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  1. See above, But also Defenceman can give his stick to a goalie if its a legal hand off Goalie can give his stick to defenceman (but shouldn't) You can score when only wearing 1 glove You can potentially score without a helmet, but it will be the refs interpretation of Rule 9.6, and what they consider a reasonable period of time. A player on the ice whose helmet comes off during play shall be assessed a minor penalty if he does not exit the playing surface, or retrieve and replace his helmet properly on his head (with or without his chin strap fastened), within a reasonable period of time
  2. I don't know... I'm ok with the OP making this thread because this is truly the last year for Jake (And Jake threads). It's clear, now that we have added Miller and Ferland if Jake gets it this year he has a home, if he doesn't he's gone. With Ferlands mentorship and being given Gaudette for energy, we have done everything we can for Jake. IMHO I think this is his last year in a Nucks uniform, but hey, he's young and can prove me wrong. If he does, good for him, if he doesn't then he can move along and I doubt sending him to Philly or Carolina (examples) will really make a difference for his game or the Canucks game. I'm as indifferent as Jake's attitude.
  3. Great way of breaking down the other tangibles that aren't always looked at or considered by most in a trade.
  4. Nothing I can add that hasn't already been said. Except: S**k it you dirty LA Drama Queens! AND Doughty attitude is an embarrassment to Canadian Hockey
  5. Ohhhh snap... This post is so angry. Makes me feel lots of confusing emotions. I'm like an emotional pretzel.
  6. No. Stop saying this, No. Virtanen should not be gifted anything. Virtanen should earn things. After 4 years, he should have figured this out, after 4 years CDC should have figured this out. No
  7. Sorry, late to the party. I'm from the Yukon. Been watching the 'Nucks up north for 25 years!
  8. Exactly. I'm amazed that some people keep coming up with new excuses for JV's lack of performance. When will people get it. He is a fringe NHL'er who can be replaced quite easily. A big guy who doesn't hit, A fast guy who doesn't rush the puck, a young guy who doesn't get it.... Man, this is not a diamond in the rough here
  9. This drives me crazy. So your argument with Jake is he needs to play with better players? Isn't it true that every player would be better if they played with better players? Maybe Jake playing like dead weight is just Jake......and maybe attaching that dead weight to a rising up and com'er isn't the best idea?
  10. Gaudette in the box would be the right call. Yes, he deserves to make the team, and he did. Thats his reward for an awesome preseason... but we need to channel his passion and not burn him out. He is going to be chomping at the bit to get on the ice, so we are going to channel that and help him improve his NHL game through practice and video. So when he hits the ice as a full time NHL player, he does so with maximum intensity.
  11. What it the point in having those skills if he never uses them? What value is someone who only taps into his potential 1 in every 5 games? How can a coach rely on that?
  12. If the between the lines message is he showed up to camp out of shape, then I honestly dont know what to do with this kid. I've been so disappointed over the years. Yes, there have been some positive moments, but way too many negatives. Way too inconsistent and coasting like he could give a s**t Tired of the same people defending him, saying he will come around, PF's take longer to develop etc. I wouldnt even give him the season. If by xmas break he hasn't put it together then take a 2nd rounder for him and move on. Jake, You've been put on notice
  13. Thats what i figured. Thanks. So in the current scenario, it really is Brock's choice to not be at camp, by not accepting whatever offer is on the table. Obviously not knowing what the offer is it's hard to say whether Brock is making a good/bad choice.... but it does lean towards him not being much of a team player. Or am I oversimplifying things too much?