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  1. Most of my relatives are in China

    :o That's terrible! I hate waking up so early :(

    Nope. A few people weren't there actually

  2. i always think it's awesome when people have relatives all over the world (or at least in interesting places), unlike me, haha.

    i was so dead tired this morning/early afternoon cuz i couldn't fall asleep until five last night. >__> can't believe i have to wake up early almost every day for 10 months again. btw, was i the only one missing from the meeting today?

  3. She's from Boston :). They met up with us in Windsor to visit our aunt and then we hung out in Toronto

    HEY! I'm offended

  4. hahaa is your cousin from vancouver or toronto/whatever?

    HAHA can't believe i'm seeing you tomorrow. don't take this personally, but i'd rather not see you cuz it means that it's still summer. ;)

  5. Psh it's not that bad

    Because my cousin wanted it! So yeah LOL.

    Yeess! Being lazy is easier :D

    I'M HOOOME! I don't want to go to school :(

  6. HAHAHA i think you're giving too much personal information away over the internet ;)

    errr why would you get that?? :S homesick already? ;D

    LOL we are so alike, especially in the department of laziness.

  7. Nooo! I get most of my underwear from China

    I'm not trying to make you hungry :D! But eating is fun. I had Vancouver crab in Toronto today. Pointless eh?

    Yeah! And attemtping to make up a legit excuse and lining up is too much of a hassle. I'd rather just deal with it.

  8. LOOOOOL are you implying that you buy all your underwear from walmart? that's interesting..

    why are you trying to make me hungry? sounds delicious!

    haha me too, every year i want to switch out of one teacher but i end up too lazy to do anything.

  9. And it's so large too! And has everything. Like walmart underwear! :D

    Nope but I had a smoked meat sandwich! I had wonton noodles in Toronto

    Probably not. I'm too lazy to go through all that. Beisides, most of the chem teachers aren't that great to begin with

  10. i don't love it when i think of how they're taking away competition from other companies, but at the same time you can't ignore the fact that some of their stuff is so. freakin. cheap.

    did you eat any escargots? or even at chinese restaurants there?

    yikes, heard some horrible stories from her class, haha. are you gonna be like some people and transfer?

  11. I love walmart :D

    LOOOL it's not as great as I thought it would be! Montreal's better than Toronto though

    I avoided speaking French actually :)

    Eh I have Desai :(

  12. ohhh yeah, walmart hahaha ;)

    aw c'mon, you're on a trip to MONTREAL and you say it's "not that great"?! get outta here! you should show off in front of her then, say that you had full conversations with the people there ;D

    yep yep mentorship, at this point i don't care what order my blocks are, i just hope my teachers stay the same. :)

  13. EGGS?! WHAT? They are cheaper over there though eh?

    Hahahahaha it's not that great. I'm tired already :(. Too much map reading makes my head hurt. AND THERE'S FRENCH EVERYWHERE :(. Zallen would be proud

    I'm in Quebec City right now and I still have to go to Windsor to visit my auntie then it's back to Toronto.

    OH I HAVE 6-6 TOO! Mentorship?

  14. heck yes! i bought tons of stuff ranging from shoes to jeans to EGGS. hahaha you read that right! ;)

    that's awesome! have i mentioned that i'm so jealous of your trip? 'cause i'm soo jealous :) what else are you planning to do/where else are you planning to go?

    mine is especially messed up cause it starts with T R and i don't get what 6-6 is...