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  1. That's why Benning should wait for the trade deadline.
  2. Babcock is a coach who is in charge of the current players. Benning is a GM who is in charge of changing the team. "The thing that has driven me all of my life is winning," Lamoriello when he got hired. Basically Lamoriello believed right away that the Maple Leafs would have success due to the hiring of Babcock and Shanahan alone?
  3. Calgary won imo. I mean Engeland? Really? NYI also gave up a lot. More than Tampa Imo. VGK could have picked better players if some teams didn't make side deals.
  4. The bolded part is the main reason why he said that. No person who jut got hired will say something so negative towards his job.
  5. There's a high chance Canucks won't even get him so...
  6. Whoever wants to read the full spoilers, head over to reddit freefolk. haha
  7. This just makes you sound just as ignorant as a "Lebron homer" and makes you a biased GSW homer. Both team complains about calls. Stop trying to call out people for their homer tendencies when you spew out bs things like that
  8. It's typical GSW mentality. If they win, the fans say "SWEEP SWEEP" or "Leflop/Lebum/Lechoke". But if they lose, "NBA IS RIGGED" "Lebron and the Refs!!!" It's a joke tbh
  9. not this argument again lol
  10. Not even a few years, I say its happening right now
  11. 2 Elite Centres, 1 good shutdown 3C, 1 elite D, 1-2 good D, bunch of fast two way forwards, 1 very good goalie. Imo
  12. Gotta feel bad for Fisher. Haven't reached the finals since 07 only to lose again.
  13. If they had won, they instantly become one of the greatest team in my opinion.
  14. Ovi would still be number 1.
  15. Your post is part of that 99%