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  1. Been waiting for that one! Saw he was still playing some time last year and thought, "Wow, there's a blast from the past." Ten years since his last NHL game, about three and a half since his last KHL game.
  2. IMO this is precisely this biggest factor. Help parents provide a suitable home life in which to raise well adjusted and self reliant children, and within 10-15 years you will be seeing these issues fade. Kids are the future, and more specifically the kids that grow to navigate the real world effectively are the future. I feel we're in (fairly under-recognized) uncharted territory with how technology has advanced and affected our lives (spreadability of information, deterioration of privacies, negative impacts of social media and such), it's more important than ever to identify the roots of the issues (upbringings and environment) and not focus on the symptoms (criminality). People are starting to take notice of these things now, but I feel it's another of those massive collective (mis?)understandings that take forever to get into the national dialogue and explored effectively.
  3. How about this kid going 308 Km/H in Ontario? https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/unbelievable-young-driver-caught-allegedly-speeding-308-km-h-on-ontario-highway-1.4932981 Absolutely insane and incredibly dangerous for everyone else on the road, let alone the kids driving the vehicle. He should lose his license for a year, if you ask me.
  4. Elected positions should have salary caps. Find a reasonable formula; something like the mean wage of their constituents from the most recent tax year + 15%. Only way to get a raise is to actively push for economic success of your people. Just to spitball. I agree with you though — It's supposed to be public service, not public pillage. If it's such an "honor" to represent your people, the position and compensation shouldn't be molded to attract those that will abuse it.
  5. There is, but I hear the other end is a cat.
  6. My favourite: Take that one to heart, Steve. Let's see how many get that one.
  7. Gäz

    Judd Brackett

    I am so glad I wandered into this thread.
  8. Between her and Kevin O'Leary, I don't know who was more delusional.
  9. Population growth is one thing that I've figured for years will screw us. As for the censorship thing, it's nice going through this thread and seeing that virtually everyone actually seems to agree for once: Censorship = Bad.
  10. Better chance of making the NHL in that hole right now.