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  1. Gee, who'd've ever guessed that helping the poor... Helps the poor?
  2. This is a weird thread indeed. People care about this story far too much.
  3. I work the mailroom at a Telus building in Burnaby. Canada Post called us this morning to let us know they shut down for the day (FedEx did the same). It's brutal out there for couriers.
  4. Snowing like crazy here at Kingsway and Boundary. Buddy in our parking lot has been plowing all morning and it's already built up another two inches or so.
  5. Exactly. If it works, it works, and I hope this continues. He's kept quiet through the scratches, and if this gets him back to contributing in a more meaningful way, then everyone should be all for it.
  6. It's funny how many people talk about how important they think "freedom" is, but once you get to an issue such as this and everyone thinks their position is unequivocally the right one. (Not a jab at social cons, this behavior knows no party lines. Liberals can be guilty too.)
  7. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues — Tom Robbins
  8. Huh, I have one if his dad's old Jets jerseys. That said, that was a dumb hit to try to make in today's NHL.
  9. The Cricket on the Hearth now, getting my Christmas reading in.
  10. That was a tough collapse to watch, but they'll learn. Tough times are where players grow together as a team as long as it's not excessively prolonged, ala Edmonton. It's been a bit of a slide lately, but I think they're nearly through it. Beagle/Sutter/Rous back will be a significant boost, and Ferland hopefully will be too. Positives? Two goals from Gaud, in different styles. Man, he's really coming into his own, playing with a lot of confidence. Miller continuing his dominance as well, man was he ever a great addition. Quinn, another 3-assist game. What a talented kid, drives so much from the back end.