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  1. At least we got a point and Kesler didn't score.
  2. Going to be a good game, Canucks win 4-3.
  3. I hope we rebound from that horrible loss to the Yotes.
  4. Smith isn't off to a great start this year so hopefully we can take advantage of that, Canucks win 4-1.
  5. Couldn't have ended any better, great game by Lack. Well deserved win for the team after that horrible Kings game.
  6. Lets make this Cali road trip a sweep. Canucks win 2-1.
  7. I always have a very special feeling inside whenever we beat the Sharks. Nic game boys.
  8. Well might get a few more Canucks jerseys than usual for Christmas this year because I will never be buying them with ads on them.
  9. I always watch them all, only excuse if I am in school which happens about twice a year.
  10. I hope we get revenge for that horrible loss to them. Canucks 4-2.
  11. Oh well, can't win them all.
  12. Nice win, 4th line played great.
  13. Since Rinne is back and at his best this will be like the classic games where bascailly the first team to score wins. Canucks win 2-0.
  14. Lack, his starts have been underwhelming. Good thing we signed Miller.
  15. Great game, wouldn't have said that if we lose though.