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  1. "Now that Henrik and Daniel have their numbers retired... should we consider retiring Bure's?"
  2. Hodgson held pointless by the Jets. Now has 0 points in his 4 games as a Sabre, 1 point in his last 10 games. I'm not mathematician, but that's about an 8 point season? :S
  3. Well OBVIOUSLY this is Hodgson insulting both Luongo and Schneider, arguing that Miller has done better in one game than they had in the entire time he played with them. What a prick, eh?
  4. No Raymond? Not saying I disagree, but come playoff time, if we are in need of some added scoring, he might be our best/only option now.
  5. Hodgson Small

    From the album G-L-L

  6. Kassian Small

    From the album G-L-L

  7. Zack Kassian

    From the album G-L-L

  8. Cody Hodgson

    From the album G-L-L

  9. Codgy Hodgson VS Zach Kassian

    From the album G-L-L

  10. Dear god; please let the mods bring back the minuses. Even if only for a week..
  11. I wouldn't mind that. I really only own Pokemon White and Ocarina, nothing else, except the ambassador games. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks mate, greatly appreciated! And boy is that a sweet shirt