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  1. Looking for answers on the 2018 draft (discussion/poll)

    Predicting they pick Dobson but I wouldnt mind mining a gem forward if the oppurtunity arises.
  2. [Discussion] Missed Opportunity: The Third Sedin

    Was also gonna say Iginla but since someone beat me to it i will say Geoges Laraque when he was young,he could shield the puck well,was immovable from the front of the net and if someone was going to intimidate the twins they would have the heavyweight champ in every scrum in their face.
  3. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    Given the choice of size without elite speed or elite speed without size on defense I have to say a pure sniper in Wahlstrom would solidify the forwards.Bo,jake boeser./Petterson,Goldobin and Wahlstrom.Not a bad top six of young guys.
  4. CDC Consensus #7 Overall Pick Poll

    Tough one to call,on one hand the average size of your D is critical and the other hand blazing speed means success in the game today.Im leaning to the biggest of the puck carrying D men.
  5. Draft Lottery

    Play all the kids hit bottom and lock up the third pick in ‘19
  6. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    If the Canucks get 9th Benning should put a white towel on a stick and hold it up for the audience til the show ends.
  7. Canucks roster year end grades

    Brock played 9 games.I cant grade his development curve from the previous years 9 games.Next season we will see .Bo has a sample size and its trending upwards bigtime.
  8. Canucks roster year end grades

    Bo seems to be improving the most in the offseason,and he will hopefully continue that.At some point they have to decide if he gets a stacked line or is a 2C.Reminds me of the Linden years.Virtanen needs to keep elevating.Judging by the numbers and prospect status i dont see a future here for Baertchi.If EG,AE and CT stay it doesnt leave the door open much for defensive prospects to develop as the team starts to take shape.Id like to see the Canucks try and dump some older guys to aquire as many picks as they can for next years draft.
  9. Draft Lottery

    That would be pretty crazy the bottom four twams play back to back nights sudden death the two nights before the playoffs start.
  10. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    They could just give the bottom 6 teams the same lottery odds and choose the order based on a draw if they wanted to end tanking.
  11. I would not sign any,let the players play that we are developing and we either overachieve and great or do lousy and draft another big piece at the draft in Vancouver.
  12. Tank Thread

    I my opinion,and that is all it is from watching them over the years the 3-4 year projects cut line comes pretty fast in this years draft.IDK maybe that’s why Benning didn’t pull the trigger and aquire picks this year he is waiting for a safer draft IE next year in Vancouver.
  13. Tank Thread

    With the way things have transpired trying to put the Canucks back on top so far.Signing all the free agents keeping us off the bottom and dodging the generational talent that came across the board twice.The trade deadlines we took the high road and let everyone stay ridding ourselves of our assets.Allowing a good young player stuck behind vets to walk.Why would anyone not want to finish 6-0-1 to slide out of the top tier level in he draft and spoil the party.
  14. Tank Thread

    Dahlin,Svechnikov,Zadina,Tkachuk,Boqvist.If you are psychic you can grab the right D man next but who knows who that will be.
  15. Tank Thread

    I’ve watched the players in this draft for a very long time live and believe me they need someone in the top 5-6.Those guys are legit.Rest of it is full of long term projects that will need steep improvement curves.IMHO