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  1. That was a tough collapse to watch, but they'll learn. Tough times are where players grow together as a team as long as it's not excessively prolonged, ala Edmonton. It's been a bit of a slide lately, but I think they're nearly through it. Beagle/Sutter/Rous back will be a significant boost, and Ferland hopefully will be too. Positives? Two goals from Gaud, in different styles. Man, he's really coming into his own, playing with a lot of confidence. Miller continuing his dominance as well, man was he ever a great addition. Quinn, another 3-assist game. What a talented kid, drives so much from the back end.
  2. The biggest cause of the whole wealth issue. Nothing's going to change until execs aren't given the option to give themselves/each other unjustified/insane salary increases at the expense of their workers. This is pretty much every corporation. I don't care how valuable you think you pencil-pushing insight is to a company, you are not worth 200x your actual moving, working employees doing the real work. May as well go back to scrips and company stores at this rate.
  3. I think Freeland would be great as well, she seems to be the most capable and level headed of the cabinet that's been held in the public focus these last few years.
  4. Yep. I live in a 1-BR apartment in Van with the lady. We want to move to Ontario, get away from the major cities. Unfortunately I had the crazy notion that I wanted to get a modest post-secondary education before doing so — I had to change jobs to be able to accommodate the time for class, so I jumped on the first one I could get about a year ago (barely minimum wage, raises do not exist within the company, and have been looking for a better situation off and on since). Luckily the lady's got a nice gig now (around that median wage) so we manage alright, but last year we really had to watch things like our heating (were cold many nights) because we can't afford a $300 winter hydro bill, on top of whatever else might pop up. Luckily I'm close enough to finishing my schooling that I've started looking for a job in my field (should get to around $22-25/hr). Gonna save up, and we're going to bolt as soon as it's feasible. But it's a real problem: one major expense comes by and it could put us back months. Moving ain't cheap. Not that I'm blaming anyone for these hindrances, but it just illustrates that it's not quite as simple as "get a better job," or "move somewhere you can afford to."
  5. The Police make me want to commit unspeakable atrocities. Roxanne is one of the the most obnoxious bits of auditory feces I have ever heard.
  6. He really has not been the same the last three-four years. It's really too bad, he always seemed like such a great team guy. That Hansen impression was gold.
  7. https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/calif-high-school-shooting-two-dead-gunman-shoots-self-1.4685594 Two dead now, gunman shot himself.
  8. I think we're supposed to call them "Netflixes" now? Or maybe "Gems" (CBC)? I'm confused, it's like the whole world's gone topsy-turvy without the 'Buster.
  9. Those were amazing for the sheer absurdity of them.
  10. Hah, I was just reading this on my way to class.
  11. I don't see it going that far, but never say never I guess. Marky's been a true #1 all of 2019 and is just having a bit of a rough patch, if it can even be called that. I have faith in him.