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  1. That's true eh The groups have only gotten more competitive and I think that trend will continue. Its been exciting to see German and Swiss hockey grow into national teams that we need to take seriously
  2. I believe they were drafted in different years so it's not totally fair as a hypothetical. But I'd think in a redraft they both go #1 in their respective year!
  3. I thought the same thing but I think I was conflating him with RJ Umberger
  4. Nice read. Hahahaha Adam Deadmarch.... can you imagine giving everything you had to win the cup and then seeing your name misspelled?
  5. The great Ray Whitney scoring an empty net shootout goal due to the 2005 lock out....
  6. I think Draisaitl is on a pretty good contract too, considering his talent. He's a superstar. But you're right. Bo is on such a great contract and I believe that when your leader and future captain is on such a great contract, it sets the tone for the organization. I wouldn't be surprised to see character players like Brock and Elias sign for less-than-market value because of this.
  7. I remember feeling split between Konecny and Aho. I was disappointed at the Boeser pick at the time but when we got a look at what great character Brock has, I was sold. I'm glad I'm not in charge of the organization.
  8. Came here hoping to see a statistical breakdown of Elias' draft class. Was disappointed. The kid is incredible though.
  9. I like it. I like Baertschi but I would think Pearson is the natural replacement for Sven if he doesn't recover well. I suppose Schenn could provide exactly what Gudbranson delivered. I think we promoted from within and replaced a LW in our middle 6. Good day.