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  1. Sbisa + Hutton = Spizzahut
  2. Jim Benning has only been here for just over a year. Give him time, geez.
  3. Shinkaruk's goal: Edit: Nvm, gif doesn't work
  4. Brendan Burke ‏@brendanmburke 1m1 minute ago Baertschi played junior in Portland when #Comets head coach Travis Green was there. If there's someone that can get him going, it's Green.
  5. You should make a poll
  6. Jeff Paterson ‏@patersonjeff 3m3 minutes ago Zack Kassian won't play for #Canucks tonight
  7. Mark Caswell, Jr. @MarkCaswellJr · 2h2 hours ago Jacob Markstrom is now 36:04 seconds away from setting @theAHL's all-time shutout streak record. #Comets
  8. edit: wrong topic
  9. Hello everyone, I'm thinking of becoming a nurse someday, and I'm wondering if I will have a hard time finding a job in the lower mainland due to the many nursing schools around here? I'm aware that in other regions of BC many nurses are needed. But I'm not too sure if I would like to move away from my family and friends. While we're at it, how do the UBC and BCIT nursing programs compare? I know that they are both strong nursing schools, and that the BCIT program has a longer term. I would just like to know how they differ from each other. Thanks in advance!
  10. I see, I see. Thanks It's a Process!
  11. Just wondering how/where they get their information? Are they in direct contact with the teams? How do they know immediately when a trade has taken place?
  12. "Interesting times ahead in Vancouver"!!!
  13. Nice! A prospect is a prospect. Especially the goal scoring leader of a league.
  14. Eberle+ Hall/RNH/Yakupov Horvat or Schneider?