes 3 Canuck players lose there fathers at such a young age..
  9. wildcam

    Coach Green

    I agree they figure they get a new coach and team will turn around?? Impossible I really like the way the Canucks have turned this team around..So many talented players under 25 and lots of good prospect now.. Future is very exciting....
  10. Amazing pictures.. Have to get your address so I can order a few picture.....Great work thanks again..
  11. Hey how about picture of Hughes...Thanks
  12. Great work on all your pictures....Amazing very talented guy...
  13. wildcam

    Coach Green

    Great post for that fan that thinks Green is not a good coach? A coach can only do so much if he doesn't have any taler? So 1st year, Sedin x2 - Kesler, Burrows, ...Coach Green has now got talented players to work with. 78 points in only 69 games .. Thanks Benning for getting this team turned in the right direction, need to add a top #2 D MAN UNDER 27 and look out. The team plays a exciting fast paced game and have shown then can score goals 8th in league with several games coming back being 2 goals down in the third period.. Go Canucks Go...
  14. wildcam

    Coach Green

    Well I would say Benning has turned this team around now...Go look at the team he had we he took over as GM ???? He had no young prospects and no depth on team after the Sedins, Kesler and Burrows..... This is now a playoff team so not sure what hockey team your watching ? Canucks now come to play every night, very exciting, team can score 8th in league and future is bright....
  15. lol... Ottawa would never make that trade..Great deal for Vancouver.. This is a very good draft..3nd overall pick and 5th overall with fast forward there rebuild.. Ottawa will draft 2 very good players, future top 5 player for there team. Ottawa will not trade Chabot and 3rd for( Demko and 1st overall) Erickson van would have to make that attractive?Nobody wants Erickson? Chabot 22 is a super star...SO impossible trade..