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  1. Oh Geez! Didn't even check the date! Well that's some great wizardry you have performed then Captain!
  2. It'll be pretty close... As it stands today.. the Canucks are 1 point up on the Oilers.. BUT the canucks have played 4 fewer games. I think your buddy maybe just looked at the point totals column and not the games played column there eh? I'd take that bet. There is absolutely no way that the Canucks can't keep pace with the Oilers (not because they're both good, but because they're both pretty bad!) and lose out the next 5 games, or tie 1 game and lose the next 4.
  3. This was exactly what I heard... and that LONG PAUSE after they mentioned his name... haha!
  4. I just find it hilarious. Normally I just read on the forums but this seemed like a funny time to stir the pot. If you watch the post games on Sportsnet and TSN, especially after this game, they talked about the goalie situation in Vancouver (again). You're right, media just eats this up, but they're not the only ones!
  5. GOALTENDER CONTROVERSY!!! ...pretty sure I've seen this movie before.
  6. That's a secret hehe

  7. Where do you work?

  8. ZZzZZZzzzZZZzzz....