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  1. NO TO QUENNVILLE he does not play young guys if they make a mistake, not good for rebuild at all. Joel was lucky to have Kane and Toews to have fully developed to NHL players before taking the Head coaching position.
  2. Cmon Canuck Fans, All I am hearing is , JIM BENNING NEEDS TO GO! TRAVIS GREEN SUCKS AT COACHING... BLAH BLAH BLAH... What JB has done with this franchise, we should be happy in what he has accomplished thus far... ( except for the ERIKSSON SIGNING) Canucks future is very very bright, we are just getting over the hump with our core players developing into greatness, Elias Pettersson Brock Boeser Bo Horvat Quinn Hughes Thatcher Demko are the core players you want to build around.. With the canucks likely out of the playoff race, we are just one more building block piece away from being a very very dangerous team. We just need that one more Bonafide Scoring prospect in the top 6 or another Top 2 defencemen away to make us complete. (of course FA will have to play apart of it aswell) But, We cant call for JB's head here, the season is a success in my mind, for the players as they now know what it takes to win games down the stretch, Travis Green will learn from this as well and get better as a coach next year, with the pieces that he had this year he actually managed it pretty well (with injuries as well) Next year we will be competing for a playoff spot for sure, Im freaking excited for next year. Canuck fans, keep our head up, regardless of what pick we select in the first round this upcoming draft, we for sure getting another solid prospect regardless. I TRUST THE PROCESS GOING FORWARD, Do you? GO CANUCKS GO!!
  3. Missed the flames vs canucks game last night cause of bday parties.. ill be ready to watch this game and cheer for my canucks ....
  4. Whoever going to the game we need to have a playoff type atmosphere in there ... we need a go canucks go chant off the bat!
  5. Yea like the Vegas Golden Knights arena , the whole crowd is into it the whole entire game..
  6. TBH the chick dj sucks , need a tiesto like DJ
  7. It should be a playoff atmosphere on saturday ! MUST WIN!