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  1. Horvat 225 virtanen 230 tryamkin 265 Did they weigh in after a turkey dinner?
  2. The right goalie,two Norris caliber d men and a devastating pp can win you a cup
  3. You bring up a Curt Fraser fight
  4. Linden looks more than 2 inches taller.I think olli is 6'1 3/4 lol
  5. A lot of posters are pointing out Burrows past injuries and the fact he starts this year healthy,but the fact also should be stated his cumulative career injuries could have rendered him ineffective.
  6. If you assume that then you assume wrong.I don't see Rodin or Burrows providing a physical forecheck and if juolevi shows well at camp watching him this season with the depth of Defense would be interesting.
  7. I'd rather not have Burrows or Rodin on the team and would rather see juolevi make the jump than Sbisa or biega.
  8. Tanev keeps the puck out of the net.
  9. I actually agree with you......however the pain of Aquiring a solid young core near the same age I believe is the first step. Then ,as you say you use all your arsenal of opportunities to push that core over the top.Not unlike Kane,toews,seabrook,Keith chasing the cup with whoever the Chicago brass are tinkering with on any given deadline. I guess what I'm saying is we had the chance to build that solid young core and we threw it away.
  10. If your team is going thru a downturn where you are drafting higher and you trade your veterans you end up with a cluster of players closer to the same age.With extra picks you can take chances on extreme skill players with some deficiencies or draft elite third liners you can win a championship with.You have the opportunity to watch then develop over the ELC and the group you identify as the future core you offer them the chance to stay together long term at a lower average annual cap hit.You can't dump the whole team but you also can't let every older asset go for nothing or stop gaps like we are doing
  11. We are rebuilding at the same rate as the 29 other teams or less.IE adding a first round pick and some change every year.Expect to catch no one that's just reality.To make up ground we would need to aquire more top end picks which aren't coming as the entire vet roster will be put to pasture down the road.From all those strong assets we had after 2011 we converted them to very little.It appeared gillis May fire sale and craft a team from the ground up with multiple picks over a few years but owners and sunny side up fans wouldn't let that happen hence the build on the fly so and so team Model.
  12. I remember Gino did pretty good against Dave Brown in a home game which made a lot of people take notice because Brown had that I'll destroy anyone swagger going.
  13. I think the Canucks are identifying character players to aquire,however with the team they had in 2011 they couldn't have done a worse job of transferring the value of those assets to draft picks to rebuild a powerhouse.
  14. And gillis tried to trade Edler and he tried to trade Kesler for only draft picks........hmmm maybe should have kept him we'd be rebuilt by now.
  15. Never trade Virt.do not do it not even for Barry pederson