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  1. Ah, good ol' MacB. Also the namesake of Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury."
  2. And that's why, even if you're up by 7, you still go for the slam if it presents itself.
  3. Avs in 7. Dallas is underrated and I think will be able to grind out some wins, but ultimately Colorado will just be too much for them. Wouldn't be surprised to see MacKinnon just take over and end it sooner.
  4. While we were up watching the game last night my lady and I kept seeing flashes against the west wall of a building next to ours (Collingwood/Joyce area of Van). Minimal rain (came and went a few times, but nothing prolonged) and no thunder; we kept hoping it would come closer as we both love thunderstorms. Also the rain might have helped cool our damn apartment a bit.
  5. I turn it off to pack up my laptop to head home from work and then looking at NHL.com like 2 mins later and it's a tie game!?
  6. By the sounds of it the public are fed up with the endless corruption leftover from the close of their civil war 30 years ago. I guess the mishandling of the ammonium nitrate and subsequent explosion are just the proverbial back-breaking straw? Crazy time over there now, even by Lebanese standards.
  7. If Loui gets Stalock off his game that will be worth 10% of his contract by itself.
  8. Pearson's doing a great job in front of the net so far. Stalock isn't liking it.