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  1. Hypothetically if we could get to a place where Artificial Intelligence can be used to perfectly referee a game.... would you support it's use or do you feel that the human factor of refereeing is part of the game?
  2. Thanks for putting this together! It was fun and there was some great discussion!
  3. Voting Gelinas. I feel hes the greatest Canuck on the list. Nominating Aucoin
  4. Voted Fraser Nominating Aucoin
  5. It is your duty as a human being... living in society.... to put on real pants when you leave the house.
  6. Has to be Curt Fraser for me. 5 seasons giving heart and soul. Nominate Bret Hedican
  7. Vote Oddleifson Nominate Bret Hedican
  8. Continuing to vote Oddleifson. Guy played nearly his entire career here. Nominate Adrian Aucoin
  9. Voted Oddleifson Nominate Bobby Schmautz!
  10. I love Pettersson and he could end up being Top 5 by the end of his career, but his two seasons haven't yet landed him in the Top 50 for me. If we (unwisely) traded him tomorrow, he would be a great memory but not a Top 50 great. I'll vote Oddleifson Nominate Martin Gelinas
  11. Voting Hamhuis Nominate Martin Gelinas
  12. Thanks for doing this every day! Fun project. (ps. Hamhuis was a beast. Stellar defense, Olympian, 2011 playoff alumni, community guy, returned from the scariest face trauma in recent memory, hip checks. Beast.)
  13. Vote Butcher Nominate Martin Gelinas