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  1. Isn't this just the sh*ts… we have Motte who has all the heart and physically, but none of the size. We have Jake, with all the size, speed and skill, but none of the physicality or heart. The only difference is one of those players can change what they lack. This is why hockey is so fun and frustrating at the same time!
  2. I've always just assumed those are the sober people on CDC!
  3. Sorry, Didn't know I was dealing with the Math Police over here. My bad officer
  4. I just don't see how we don't resign him. If anything, look at Hughes' numbers this year. he is doing remarkable things because he is an amazing player, but don't discount the fact that Tanev provides a steady presence and stay at home style that allows QH to roam and get involved. Not to mention, Tanev is on pace for a career year points wise also. I think we need to keep Tanev so him and QH can keep doing what they are doing. 4 years at $4.8 is a 10% raise and will give a very strong pairing
  5. Uh oh... went from feeling like we are in a really good spot... To now Marky potentially out long term. Why can't we have nice things!
  6. I'm praying for some sweet deal where we now pry Risto and Simmonds from Buff. Or there's something else we are missing with NJD, like a Wood or Severson... there's got to be a reason why NJ had a scout at the Boston game
  7. They're clearing a place in the crease to sign David Ayres. Dubass figured if they can't get pucks past him, no one can!
  8. Wow! All I take from this is JB is doing a hell of a job this year. The Toffoli deal, and the timing of it is a veteran move by JB. Love it! Take that Calgary!
  9. This..... Only thing I'd add.... shop JV at the deadline since prices are high right now.
  10. I dunno if the chin thing holds weight (pun intended), Boudreau, Bowman, Hitchock, Trotz…. I'll give you Quenneville though
  11. Jake, if you're reading this... DO SOMETHING! But don't wait until less than 5 minutes remaining. I have lost faith.. Prove me wrong!
  12. Ok, first off, this is laughable at best, unless you're referring to 18 year old Jake.. because 23 year old Jake definitely does not hit or check too much, or at all. He averages 1.5 hits per game. Comparison, Motte averages 3.2 hits per game. (side note just saw Ferland was averaging almost 4 hits per game in his 14 games!) So lets explore the rest a bit more. Why was he doing so well? You say he was deployed correctly.. I say he was riding EP and Millers coat tails a bit. similar to BB this season. not saying JV or BB are bad, but they were benefitting a bit from their line mates. You then say JV was demoted, you're saying it shouldn't have happened because he was producing. maybe you're right. (FYI LE didn't take his place) BUT, all that said, if JV's response is to go back to the 3rd line, collect $1.3m, and sulk and play like he is currently playing then sorry, JV doesn't belong on the top line. FYI I think Jake had a string of 3 or 4 bad games before he was demoted. I'm just saying, at some point, Jake is where Jake is because of Jake. Not Travis Green. And it will be up to Jake to change that, or JB at the deadline
  13. Oh this is good news.. I wonder.. perhaps a more viable option is to trade Benn before the deadline, and use Benn's money to resign Stecher. While I know Benn was brought here as a stay at home Defensive guy, I have been underwhelmed, and have seen zero energy this season. Besides the beard I'm not impressed