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  1. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    Bring him home!
  2. Classy on the Preds for playing the Top Gun song at the end
  3. Tank Thread

    Just a couple months ago I didn't think we would have any chance of finishing last LOL. Good job Yotes and Sabres :D
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    i hope they don't score another goal for the remainder of the season.
  5. Chinese New Year.... Jersey?

    As if Vancouver couldn't get any more chinese..
  6. [GDT] 2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition

    Same here. I'm glad they got rid of that breakaway relay
  7. good riddance..just another frank corrado..
  8. [Waivers] Eddie Lack

    LOL! Surprised it didn't happen sooner. He's one of if not the worst goalies in the league. Never understood everyone's obsession with him. Good personality doesn't win you games.