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  1. Bridge deal I think. Similar to Vasilevskiy. 3 years at 3.5 million. Maybe JB can add an extra year to that. By then, Demko is knocking at the door. If not sooner. ()
  2. What would you say the cost for those would be? (Roughly)
  3. They haven't got rid of Datsyuk's salary off their cap, guy... You getting ahead of yourself. Plus, this a bad proposal on the already stated reasons. Its a no from me dog.
  4. Benning is just freeing up the number 91 for Stamkos. Come on guys. It's obvious!
  5. Yes, my apologies on the spelling error
  6. Both currently in the KHL. Try and get both players over and join the Canucks. Shipachvoy had 60 points in the KHL, and Dadonov had 40 points. Both are 29 years old. What really stood out was there performance at the IIHF by leading in points along with Panarin. I guess it's just a far fetched idea, but it's all for discussion and fun.
  7. Yeah, I know it's the same level. I'm talking quality, and competition of play. In my opinion it is slightly more difficult of a league along with the WHL. This is seen by what you have just referred to as recently better prospects (7 out of the last 9 first overalls have come from OHL), and Memorial Cup results. (2015 winners OHL's Oshawa , and 2014 runners-up OHL's Guelph) So I'm just saying, I think Tkachuk's overall play in the OHL is more impressive (season + playoffs) then Dubois overall play in the QMJHL.
  8. I'd say OHL is a more difficult league compared to the QMJHL. I'm hoping for Tkachuk over Dubois. So hopefully Edmonton keeps there pick or the team that traded up takes someone else.
  9. I would be worried if someone trades up for Oilers 4th overall pick. Hearing that they are seriously considering offers for the pick. (Source: The Score) We might lose out on Tkachuk too...
  10. Anyone see the fact he went to prom with a high school girl that has Down syndrome. Excellent character by this guy! Edit: should have known you guys would pick up on it way before I did haha.
  11. DAY 1 of our next franchise goaltender.
  12. Former Kelowna Rocket. Breading-ground for NHL defenseman.
  13. Edler, Jensen and/or Gaunce and a high pick for Duchene
  14. Oh no doubt. I am tainted to overlook anything good done by Sbisa's play. Which is not a good Canuck fan move, but I'll at least admit and seek treatment for my condition. Till then... Boooo!
  15. I'm not a fan... Bad give away, missed the net on a great opportunity early, and just looks bad out there.