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  1. Them paying the money to get their kids into these schools really isn't a surprise, but it's still enraging; the fact that the people in position to do anything about it don't... Really makes me value people who do have the integrity to do the right thing that much more. What's worse is these students/parents of these students at these universities/colleges pay sketchy tutoring businesses to do their coursework for them. Happens all the time in Van anyway — I'm sure these schools are no exception. That's what really gets me: Not only did they not earn their way into school, they don't earn the credentials they ultimately acquire, and they by extension will not be "qualified" for a legitimate job in whatever their field is. That's if their goal even is to land a job based on their alleged merit; presumably a certain number of them end up working for jobs floated to them through their connections, where not much is in even expected of them anyway. It's all a slimy way to attain a position of power, make their salary, make their parents "proud", and have it all look legit on paper so they never get in trouble.
  2. A quick skim through draft records, the most obvious one I could find was... Trevor Linden. Maybe there has been one since, but it's before my time so I can't be sure. Even 22+33 were D+1.
  3. Edler wasn't concussed, he was just at a seminar on how to get shots through to the net.
  4. Once again, missing a game I really want to see because of class. I'm tired of learning, I want hockey!!!
  5. I thought that was good too. I was like, "Woah, Torts made the want to play for list?" Then I read the next category and everything made more sense.
  6. I know, but it just feels like that shouldn't happen on any team, ever. It's unnatural. It's offensive even (in the bad way, of course). And yes, I do agree there. The way this team is trending, tank nation will be happy at least. Well that's positive at least.
  7. Just saying with Edler and Tanev being out, at least he brought some experience compared to DP, Biega, and the other guys. Not that it'll make much of a difference anyway I guess, with how dismal our D has been overall anyway. It just feels like a weird time to trade him, although I don't anticipate his play/value rebounding. Edler back soon? I haven't heard anything. Also with Hughes coming up soon... that does make Gud more expendable and he should be bottom pairing at best on our D when healthy anyway. Glad to get Pearson out of him for sure. But God does it hurt seeing Pouliot-Biega as a second pairing.
  8. Guess who's back (... Back again...)B)

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    2. Baer.



    3. Roberts


      I've said this before and I'll say it again


      I'm getting a strong bandwagon fan vibe from this.

    4. Gäz


      I know how it looks, but I assure you, I've been suffering though the last few seasons with all of you. Just silently, away from the CDC nonsense. :P


  10. I live in Canada and don't give a crap about the NFL.

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      According to the status below, the Naked Football League.

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I'd watch the NWFL.

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      LFL is probably as close as you'll get, WW.

  11. Anyone know what was up with the Canada Line last night?

    1. Jägermeister


      Woman jumped in front of a train.

    2. Armada


      Translink and media deem it as medical emergency. However, it was a jumper

  12. I'm so glad this place it moderated by people with a sense of humour.

  13. I need a singer and rhythm guitarist for my band! It's a modern, heavy rock sound. Hit me up!

  14. Where are the best open mics in town? The singer search is on!