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  1. I would not trade for Gostisbehere 27, 5'11 has offensive side Flyers would want a top 6 forward back so would not make trade.. I would rather chase Cernak 23, 6'3 Tampa -- Risto 25, 6'4 - Buffalo - plays big mins on very poor defence style team,,This guy would look great.. Severson 26, 6'1 New Jersey -- Barrie , 29 - 5'10 UFA might sign 3.7 million X 1 yr show you more deal, Home discount..Would be short deal with his age we don't want to lock in..Most 1 yr X 3.4 -- 3.8 - 1 year show NHL teams how good I can be... There will be deals out there no rushing and paying over value....
  2. No Krug 29 years old is another small D man 5'9 offence will demand 5.8- 6.2 million x 4 years--- Big No We need Stay at home under 27 there will be a better fit..
  3. I really like trade idea for Cernak, 23, 6'3 young and stud on defence.coming off entry level contract RFA--- So weird that NHL Capfriendly have no new deal on Cernak and there very up to date with any deals?? He will demand 4.5 X 4 yrs. Deal must not be complete, go to capFriendly ? This is the type of D man Vancouver and group have to chase... Sergachev 22, 6'3, is there other stud D man both guys if they resign will put them over cap.. 4.5 X 3 yrs Tampa Bay only have 5 million cap so they have to really wheel and deal before Oct 7th lots of good players to sign.... I would think a Ottawa or Detroit even Colorado will be trying to trade for either one of these young D men and they have high picks.. I know Yzerman in Detroit will be after these young D man he drafted both guys...
  4. Please Benning will not give up another 1st rounder it will not happen.. Giving up 2021 1st rounder in one trade..Next trade you give up Podkolzin your smoking wild weed.. Worst trade idea's I have heard on this site... Least we all know they will never happen maybe on EA hockey 2020 ??? We have had Ericson for 4 yrs now so now we give up 2021 1st rounder---Never Never will happen Next trade give up Podkolzin -- So no Beagle and Roussel... Your crazy.. Your kidding right...lol....
  5. Jake Virtanen will not sign for less then 2.9 million X 2 years.. 18 G --36 points - RW Jared McCann just signed for ----- 2.9 million X 2 yrs --- 14 G ---34 points --- C or W Previous contract same as Jake's 1.2 million last season...
  6. I see Jared McCann signed for 2.9 million X 2 yrs - same point total as Jake ...Jake would of scored 20 goals this year 24 yrs old some team will be excited to bring in Jake 6'1, 220 big guy that can really move.. If we are not going to sign him we have to try and trade least get something for him... Burakovsky 24, 6'3 - traded to Colorado from Washington new team his career turned around 20 goals last year...This guy did nothing in Washington for 4 yrs.. Think trade will be Jakes wake up call and you will then see 20 goal guy 45 points... Shame it never happened in Vancouver.. I really feel Jake was given opportunity, Jake need the work ethic, drive and discipline ...
  7. I really think Benning and group will sign Tryamkin after his KHL season is over... If it wasn't for Covid they might of signed him for this season.I listened to Tryakins agent talking on sportsnet 650..He basically said at end of July Tryamkin had to sign in KHL they could not wait..Canucks could not offer him a contract at that point due to civid and so much uncertainty ..Both sides were understanding and decided it was best for Tryamkin to play this season in KHL...We will sign him after season..Excited to see him as solid guy on PK and taking regular shift say 14-16 mins . Contract with be interesting? Maybe 1.4 million X 2 yr bonus if he averages more then 17 mins a game?
  8. I just feel there are going to be so many players moving that if we need a bottom 6 player they will be around when things settle down.. Like in the past the first few days the top UFA players are moving..This year I don't think you will see the crazy offers for UFA players.. Even RFA player with be available.. Be interesting what Jim Benning decides with Virtanen? McCann just signed for 2.9 million same points as Virtanen each year? Jake will not sign for less then 2.9 million X 2 yrs...
