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  1. Eriksson is streaky and is still in his prime
  2. Seidenberg or carle if we have cap left after signing of lucic and eriksson please
  3. Even though boedker is a great top 6 forward , he isnt a great at checking/ defence either ladd would be amazing if we get one of ladd or lucic and eriksson it would sweet!
  4. As per mckenzies tweet!
  5. I trust benning .. It is the ownership that gets the last say i bet .. Aquaman is the worst owner ever im done with all this is not bennings fault .. Ownership just wants to make playoffs and get our money.. Aquillini your losing fans and money get your head a shake and face reality cause its rebuilding time not 2011!
  6. Jim Benning: -wanted valuable draft picks -dallas made late offer at the end but fell through and did not make sense - was talking to a lot of teams about hamhuis - respects hamhuis - vrbata provided fair list, talked to all teams on list, no team wanted him -did not get anything , if they did they would have done the deal -confirms hamhuis wanted to play where he wanted to play cause of family reasons -wants to build through draft - had calls for young players on team, did not want to trade future -frustrated he did not get anything done -
  7. Says he had 2 teams interested in his services , dallas and chicago then later found out some teams in east were interested, but geographically he did not want to go east cause of family reasons chose chicago at first then dallas after says he would love to re-sign with canucks family comes first for him he will decide soon if he wants to re-sign before july 1st
  8. Dan hamhuis on the podium now
  9. "Kevin bieksa you are really..."
  10. Wow i probably made my best thread ever! Its been 5 years and its still going strong! But in all seriousness its time for bieksa to leave Even though i liked him we need to start youth movement now
  11. get rid of VEY and Weber ! signing franson and Greene would be freaking awesome! Matt Greene brings that physical play in his game Cody Franson should be our PP QB that we are missing Trading Sbisa and Bieksa and your are looking at some solid d core Hamhuis-Tanev Franson-Edler Greene-Stanton