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  1. [Signing] Oilers re-sign Connor McDavid

    Who really knows. Edmonton would need others to take paycuts and have good upcoming depth.
  2. [Signing] Avalanche sign Yakupov

    How can anyone understand what Claiborne55 is even saying? With the amount of unneeded hashtags and random off topic discussion, I'm surprised people are replying to him. Troll master? Or worst troll? Anyways, low risk high/low reward type of deal for Avs. I like to believe this will be his last NHL season if he doesn't produce.
  3. Not saying you're wrong but to say he's the worst out of 30 other GMs is simply not true.
  4. Doesn't matter, Vancouver will still match it. And if you think that contract will ruin Vancouver, it won't. Also, no team will still offer sheet that. If they're gonna offer sheet that much money, they might as well spend a few million more and offer sheet someone else. Someone better.
  5. Vancouver has 8.5 million in cap space. No one is goinn to offer sheet Horvat 6+ (which is still a debatable number in regards to other teams)
  6. To be fair, Ron Hainsey wasn't the X factor, even if he was the "top pairing".
  7. Complains about Burm's attitude but also complains about not giving Yakupov, a player who refuses to improve his back checking game, a chance.... alright folks, if you still have a minus. Use it.
  8. Lol alright. They had interest but didn't go further than that*
  9. Last year Benning brought in Loui to a massive deal in an attempt to ignite the Sedins and turn the ship around slightly. He then followed it by signing minor guys like Chaput and Megna... This year he brought in stop gap guys to all short terms and all under 3mil. Who are all in their mid 20's to provide a support for the youth. Instead of having someone like Goldobin playing with Chaput. He can potentially play with Ganger now. Isn't that better? Vancouver isn't doing this to hopefully make the playoffs. Or else they would have tried to land big FA like Alzner or Shattenkirk.. They're doing this to help the youth, who aren't ready. We seen how McCann and Virtanen planned out. The only examples you can say who really panned out by rushing into the league was Horvat and maybe Stetcher/Hutton. (Boeser still needs work imo). A prime example of letting the prospect develop in the AHL is Goldobin. Through history, you seen how Vancouver always have a big list of injuries. The prospects will get their chance. And if they do, they will play with a better support system instead of relying on minor league depth guys like Chaput. People keep saying add toughness and size. But in today's NHL, that doesn't matter anymore. It's all about skill and speed. We have toughness and size in Gudbranson and everyone here seem to complain about him. (Hell if you wanna complain about size, we added a 6'5 Weircoch (sp?) today)
  10. And people were ripping Benning for only getting a 3rd and 7th lol
  11. Canucks 2017 Draft Pick Selections - Complete List

    See now that is the problem. Prior draft you thought Vilardi will be a top 5, but after, by seeing so many teams passed on him, you realize he's not. You may think Glass is better, or EP, but no one can know for sure. Scouts and other teams seem to think highly of EP after the draft. Even to go as far as saying if he was heavier (which is something you can easily get) then he would have gone top 3.
  12. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    I meant to say Babcock is in charge of players of who he has right now. Management can change that by trading or bringing up someone, etc... because a coach can't go and trade for someone. He can influence the GM but he doesn't have the power. I'm not twisting words lol
  13. That's why Benning should wait for the trade deadline.
  14. It's official, the Vegas Knights select...

    Babcock is a coach who is in charge of the current players. Benning is a GM who is in charge of changing the team. "The thing that has driven me all of my life is winning," Lamoriello when he got hired. Basically Lamoriello believed right away that the Maple Leafs would have success due to the hiring of Babcock and Shanahan alone?
  15. [GDT] 2017 NHL Awards and NHL Expansion Draft

    Calgary won imo. I mean Engeland? Really? NYI also gave up a lot. More than Tampa Imo. VGK could have picked better players if some teams didn't make side deals.