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  1. Just finished Chuck Pahlaniuk's "Invisible Monsters," and began Tom Robbins' "Another Roadside Attraction." Never read a Pahlaniuk book before. It was pretty much what I expected: delightfully cynical, occasionally disturbing, definitely F'd up, and — in my head — entirely narrated by Edward Norton. I've read a bunch of Tom Robbins, he's probably my favourite living author. I've hoped he'll put out another book or to before he vanishes, but it's been 16 years since his last* so I think he's done. *Novel.
  2. Additionally, the Canucks are one of just three teams left in the league with a 100% PK percentage (with Anaheim and Arizona).
  3. I love that Quinn was just talking about how he thinks he can help get some extra offense out of Tanev. Very next game, boom — tip-in goal from Tanev, via Hughes on a rush. Think of beauty, it was.
  4. Never thought I'd get to see Bert wear that jersey in person. This whole game experience was incredible. Too many great moments to count.
  5. I don't think I could look at Sheer's face for half an hour. Maybe an hour to an hour-and-a-half long CBC special with 15-20 mins for key party members to lay out their platforms and emphasize their priorities, pre-vetted for fact-checking (and no tolerance for attacking other parties/candidates, strictly stick to own pitches) could be nice and informative. Each party gets a significant enough chunk of time to manage, five-ten minute breaks in between.
  6. I'll take the underdog status. As this season progresses I see this team only getting better as they learn each others on-ice tendencies.
  7. Managed to get tix to this game. Never been to a game with such a cool moment to watch. So excited to be there for the christening of out Captain Bo!!
  8. This is why I stopped getting behind any kind of "movement" publicly. When it comes to mass organizations of people getting behind something, it is — every time — corrupted somewhere. Whether it's someone using their money to hide their personal agenda/interests, or the natural mob mentality degradation of intelligence, or the movement is in itself fundamentally flawed: whatever the central focus of the effort is loses it's meaning when it's outgrown it's use. And when it's outgrown it's use, that's when it falls apart or starts doing damage to the things it sought to support. I'm all for unity over division, but without the realization that in unity even smart people can be still easily misdirected (even when the cause is just — Equality rights, environmental changes, etc) there will always be certain intrinsic dangers. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? Pay attention to problems and solutions. Do not follow people or movements and expect them to lead the best way forward, because it will invariably let you down somewhere along the way. MAKE CANADA CRITICAL AGAIN!
  9. The Ron Swanson approach. Sentences should be tripled for acts committed while in public office.
  10. Found one on Prime called "The Vanishing" earlier this week, with good ol' Gary Butts. Takes place on a small lighthouse island in Scotland, three 'Keepers' (original title of the movie) have their six-week shift at the lighthouse, they discover a body and a chest full of... loot... and some paranoia and violence ensues. Was pretty intense, and generally I liked it. Probably a 7/10 from me.
  11. Sane people: Mr. Trump, you did this thing. DJ Drumpf: Yes, yes I did. Sane People: That highly illegal and impeachable. DJ Drumpf: No it's not. Sane People: ... Yes. Yes it is. Look, it says it right here [points to constitution]. DJ Drumpf: LA-LA-LA NOT IT'S NOT LA-LA WITCHHUNT!
  12. We've been financially crippled since long before the carbon tax. Vive l'FLQ! I require more coffee before contributing much else to the discussion.
  13. No more recall waivers with the current CBA. That's pretty much it: if a player clears, a team can trade for him and stash him in the AHL without having to worry about them getting plucked away if they send him down (if they do it within the 30-day/10 NHL game time-frame of the waiver clearing) or when they eventually call him up.