  9. Sorry Trevor Lewis 33 we Don't need a player like him even for "700,000....We already have enough guys over 31... There will be more valuable guys to sign to play 4th line centre role if we need to.. At this time we have lots of forward depth.. With no word on AHL this season it will be interesting how teams look after there prospects? players like , Lind 22, Gadjovich 22, - ( Bailey 25 - 6'4 RFA like his style) Michaellis -25 college signing -C Jasek 23 - Loan -- Palmu -loan ---- Brisebois 23 RFA-- Sautner 26 UFA --- Rafferty #6--25 --- Juolevi # 5 or 6 - 6'3, 22 Lockwood 23 --Chatfield 24 --- Rathbone 22 -working with team, exciting future..-- Woo -20 Maybe loan ? Graovac 27 - 6'5 RFA
  10. Great move by NYR-) -- Detroit - I would be waiting there will be some better deals out there..Tampa Bay has some good young D men they will have to trade a few?? They on have 5 million to spend...
  11. Tampa Bay have so many good players to resign and 5 million cap space...So 10 forwards and 3 D man under contract some big moves have to be made in Tampa... Really like some of there young D men.. Cernak 25 - Sergachev 23 either guy would look amazing in Vancouver..
  12. Markstrom-- 5.4 million X 4 yrs with clause for expansion in 1st year..Would never go over 5.6-- I Can see Colorado or Hurricanes paying 6 million Taffoli - Yes Sign 4.8 X 4 yrs -- solid guy 30 goals -- 65 points playing with Petey.......................... Tanev--- Never give him over 4.2 million, 3.8 X 3 years --injury prone and turning 31 next season-- Would let him walk Motte -- Sign 1.4 X 3 yrs MacEwen - 1.2 X 2 years one way deal show me more Gaudette - 1.4 X 2 yrs - show me more Virtanen ? He will demand 2.9 million X 2 years!!! Jared McCann just signed 2.9 million X 2 yrs same point totals? Not sure think they will trade Jake.. Stetcher - Will demand 2.5 X 3 yrs?/ Think they will trade Stetcher-- Rafferty or Juolevi will fill # 5 D man at 750,000 Leivo- I would sign if they trade Virtanen..... 1.7 X 2 yrs show me more...
  13. If Boeser is getting moved its for a # 2 D man similar salary..Only after Taffoli is signed and that Taffoli signing will happen before Oct 6th.. We have enough wingers its are depth area so that would be pointless... I can see a team under slaty cap picking up Erickson? His salary is only 2.5 million actual dollars -- Cap hit 6 million So you take Otttawa will be blow cap by 7-10 million So 2.5 million cost and ( 3.5 million that is free money no cost..) There will be lots of action with trades, UFA signings and RFA'S not being qualified... Exciting 14 days coming..
  14. I really like Kevan Miller, 6'2, 33 November, serious knee injury big question mark? Maybe show deal with bonus if he can play over 45 games. Say 900,000 X 1 yr and bonus kick in if he can play over 45 games up to 1.5 million? Already have Benn on 3rd pairing..
  15. I really like big Jake Virtanen, 24, 6'1, 220lbs such a great fast skater for a big guy..If he plays to his talent, use speed drive to net at full speed causes havoc with rebounds and causing scoring chances. Jared McCann -C or winger - signed- 2.9 million avg he scored 14 goals 35 point - 2019-20 Jake Virtanen - RW - 18 goals - 36 points -- 2019-20 There previous contract last year were the same 1.2 million..Big hum in salary for McCann.. I don't know if Vancouver will want to pay jake 2.9 Million X 2 yrs? That will be the deal he will want.. I really feel Jake should be a top 6 forward at this point in his career. I still thin he will be a 20-25 goal scorer -- 42- 48 point guy? I think he needs a new change and he might be more focused? He has the tools its the mind and focus and determination and drive like other players..