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  1. If an impact player is there than do it why not.
  2. Why are people including Gudbranson???Young,huge,tough defensive defenseman that can skate and can fight heavyweights teams need one of those.
  3. The top 10 picks of this draft are pretty subjective so BPA could be whatever you think it is.Was Juolevi BPA?
  4. Might be a year to grab a defenseman and save the first line centre pick for next draft when we could be at the bottom.If the centre we draft is second tier this year then what? If next year we get a true number one where does this years pick play.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something but based on the original post about having a keen draft eye and making second round picks count,does that not mean that having a fire sale for second round picks would build a Bruins like juggernaut very fast?
  6. I have a feeling they have so much invested in juolevi that's where the d man may come in.They will consider that Finnish defense man to partner with Olli.Secondly that would avoid the awkward second tier first line centre we may end up with only to finish even lower next year and get an oppurtunity to get a true number one offensive guy making this years pick obselete
  7. The declining veterans not waiving caused not only the bad but not bad enough seasons but also took the big fire sale for picks deadline days away.Tough to recover from that.The Canucks have actually had some success with drafting and signing prospects makes you wonder where they could have been with a couple fire sales for picks and rock bottoming for 3 drafts.
  8. This is usually the time the canucks go on a roll.
  9. VIRT-HORVAT-BOESER GOLD-2017 DRAFT-DAHLEN Don't see the two young wingers not playing top six role if they are here ,and with Virts speed i could see him being used to rip in on the defence and dig out pucks for Bo.
  10. I'll just say I'm happy the future of the Canucks has begun finally and leave it at that.
  11. The Canucks goalie and defence seem set for the future,having a few more upper round picks could fill in the fwd group huge .
  12. I was hoping the next top six was going to be big and North American ,however something is happening finally .....so I won't complain best of luck to him to develop into a good sniper.I hope this is the beginning of a true rebuild.
  13. Sbisa,Edler,Tanev can go. Gud,Tram are tough,Stecher,Hutton,Juolevi are offensive.Good mix and young, Hutton should go nowhere.