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  1. This thread hurts my brain. Trump really is a black hole of awful.
  2. Call me crazy, but I want their team to do well. I want a rivalry. Flames and Oilers can have their Blunders of Alberta, we'll have our Clash of the Coast.
  3. Maybe a little. Must be betting on him to continue improving. Edit: It does make the Ferland deal look even better, indeed. I still can't believe how pleased I am with our signings this off-season.
  4. Yup. Fun fact: That contract buy-out basically screwed the Panthers out of signing Panarin. The Rangers had retained $900k in the trade to the Oilers, and when it was bought out the hit was reduced to $300k, allowing the Rags to up their offer. Province article on it here. So we got them back a bit for the Luongo recapture.
  5. Bob changed his whole Twitter page for his vacation? That's adorable.
  6. Send him back to Boston... For Brendan Gaunce. #AssetManagement
  7. I thought you guys were taking about our Tanev, comparing him to Dzingel and was like, "Wow, CDC's taking more drugs than I thought. "
  8. One time I was visiting my parents back home and dug out my old net and a stick, dragged it to the edge of the front yard, went into the street, took one shot, and hit the second-floor living room window. Luckily it was just a ball and it bounced off without smashing anything. Sure p'd off the dog tho. ITT: Old dudes comparing twigs.
  9. As per CapFriendly: Quinn signed on March 10th, 2019, making his signing year 2019. His birthday being October 14th, he turns 20 between Sept. 16th and Dec. 31st, the slide does not apply. A list of potential slide candidates for the league for 2018-19 (as well as 19-20) can be found here. And a supporting article about his signing, dated March 11th, 2019, here.