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  1. Funny how people made Sbisa the whipping boy, but now he's being praised as one of the unsung heroes. Now the same thing is happening to EG. It takes time and patience people.
  2. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Hansen Rodin - Sutter - Virtanen/Burrows Etem - Granlund - Dorsett Gaunce Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa/Larsen - Tryamkin Biega, Pedan Markstrom Miller
  3. Well of course FA signings are older. Those signings who are "younger" are usually AHL call ups, "2nd chances" players, or RFA's... Don't tell me you wanted Lucic lol
  4. They just drafted a defenseman with arguably the best IQ and skating in his draft class (in terms of defensemen)
  5. Yeah and Lucic was quoted "BS" in regards to signing with Oilers. Bergevin said no trading PK. Stamkos expressed interests in returning home, etc.... Take things with a grain of salt buddy
  6. If true, then thank the hockey gods! We're finally saved!!!
  7. She definitely said "A...." So Jon's real name starts with an A, and since it'll be something Targaryen-like, it must be either Aegon, Aerys, or Aemon imo. Yup, all he care at this point is recruiting people against the White Walkers. If he (along with everyone in Westeros) does learn about his parents and his rightful heir to the throne, i could see Danerys and Jon marrying (since it was heavily foreshadowed by Daenerys) or at least make an alliance Her list was: Joffrey, Cersei, Tywin, Walder Frey, Meryn Trant, Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Ilyn Payne, The Mountain, and The Hound. Quote from like Season 4. I got two theories for Daenerys. Either she'll be corrupted by the Throne and become Mad resulting in her death. Or, she'll realize the true danger (White Walkers), form an alliance/marry with Jon, and defeating the Night's King. Imo, i don't think she's going to die. I think she's going to sit on the Iron Throne, while Jon rules the North (or possibly dying after serving the Long Night), and Tyrion to whatever he likes. I doubt Tyrion will end up being on the Throne with Jamie by his side.
  8. Wildfire Queen Cersei (Hopefully we get the real Jamie now) Daenerys + Tyrell + Ironborn + Dorne R+L=J (BRAN KNOWS!) KING IN THE NORTH Only disappointing that we didn't get to see Edmund and the Wall.
  9. Benning building from defense out. Goalie is pretty much done with Markstrom and Demko. And the top 5 is Juolevi, Hutton, Tryamkin, Gudbranson, and Tanev.

    1. ItsMillerTime


      Watch out for us in the next 3 years.

    2. Quantum


      Benning is quietly building one helluva team. Haters can hate, but Benning is doing it the right way.

    3. Trebreh


      Now we just need a new face of the franchise (Stamkos)

      were building the team right, but im just pissed the Albertan teams got lucky with Tkatchuk and Jesse....


      still i think were building an all round team and if we land a game changer upfront were going to be deadly in the future.

  10. Good pickup for Flames but won't solve their goalie in the future. Unless Ortio plans out
  11. Which has been a problem for years. As much as i wanted a scoring F, we badly needed a PMD
  12. Yeah i agree. But we also needed a PMD. We have none. Juolevi can easily become that and create offense from the rush. Benning made Edler, Sbisa, and any other LD (besides Hutton and Tryamkin) expandable.