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  1. Even though we knew it was coming... still a shock
  2. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiing Hello, Alpine Credit!

    "Capital Direct... DOT c a"
  3. Thief in Goalie Gear Robs Canadian Beer Store

    Well... no self-respecting, beer drinking Canadian would actually pay money for Budweiser. I think this story makes complete sense.
  4. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    Seriously you should read through the pages if you want my opinion on that. It's all out there.
  5. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    Oh. Well everyone's opinions are out there now if you want to read through again some time.
  6. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    We covered that topic bud. Run through all the pages if you care to weigh in.
  7. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    Excellent points! If the league can not or will not find a reasonable method of punishing plays with "an intent to injure" then the players certainly will police the game. Absolutely. I would not argue against that. It would go against every moral and value to not allow a team to rally and seek retribution on a player who lays a cheap shot on their teammate. That's why I love this system that they introduced. They aren't banning fighting. They are limiting the way it is used in the sport. This is a step in the right direction for a sport that is having to answer some tough questions about why current and former players (especially enforcers) are battling depression, suicidal thoughts and other serious mental health issues. We aren't going to change the culture of hockey with one sweeping rule change but the culture needs to be addressed. I feel that is the purpose of the limitations placed on fighting. It is a slow movement away from the ridiculous "hurt him because our team is losing" culture. That's not retribution for a cheap shot. That role needs to disappear from the game all together. It serves no purpose except to perpetuate the existence of players who feel it is their job do actual harm. The game is faster now and the hits land harder. That isn't a good mix when the culture of the game is one of disrespect. Again, no one is banning fighting. This is an attempt to change the culture of the game. Maybe there were opponents to the idea of players wearing helmets and face shields too when those rules began to be phased in. But it's just common sense. These are people's lives. What happens out there effects real people.
  8. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    No that's not an intent to injure at all. Now if you line up the knee or the head then it is. Lining someone up for a hit is more strategical. With all of the big bodies moving that fast in this game, if they actually wanted to injure each other.... they could. There are big hits in every hockey game and nearly all of them don't end up injuring the targeted player because there is a method to hitting without an intent to injure. You should just know these things. I shouldn't have to explain it to you.
  9. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    Yeah that fighter gets checked a lot too. It's a punishing job. And he's expected to go out there and hurt other people. I'm glad they're limiting the role that it plays in the sport, especially in a league that is strong on talent development. You don't take hitting out of the sport. You take the intent to injure out of the sport. It's a different thing
  10. New Fighting rules in AHL, Could NHL adopt them?

    Dude. As someone who honours Rypien in their username, you might want to reconsider your stance on fighting. It's no secret that these guys can end up with serious mental health issues for the rest of their lives, long after we have forgotten that they ever wore the jersey. Slowly thinning out the goonery will only benefit the athletes.