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  1. Sbisa + Hutton = Spizzahut
  2. Jim Benning has only been here for just over a year. Give him time, geez.
  3. Shinkaruk's goal: Edit: Nvm, gif doesn't work
  4. Brendan Burke ‏@brendanmburke 1m1 minute ago Baertschi played junior in Portland when #Comets head coach Travis Green was there. If there's someone that can get him going, it's Green.
  5. Mark Caswell, Jr. @MarkCaswellJr · 2h2 hours ago Jacob Markstrom is now 36:04 seconds away from setting @theAHL's all-time shutout streak record. #Comets
  6. edit: wrong topic
  7. I see, I see. Thanks It's a Process!
  8. Just wondering how/where they get their information? Are they in direct contact with the teams? How do they know immediately when a trade has taken place?
  9. "Interesting times ahead in Vancouver"!!!
  10. Nice! A prospect is a prospect. Especially the goal scoring leader of a league.
  11. ...and ebbett was given a chance before schroeder??
  12. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie U of Alberta up 3-1 on Team CAN after 20 minutes. Malcolm Subban gave up three goals on first 7 SOG. Frank Corrado with lone goal for CAN.