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  1. They are within striking distance of number 1 if they finish last and fire sale older guys at the TD18.
  2. I know i was just joking.DJ King was a tough dude though.
  3. Rather have DJ king he's tough.
  4. Hopefully Del Zotto realizes his good fortune and acts accordingly off the ice around the next wave of Canucks.
  5. Rasmussen raatclife gadjovich petruzelli popugaev
  6. All 30 teams have a draft pick haul they are proud of and optimistic.Who knows the leafs may have drafted the best player in the draft.The Canucks need to find a way to aquire multiple picks over the next three years.They need to sell and figure ways to move guys out.That and having a ton of cap space is the only way to fast track this thing.
  7. Regardless of where the Canucks pick benning needs more picks and he needs to make moves to get them.
  8. Not so much disappointed in the players drafted as I am with the fact that WHEN ARE WE GOING TO START THE REBUILD?All the teams at the draft board received at the very least a similar haul today and if the Canucks are going to get back on top they have to fast track this thing with MULTIPLE high picks or they will never close the gap on anybody.
  9. Raatcliffe
  10. I'd like to see them get Shane Bowers with that second I have a hunch he will be a good one.We are on the hunt for an offensive centre or two and Bowers would compliment them.200ft,gritty and good on draws.I think he may draft day rise.
  11. What about 29 and 39? 5 picks in the top 55.
  12. With Hutton,Stecher,Gudbranson and Juolevi in place and given Tanev and Edlers career injury history now is the time to aquire picks.Not sure moving up burning assets is the answer but top two round draft picks over the next few years is.Build a cluster around the same age and see what comes of it after a couple years of development who knows hit on a few gems and might not be as bad as some people think.
  13. Both have mounting career injuries,are they in a rebuild or not.Is it a 15 year plan or what?
  14. They have to build a cluster of young guys that get along and want to be in Vancouver.Get that by trading all the older assets they can now.the first wave has got enough to now focus on them.If they can aquire picks and hit big on a couple of their own picks they just have to strike at that key contract to try and get them into long term 4.5 contracts.
  15. Watch Benning trade Tanev for T.O's first and end up with Heiskanen,Valimaki and Jokujhuru.The all Finn top four with Hutton and Stecher.