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  1. I would trade him his career injuries are piling up and there looks to be some good project players with high upside late first.
  2. I'd say Dirk because he played a regular shift,killed penalties and was part of some good teams in big games.Why I'd say he was underrated is he fought super heavyweights and swung like he was trying to relieve them of their heads.His toughness was lost a bit in those years because the Canucks usually dressed a couple tough guys but he could bring it when he had to.
  3. Not sure what to make of the experts being all over the board after #2 in such an important draft for Vancouver.On one hand a keen draft eye could land a gem with that second round pick or pick plus trade.On the other hand can't help but worry a rival is gonna strike gold in this draft with a low pick.
  4. Would the crowd paranoid of Patrick trade down to 11 and take Makar and carolinas 3 second rounders as compensation?
  5. Couple unique things about this draft if you can acquire a bunch of picks or make some trades You can build a full line RW/C/LW of 6'6 Fwds that can score and skate. Also with some second rounders you could possibly grab the future Canadian/US/Finnish world junior goalies huge and they are good.
  6. The post you were responding to was referring to the high second round pick we have nothing to do with the lottery.With an extra second round pick and defenseman to possibly deal they have a lot of possibilities with it.
  7. I was referring to the second pick(IE second rounder failing a SJ miracle],i am aware of the situation regarding the first round selection.
  8. I'm interested where they go with that second pick ,first time the Canucks had some movement possibilities there.Extra second round pick and a couple d men to work with.
  9. Young guns score ,draft pick looks better what's not to like.
  10. Tanev will get a hat trick.Had Hansen still been here he'd have gotten 4.
  11. Generally the NHL calibre defense is groomed over the course of 20 years of elite level in game experience and specialized training.
  12. At some point Horvat has to be put in a position to drive the bus in Vancouver,which won't happen as long as members of 2011 are around.
  13. Not sure if he's ready but am sure I'd rather watch him play than someone invoking a clause so we can't trade them.
  14. There are always fast players in the late first,second round that bring some intangibles like toughness,defensive play,physicality that if you have multiple picks you can pick up as luxury bottom 6 Fwd projects.