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  1. The Walking Dead Thread

    Episodes have been fairly dry. Thank god this weeks was a little better. Assuming there will be an explosive season finale.. wonder who will die next.
  2. [Trade] Canucks Trade Luongo to the Panthers

    52 saves for Lu tonight against SJ. Had the Panthers under siege in the third, outshooting them 29-2.
  3. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    Won't be the same team without Lu for me. Wishing him the best in FLA. Hope their new ownership can bring him a cup. Will go down tied with Bertuzzi (ironically) as my all time fave Canuck.
  4. LUONGO TRADED to Florida - Official Discussion Thread

    Floored by this. Back to the dark days for the Vancouver Canucks. Can't put into words how badly MG has ruined this team. Goodbye to Kes tomorrow.
  5. (Article)NHL goalie rankings: Is Luongo still elite?

    The fact that he will probably be Team Canada's starting goaltender at these upcoming Olympics kind of says it all.
  6. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Bring Hardwell back.
  7. The Walking Dead Thread

    Just caught up on these episodes! Pretty sad they killed Andrea but it was expected someone big was going to die. 3rd season wasn't all that great. The cast is getting a little crappy with most of it now being people who can't fight like Rick or Daryl.

    When is the Q10 set to come out?
  9. OMG Windy?

    Crossing West Georgia today and somehow as I'm walking across the intersection my umbrella completely breaks and I'm wobbling trying to cross the street. If people saw me, I swear I wasn't drunk at 5pm.. the wind was crazy.
  10. Jason Garrison so far?

    Go back to peewee and learn how to hit the net.
  11. Jason Garrison so far?

    Why the f#$%$ is Salo not in a Canucks uniform?

    Have had my Bold 9780 for almost 2 years and it seems like it's nearing the end of its life (or at least the battery is). I just want it to survive until April so I can get the Q10!
  13. Jason Garrison so far?

    He was horrifying tonight..
  14. Jason Garrison so far?

    Don't see him as an upgrade over Salo yet.